My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 173


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Tang Yu was still a bit confused.

Ever since he had entered the secret realm, he had been searching for something that looked like a crystal. Maybe a pillow-sized crystal, or fist-sized one. Or maybe… the size of a fingernail? He was afraid of missing it, so he almost had no time to rest. 

But now, looking at the huge coffin, he could totally sleep in it. Tang Yu had no idea that the Rift Crystal would look like this. What kind of fraud is this?! 

So was the system. There was no instruction manual. If it wasn’t for his own initiative, then maybe he would never get in touch with the Rift Crystal. 

With his confirmation, the coffin trembled for a while and disappeared. 

It seemed the system had collected it somehow. 


In the distance, Zhor was dealing with a desperate Gray Blade. Annoyed that he only killed a clone, but he wasn’t worrying that much. His opponent was only at the Fifth Awakening Stage. Just one more time, another chance, and he won’t have the time to react.  

He had already seen Tang Yu’s hand on the side of the coffin, “Even if he found out that the coffin is the secret realm’s core, so what? I build this realm, the core, and the realm are fused together…”

It wasn’t that the secret realm and the core were inseparable. But even Zhor, as the secret realm ruler, needed time and effort to separate the coffin.

And in the state of fusion, the coffin and secret realm were one inseparable thing. Unless someone had the strength to destroy the secret realm, it would be useless to try picking up the coffin. 

After a set of combo attacks that injured Gray Blade, Zhor walked past him without looking back. He wanted to finish off Tang Yu first. 

His walk didn’t seem fast, but in reality, he had crossed several meters away in an instant. Staring at Tang Yu, the corners of Zhor’s mouth were about to grin, when suddenly his mouth opened wide. 

“That’s impossible!”

Before, he clearly saw Tang Yu’s hand resting on the coffin. But at the next second, the coffin disappeared. Where did the coffin go? Where’s his coffin? 

He had learned everything about the secret reams and spatial rules. It’s impossible to separate the core of the realm in a short time, let alone in a blink of an eye. 

Zhor stopped his tracks. His eyes widened with disbelief. 

His mentality had collapsed. 



There was a violent tremor in the black stone hall. 

The rigid walls and floor were left unscathed during the fierce battle. The super puppets could only leave some cracks across the floor. 

But now, a crack wider than a ball spread from where the coffin had just disappeared. The small crack spread wider, connecting with other cracks. In an instant, the entire hall was cracked into small pieces. 

Looking at the crack, he was horrified. As if there was a void space from beyond the cracks, a grey air current escaped. A heavy-armored puppet fell down the crack.

A grey air stream enveloped the puppet, and suddenly the puppet disappeared into thin air. 

This thing… 

Scared, the hunters huddled together with their companion, resulting in two grown men hugged. The scenery wasn’t particularly beautiful. 

Tang Yu was also shocked. Looking at Sky and Shay, he couldn’t think of anything. And then looked at Elaine and Winnie, who we’re quickly approaching him. His not hug them, of course, what will his followers say?! 

Taking a few steps backward, they avoided the dangerous crack.

And then, the secret realm began to crumble as the cracks grew wider and wider. 

The entire black stone hall was split apart just like a stone slab, suspended on the dark void. 

From here, he could see cracks everywhere, even further. The secret maze was gradually crumbling away, as well as the broken cliff, Bear Path… 


“This can’t be… this can’t be happening!”

The ring worn on his finger shot out red light. He couldn’t enter the coffin that initially held the super puppet. It was one of the last two remaining coffins.


“Move! Start-up!” Zhor’s maniacal cry was the complete opposite of his graceful gentleman attitude earlier. 

The red light shot into another coffin. Condensing his source power to make a few hand gestures, but nothing happened. 

“My backup plan… isn’t working… Why is… this happening?” Zhor mumbled, “It must be because the secret realm collapsed, and all of my set-ups were built on the secret realm…”

He looked at Tang Yu with unbearable hatred. His momentum burst, like a hurricane sweeping across the field. The surrounding rubble was instantly destroyed. 


In the distance.

Tang Yu was shocked that he already squeezed the Town Portal Scroll in his hand. 

Crack… bang bang! 

A mysterious rune on the black stone hall floor appeared. Then, it shattered, turning into stardust and dissipated into the air. 

Zhor, who just burst into a momentum, suddenly blinked. His body was leaking with the gray air stream. His momentum began to shrink. 

Tang Yu was stunned. He decisively replaced the Town Portal Scroll with a single spell scroll. Fireball Spell, Falling Lightning Spell, Ice Knot Spell… he blasted them open towards Zhor. 

“Told you to pretend! Told you to hang it up!”

This feeling of beating someone in their own place… 

Simply, don’t act so cool.


On the other side.

The hunters were trembling. They had no idea if they shivered due to Zhor’s momentum or by the gradual collapse of the secret realm.


A large stone slab shattered and fell into the spreading void. The hunters who originally stood on the slab and had time to react were leaping towards the other slab. While those who were late to react had fallen into the void, no scream was even heard. 

“Look over there!” 

In the distance, a swirling secret exit appeared on a broken path. Then a series of secret exit appeared in random places. 

“Go that way! It’s closer!”

The larger chunk of ground split into smaller pieces, while the smaller one couldn’t continue supporting the weight of the hunter’s body. There were fewer and fewer places that could support the hunters. They had to escape through the secret exits before the entire realm collapsed. 

Thus, the first Great Escape from the Secret Realm mission was issued. 

The Lindong mercenaries leaped from one stone slabs to another one while the path they walked behind them crumbled. 

Someone looked back and was surprised, “The big boss is still there! Worthy of a big boss! He had such a big heart!” 

Tang Yu stood at the very center of the collapse. There wasn’t much room left to stand by. However, it seemed that Tang Yu and the others were still searching for something. 

“Maybe they’re strong enough and confident that they could escape at the last moment. Let’s save ourselves first…” As he finished his words, suddenly a flashlight covered Tang Yu’s body, and the whole team disappeared before them. 

What the hell?!

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