My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 178


The furs of low-ranked demonic beasts were simply worthless. The furs accepted by the shelter needed to be at least from the Fourth Awakening Stage demonic beast. Hunters willing to trade with a slightly lower grade, but they didn’t care much about the First or Second Awakening Stage demonic beasts furs. Because the number of demonic beasts on this stage is too much, their furs were basically worthless.

However, He Qingqing saw this as a business opportunity.

Indeed, it’s not strong enough to craft protective gear. Hunters who had money would wear leather armor made from the fur of higher rank demonic beasts. Although there weren’t many Fourth Awakening Beasts they encountered, the fur from a huge beast could be made into several leather clothing and was affordable to most hunters. While the richer ones would just buy equipment from the shelter’s equipment supermarket.

But she was just an ordinary survivor. She’s not even a hunter. She had no special ability. She had no ability to craft protection gears. However, she could make some finely tailored leather clothes.

The ones that the hunters wore were very crude. It’s basically just a few pelts washed and sewn together. Some even embedded scales for extra protection. Although they looked ugly, their protective abilities were good. It became the choices of most hunters who entered the wilderness for the first time.

However, once they returned safely to the shelters, they won’t wear such a piece of clothing again. It’s because they had no choice, but if they had a choice to wear more fashionable clothing for a low price, He Qingqing believed her clothes would sell well.

The ones she had from the First and Second Awakening Stage beasts were cheap. The clothes made with the fur wasn’t as fragile as the one they had before the doomsday where hunters would accidentally tear them apart while wearing them. With this, it would save them from unnecessary embarrassment.

He Qingqing had made a few clothes and was able to sell them well. However, she encountered some problems during the crafting process. The clothes made with hands weren’t efficient. Plus, the furs were extremely durable even though they were just ordinary demonic beast furs.

She couldn’t afford to hire a hunter. With her strength alone, she would struggle to cut down the furs. The fur won’t be cut neatly, so the clothing quality will decline.

She had come up with the idea of renting manufactured weapons. With the sharpness of these weapons, even an ordinary person like her could cut those furs easily. If the Leader didn’t agree, she could take out little savings she had earned to buy some of them.

After she finished speaking, she waited patiently for the Leader’s response.

After a while, Tang Yu finally nodded, “The equipment can be rented to you, including the puppets. But since this is a business, they would be taxes and stuff. You understand how it goes, right?”

“As for the exact price of the lease and taxes, someone from the logistics department will contact you later.”

He Qingqing’s expression brightened, and after a few more conversations, she got up and left.


Tang Yu tapped his fingers on the table.

Before, he had intended to develop business rather than directing most survivors into labor. It’s better to let them earn their own money. In the end, all those spirit stones would end up in his warehouse. It’s called providing the soil and letting the plants grow on their own. They were saving the effort to fertilize them.

A veritable way to make money. He had thought of this after the commercial district construction was complete. Just now, He Qingqing was a step ahead of him. It’s a good thing.

“As long as we provide her enough space, she should be able to earn a lot of spirit stones. She had planned it carefully.”

The fur business isn’t that much of a challenge. It just needs a relatively stable market and the person promoting it. When the time comes, there will be many survivors who will follow He Qingqing’s footsteps. This way, the competitiveness and prosperity of the commercial district can be promoted.

One day when he walked in the territory, he could go out and turn left to the food vendors, turn right to equipment vendors, and experience joy in the middle alley. This was the proper territory he had dreamed of. He realized it wouldn’t be easy, so he could only develop slowly, step by step.

He held on to the Buddhist teaching. Of course, it would be great if he could develop quickly, but if he couldn’t, then let’s just… let fate take its course.

“Renting puppets is a good idea. Although basic puppets can’t do fine work, they’re sufficient enough in doing some coarse works.”

In terms of combat, the basic puppet was gradually failing to keep up with his pace. Yet, it was still better than ordinary hunters. So…

Tang Yu turned to look at Chen Haiping beside him, “Mr. Chen, how many hunters do we have in the shelter now? I mean, the wild hunters that didn’t belong to any departments.”

The statistical information was under the Department of Municipal Affairs.

Pondering, Chen Haiping spoke, “As of last night, there were a total of 156 hunters, where 132 had already registered in the Adventurer’s Guild. Where the rest of them had just arrived here and are still observing.”


He Yuanhang was carrying a beer bottle in his hand, lying very comfortably on the lawn. The sunlight was a bit fierce, but he didn’t feel hot.

“The shelter’s climate is getting more and more comfortable. I can’t imagine how hot it is outside. I don’t even want to take missions.”

As the Leader of the shelter’s registered adventurer’s team, He Yuanhang relied on the shelter’s mission. With this, he could maintain a steady income and a stable life. He can’t continue risking his life day after day. The wilderness is treacherous. No one can guarantee they could return safely to the shelter each time they went out.

Most adventurer teams went out for a day and used the money to live comfortably for a few days.

The first thing they need to do is checking out for suitable missions. As he continued to lay down, a young man walked past him.

“Brother Qiang!”

The young man stopped in his tracks.

Smiling, He Yuanhang asked, “Brother Qiang, life has to move on. You’re so strong. It’s a shame you don’t go out to hunt down demonic beasts. Let’s join my adventurer’s team.”

The young man in front of him was strong. It seemed that he has initially been the shelter’s prisoner, but was released somehow. He and Fang Qiang were quite close. Every time they saw each other, they looked vacant. As if they had unspeakable vicissitudes of experience.

Fang Qiang raised his head. His eyes were crystal clear under the messy hair. He spoke with a hoarse voice, “You’re right, people need to move on. I already paid what I owe to him. So now I should live for myself.”

Hearing this, He Yuanhang was surprised, “Then… Brother Qiang agreed to join my adventurer team? I’ll give you the Vice-leader, or even the Leader!”

“Don’t hope too much.” Fang Qiang glanced coldly, “I’d rather do it alone unless I find a suitable teammate.”

He Yuanhang: “…….”

Fang Qiang had broken his heart.

At this time, a member of his team with a beer belly ran over towards him from a distance. “Captain! Captain! Big news! The Adventurer’s Guild just released a new notice!”

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