My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 172


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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 172, The Rift Crystals Actually Look Like This.

The golden gauze and the spinning blue shield were added to his body. They were consumable defense scrolls. There were many of them, and they were made through the spell factory. In addition to developing large spells, Tang Yu could also develop and make small spell scrolls that were easy to carry around. It’s a simple task with sufficient rune base and spell templates. Although it consumed quite large spirit stones, Lord Tang didn’t lack it!

Including the aura above his head. 

Strength, speed, and courage aura! 

In an instant, the fallen hunters who struggled to survive suddenly became fiery again. Although they still had difficulties surviving the heavy-armored puppet’s attack. 

When Tang Yu walked into the black stone hall, he blew up several puppets with a fireball spell scroll he tore open. The feeling of smashing things with money was soothing. But of course, he wasn’t naive enough to think that these scrolls alone would be enough to finish Zhor. Maybe the spell factory could generate spell to blow him up to pieces, though.

Even though he had spirit stones, he can’t defeat the enemy whose level was 20-30 above him. Basically, all he did was endanger himself. More and more heavy-armored puppets charged towards him. Even one of the super puppets were killed by Tang Yu. 

For a while, the pressure on their side was reduced. However, Tang Yu seemed to be still in a dangerous situation. The hunters were nervous, mostly the Lindong mercenaries. Their hopes lie with the big boss! 

Facing the endless stream of heavy-armored puppets, Tang Yu stopped his tracks instead. He grabbed the space backpack on his back and shook it, as if it lay an egg, an egg-sized ball rolled out from the backpack. The ball rolled a few times on the floor. It immediately unfolded and turned into a two-meter tall humanoid puppet as soon as it touched the ground. 

The fighter puppet stood and held a 2-meter tall shield with both of its hands, lining up in a row and forming a shield wall. Behind the shield fighter puppet, countless fighter puppets were holding sharp weapons, as well as firearms. In an instant, Tang Yu was enclosed by three layers of puppet formation.

“What’s that?” 

“Seems like it’s also puppets, but they looked much more impressive than the heavy-armored puppets!” 

The Lindong mercenaries suddenly said, “Hey, do you remember the big boss previously released some round puppets too. Does that mean the big boss’ ability is puppet release?” 

From their perspective, Tang Yu’s puppet and the tomb’s puppet looked different. The tomb puppets had always existed. They only awoke because of their arrival that activated them. Whereas Tang Yu’s puppets were originally small balls that unfolded in an instant and turned into two-meter tall humanoid puppets. Unbelievable! 

Before the doomsday, people believed in science, but now, they believed in abilities. Instead of saying the puppets were made from advanced technology, it’s easier to say they were a product of an ability. There’s a lot of inexplicable abilities anyway. 

“But the round puppets in the Bear Path were quickly destroyed by the heavy-armored puppets. Will it work this time?” Some people were afraid of getting their hopes high, afraid to be crushed again. 

At this time, the puppet holding firearms began to open fire. The firearms were giant guns with over a meter long and of unknown models and types. But it fits the 2-meter tall puppets perfectly.


The muzzle of the gun spat out tongues of fire. 

“I don’t think the bullets will penetrate through the heavily armored puppets…”

A lot of people were fighting on the side while observing Tang Yu’s battle. They remembered fighting the heavy-armored puppets with firearms, but the bullets couldn’t penetrate the puppet’s defense. Even if it was a sniper rifle, at best, it would leave a small hole. Unless its energy core was blown out, such a small wound wouldn’t affect their mobility. But as they can’t reach the puppet’s energy core, using firearms were practically useless. It would be better to use sharp weapons to slay the puppet’s head or disarm them. 

At this time, the first bullet struck a heavy-armored puppet in the chest. The mysterious rune on the bullet flashed in a split second, and the sturdy armor on the puppet’s body was suddenly penetrated, like slicing through a paper. However, the bullets didn’t exit the puppet’s body from behind. Instead, a blazing red fire exploded from inside the heavy-armored puppet’s body, splitting it apart and blowing it away. 

“That…” The hunter was stunned at the scene. His mouths were wide open. If it wasn’t for his companion’s back up, he would be dead under the heavy-armored puppet’s attack while he was stunned. 

A rune bullet was shot into the heavy-armored puppet and exploded. They risked everything just to kill a puppet. The group of elite hunters couldn’t even get close to the puppet’s formation.

“Set fire, shoot!”

Tang Yu stared at the super puppet approaching fast, and he controlled the fighter puppets to open fire. Countless rune bullets flew out. Like a rain of bullets, what was shot out wasn’t bullets, but spirit stones. Tang Yu was heartbroken. It’s like having a million-dollar in your bank account, but a dollar gone every second. It’s not much, but it still worried him. 

The super puppet’s blocked the incoming bullets rigidly with its greatsword. The bullets that escaped its block and flew onto its armor could only leave a shallow mark on the armor.


This super puppet, which was at the Tenth Awakening Stage, stepped on the ground and left cracked marks on the floor. 

It swung out its sword.


Airwaves spread throughout the hall from the impact. 

The hunters fighting heavy-armored puppets felt the wind blowing across their face, surprised. Feeling the power, this time, they finally understood why those super experts looked weak against the knights who came out of the coffin.

