My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 177


Tree Shade Shelter, eastern area at the foot of the mountain. A field training ground.

Tang Yu and Roger were both holding a dull training sword, exchanging blows after blows. Even though the blade was dull, the aftermath of the battle was astonishing—dust flying, hiding the parrying partner. 

Of course, Roger had suppressed his strength. Suddenly, Tang Yu’s training longsword bloomed with the blood-like red light. He was learning Roger’s battle skills, Blood Strikes. 

Roger was also using this move; the two red blades clashed. 


Tang Yu couldn’t help but retreated a few steps backward and slowed down. Looked down, his training longsword had cracked. 

“Milord’s strike was very powerful.” Roger’s sword also cracked, he was exclaiming from the bottom of his heart, “If I hadn’t used all of my strength before, I can’t block this strike.” 

Blood Slash, a low-level battle skill that was triggered by qi and Blood. However, Tang Yu used source power, and his Blood Slash was instantly powered up. 

Roger couldn’t do it. He can only use qi and Blood. 

“I’m afraid there’s nothing more I can teach you from now on.” 

Tang Yu looked at the crumbling longsword in his hand. He already realized this. After the territory upgrade, he felt his status increased. Aside from the source power, his learning skills were improved a lot faster. Before, his Blood Slash learning was stuck in the last step.

After the Breakthrough, he mastered the skill, and also he had become more skilled in combat. This battle against Roger was the proof. 

He was about to say something when he saw Roger’s figure stood under the sunlight. Yet this towering strong man seemed… lonely? 

Tang Yu was stunned. Roger was one of the territory’s earliest followers. He had seen the development of the territory. From nothing to something, from desolate to now, gradually prosperous.

Who had contributed the most to this progress? Tang Yu knew his place. It was Roger who had worked so hard to guard the territory’s safety.

From the patrol member’s point of view, Roger’s broad back was the strongest guarantee that they would return safely from every mission out of the shelter.

However, now, Roger’s strength was already no match to Sky and Gray Blade. Even Shay would eventually surpass him. Tang Yu knew he would never feel jealous.

But the source of his loneliness was his strength. Sooner or later, he would have to withdraw from the frontline. Thinking of this, Tang Yu sighed. He was speechless.

Strengths weren’t absolute, but it was a threshold that stopped most people without a doubt. Just like before the doomsday, some people casually read a book and became a top student.

The others who studied day and night diligently could only afford to be a good student. This was the gap, it wasn’t absolute, but enough to make people lose their motivation. 

The more people work hard, the more they realize the difference between their hard-working selves and a naturally talented prodigy.

Some people are ordinary people, some are hunters. Among them, there were hunters with abilities. The people who can’t survive the competition could only observe. 

Tang Yu was well aware of this issue and was seeking a breakthrough. Wang Zhou was one of his experiments.

Roger’s desperation only lasted for a moment. Soon, he was motivated again and went to the other side to drill the patrol members. 


Having understood his strength, Tang Yu was about to return to the castle when suddenly Chen Haiping stopped him at the castle entrance. 

“Leader! Oh, I finally found you.”

Tang Yu awkwardly laughed. Chen Haiping couldn’t find him every day, and he couldn’t just ask the followers to help him locate Tang Yu every time. Not having a phone sure is a troublesome thing. 

Gloomy, Chen Haiping spoke, “There’s a survivor who made an application to lease equipment. Since we didn’t have this rule, I don’t feel like I should make the decision about it.”

“Leasing? Do you mean renting things? But if we rent our equipment, we need to make sure that it all returns in one piece. It’s too troublesome. I’m not interested in that.” Tang Yu thoughtfully spoke. 

“If a hunter proposed it to hunt down a demonic beast in the wild, I would already reject him. Because we have no guarantee, the equipment will return in one piece.” Chen Haiping laughed and shook his head, “The survivor proposing the Leasing was an ordinary survivor. She wanted to rent it not for hunting down demonic beasts but to process some materials. That’s why I thought this kind of Leasing is possible.”

“Oh?” Interested, Tang Yu asked again, “It’s indeed interesting. Why don’t we invite her so she can tell us directly about the leasing method?” 


He Qingqing followed behind Chen Haiping, nervous. 

After she was rescued by Tang Yu, she, her father, and the other survivors who were abducted by Lin Wei’s men had settled down in the shelter. 

Before establishing the Labor Center, most of the new survivors were jobless, so they had no steady income. They could only receive relief food to survive. But He Qingqing wasn’t going to idly wait around. She had some brilliant ideas. 

As they walked, she could clearly see the majestic castle nearby, the exquisite spire, the glossy outer wall. It was such a grand building, something out of a dream. 

Ordinary survivors weren’t qualified to enter this area. He Qingqing had no idea she would be summoned directly by the shelter leader after merely making an application request to rent equipment.

Not only could she see the exquisite castle’s appearance, but she also got to meet the legendary person who built the shelter. 

Walking on the stone path, that cool breeze calms her heart. Swaying the flowers in the garden brought the sweet fragrance up to her nose. He Qingqing couldn’t help but inhale the sweet scent, her mind relaxed. 

Slowly pacing behind Chen Haiping, the exquisite and luxurious decor inside made her even more amazed. After the doomsday, we were building a castle-like this cost something more than strength and manpower.  

The two of them entered a room at the side of the hall, which looked similar to a cafe. Upon entering, she saw Tang Yu sitting on a chair. At the Leader’s invitation, she politely sat opposite him. 

A servant puppet served her a cup of coffee. 

“Thank… thank you.” He Qingqing was stunned. She opened her mouth to take a small sip, her body shivered. It’s been so long since she last tasted coffee. 

“Tell me what you have in mind. How you plan to rent it, how much you need, and for what. I may or may not agree.”

Taking a deep breath, her small face became solemn, “This time, I’m planning to rent a batch of manufactured swords, no less than ten. If it’s all possible, I also plan to rent some puppets, mainly for processing the demonic beasts pelts…” 

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