My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 175


The main castle, the original fifth floor.

The two girls’ rooms were close to each other. Although they weren’t particularly dirty, it was their nature to love beautiful things and cleanliness. After washing up, Elaine and Winnie laughed in one of their rooms, sharing stories between girls.

Right now, they were stunned. The room was located on the fifth floor. It was the topmost floor of the castle. Sunlight settled in one corner of the room from the setting sun. However, the sunlight suddenly disappeared.

Elaine seemed to notice something and took Winnie’s hand. They trotted out of the room into the corridor. Nothing much changed from the corridor, but Elaine was still keenly aware of the difference. Previously, the staircase on the corner of the corridor only went downstairs. But now, there was another one leading upstairs, “As I expected. The Lord had done this again.” Back then, she was so scared when it happened for the first time as she was stuck inside the castle.

Next to her, Winnie’s eyes were blank. She was terrified and stunned.


Witnessing another change in the castle, Lord Tang stood almighty in the castle garden. The territory map in his mind showed the expansion. It had completely enveloped the spirit stone mine in the mountain forest. Now, he was able to set up a complete defense system near the mine. By then, the mining speed would increase by a few levels.

However, at this time, Tang Yu was stunned.

“This feeling…”

Source power existed within every hunter. Yet ordinary hunters possessed so little source power that they barely perceived it at all. Tang Yu had learned the basics of source power and had a basic understanding of it. Only after then, he found a tiny bit of source power inside him, hidden deep, very deep inside his body.

This tiny bit of source power wasn’t adequate enough to be used in battle. However, it can be used to do some things, such as opening a space ring or using some advanced battle skills. However, a hunter with ability is practically cheating because they could produce more source power in their body as they evolve, more than ordinary hunters. But at a price, their body strength would slightly lower than an ordinary hunter.

Lord Tang had been deeply troubled by the source power. He also wished to be like Elaine, who could whooshing out ice spikes, or at least doing something cool! But in reality, using advanced combat skills requires additional source power from an item. For example, every time he uses the Town Portal Scroll, he uses the method of shredding the scroll instead of injecting source power to return to the city. That way, he could save the tiny bit of source power he had.

At this time, the number of tiny dim lights inside him that represented the source power was growing exponentially. If there were only around two or three small lights, then now, at least there were hundreds of tiny lights inside him.

Tang Yu closed his eyes, feeling the difference in the world around him. Previously, he could only vaguely feel the presence of Source Qi. But now that he was closer to the essence of Source Qi, he felt the colorful Source Qi that filled the air. Even he was able to invoke them to a certain extent.


Raising his hands, he took out a basic longsword from the space ring.

Clenching his fingers, he felt power enveloped the longsword. The blade was masked with a layer of white light. As he waved the blade, a silvery-white light was visible from the blade. Like a rainbow, the energy-filled sword tore through the air and blasted onto the flowers on the side.

Instantly, flower petals scattered in the flower garden, along with a few pieces of crumbled debris. There was a six-meter long rift in the center of the garden.

Nodding his head in satisfaction, “Although I haven’t awakened any special abilities yet, with this source power, I should be no worse than a hunter with ability.”

At the next moment, he realized what he did when he looked at the ruined garden in front of him.

Why would he do such a thing?!


[Ding! The territory had been upgraded to Level 4. New unlocked buildings are available to the Lord.] [Ding! Guard Puppet upgrade was completed. The level is now semi-superior and has reached the pinnacle of upgradeability. If the Lord wishes to upgrade the puppet, please provide the materials necessary to complete the upgrade: Soul Nodules.]

Tang Yu was stunned.

After being Transcendent after awakening, naturally, he realized this earlier.

What Transcendent meant was he had transcended the mortal sphere. Each step up in the Awakening Stage was a life evolution. Yet in the awakening stage, he was essentially still mortal.

Once someone entered the Transcendent, it was a whole new level. It was a massive leap in terms of life form level of destructive power. It was like the difference between a son and a father.

He thought by upgrading the territory. He would have two transcendent experts. By then, they will be invincible. But it seems like it’s just a dream. His thought was merely a dream.

The system notification flooded his mind one after another.

[Ding! Two fortresses can be built at the Level 4 Territory. Feel free to find out the details on your own.] [Ding! Level 4 Territory unlocks a new feature: Personal Domain.] [The Lord shall explore the specific functions on his own.]

Tang Yu: “……..”

Although he had expected there would be a lot of changes within the territory after the upgrade, he hadn’t expected it would be this many. And there was no explanation for the features!

He wanted to take it slow!


Tang Yu stood beside the rift and was drowned entirely in his thoughts.

First of all, there was only the material shape for the guard puppets material upgrade. It looked at it; there was no other clue.

Tang Yu opened the system panel. When the Lord’s castle first upgraded, there was another additional option for castle defense. Clicking on, it turns out that the guard puppet upgrade was among these options.

Just now, he remembered getting the two puppets after the castle construction. Their main duty was to defend the castle. However, looking at how he treated the puppets… aside from being thugs, he had instructed them to dig up plots of lands. Even right now, No. 1 was still at the construction site.

“Anyway, No. 1’s construction efficiency will improve after being promoted to half-way Transcendent, right?” With that in mind, he chose to let the puppet stay on the digging job.

The guard puppets belonged to the castle’s defense system. In addition to that, there were some other options he could add to the castle’s defense.

Tang Yu already knew. The system just wanted him to spend more spirit stones. 

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