It’s not that the experts that were weak, but the two knights were strong, far too strong! If they were a little bit closer, the wind and waves from the great sword alone would be enough to blow them away. Such a terrifying being! 

The greatsword cut down on the shields. Among the shield puppets, one shield shattered. Only the center 2 puppets with slightly different colors could maintain their pose after taking a few steps back. However, the two puppets won’t be able to withstand another attack. Tang Yu reached out his hand and tore open a purple scroll. In the next moment, the scroll was destroyed into a fine powder. Within the black stone hall, a thunder exploded, and lightning fell down on the super puppet. Its silvery-white armor had turned into black ash, smoke coming out from its body. 

That power…

Zhor was stunned. 

A few more times and his prized puppet would be broken.

“You’re very strong.” He pushed back Sky with a claw, easily avoiding Gray Blade’s sudden sneak attack. Looking at Tang Yu, “Unfortunately, you should never, ever, use a puppet in front of me.” 

“Back then, aside from being called the King of Thieves, I was also called the Puppet Master. With my power, I could’ve just grabbed your puppets if I want to.” 

Although Zhor was speaking with an unknown language, the hunters could grasp his words’ meaning as a whole. It seemed in terms of puppet controls, Zhor was above Tang Yu. 

After saying that, a gem-encrusted ring he wore on his finger shot out a red light, sweeping past the fighter puppets. He smiled victoriously, and the red light on the gem flashed again, again, and again.

It just kept flashing. 

Zhor was stunned. Why didn’t the red light turn green?

“Impossible! Your puppet isn’t that bad, but it’s weaker than the Super Knight I’ve carefully developed. I’m the master puppets, so how couldn’t my ability work?!” 

If it’s taking longer than he normally would need to seize a puppet, it’s still acceptable. But right now, the red light was still flashing and showing the seizure progress stuck at 0%. He had never seen such a thing in his life! Obviously, he was a Puppet Master, why can’t he take control of this newbie’s puppets?!

Tang Yu was also stunned… Because Zhor moved too fast, the flashing red light made Tang Yu realize what he was trying to do.

In terms of puppets skills, Zhor’s ability towers above him. But the problem was, it wasn’t Tang Yu that made these puppets! 

It’s a fine puppet made by the system, branded with the territory. 

If Zhor wanted to control that, he’d better take a deep sleep again!


The battle continued.

Tang Yu took the opportunity to smash another two scrolls of ice and fire onto the super puppet. They said that ice and fire work better together.

White smoke came out from its body, and its movement became slower. 

The playful look on Zhor’s face suddenly became serious. He glanced at the people who entangled him and at Tang Yu in the distance. He gazed. He understood that Tang Yu wasn’t strong. But with so many items in his hands and the puppets, he was much a greater threat. 

“I must finish that person first!” Zhor carefully thought. In a second, his strength returned to the Eleventh Awakening Stage. Clenching his hands, black smoke raised from his body and formed another Zhor. 

The newly-formed Zhor stalked Elaine and the others, while his original body launched a special technique and disappeared. In less than a second, he had crossed hundreds of meters distance. Passing through the guarding puppets and arriving in front of Tang Yu. Even Gray Blade couldn’t match his speed. 

At this moment, time seemed to stop. Tang Yu had no time to react; Zhor’s sharp palms shattered the ice shield’s outermost layer and pierced through the golden gauze and armor, striking through the chest.

It’s like watching a black and white movie. The hunters who had discovered the change in the situation stared at the scene. Their bodies seemed frozen. 

Zhor smiled. He was about to pull his palm out when he felt something amiss. “How is it possible?!”

Looking again, where Tang Yu once stood was replaced with a leaking humanoid airbag.

It was a fake! 

He managed to hide it all from him!

Bewildered, Zhor glanced around and saw the culprit standing by his coffin. 

Wasn’t that Tang Yu guy or something?!


Tang Yu had never planned to kill Zhor. He can’t be killed that easy. However, Tang Yu didn’t believe Zhor had no hidden card. He was able to set such a realm and sleep until today. 

So every time he went out, Lord Tang had prepared more than ten scenarios to save his life. Even if he wasn’t as rich as Zhor, he had to prioritize his life! 

The secret realm was set up by the enemy. It’s only a matter of time before he wanted to leave the realm. But with their strength, it would be hard to defeat him. So, Tang Yu adopted a Buddhist strategy, kill him if he can, or just let fate take its course. 

From the very beginning, the only reason he fought with Zhor was to find Rift Crystals. After several thoughts, Tang Yu decided the most suitable place for the crystals was the coffin, where Zhor was asleep. According to the information he learned, since the crystals were related to the secret realm, it’s most likely located somewhere in the realm itself.

It’s highly possible that the Rift Crystal was placed on the coffin attached at the end of the hall. 

Such a shame, his follower’s strength wasn’t enough to draw Zhor away from the coffin. And he didn’t want to get close to the enemy, so he could only use the battle to distract him. Tang Yu glanced around. He was observing the coffin, one hand resting on the side of the coffin.

When suddenly…

“Ding! Do you want to charge when you come into contact with the Rift Crystal?”

“Ding!” Do you want to charge when you come into contact with the Rift Crystal?”

Tang Yu looked at the empty coffin, but couldn’t find the one he was looking for.

However… contact? 

He stared at the side of the coffin; his hand was resting on, nodding. 


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