My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 179


“What new notice, Fatty? Can’t you see I’m busy.” He Yuanhang snorted.

Can’t you see that Qiang is here! With this kind of performance, their adventuring group was going to be lowered by another level in Fang Qiang’s eyes. And his hope of turning him into the group had dropped.

The fat man’s face was painted with aggravation, his eyes filled with grudges, “The new notice from the Adventurer’s Guild says that they are going to divide the adventurers and adventurer teams into star ratings.

Raising the star will allow us to buy more items, as well as discounts and other benefits. I also saw that the shelter’s puppet is available on the purchase list.”

“What?? We can even buy puppets?!” He Yuanhang was shocked, “That’s big news! What are you waiting for?! Hurry! Hurry! Someone else will get there first!” He dragged the fat man and went on blabbering. He had forgotten what he said.

Fat men’s expression became even more gloomy.


The temporary notice sent out by the Adventurer’s Guild aroused the curiosity of many registered adventurers. Those who were resting and hadn’t taken a mission out yet.

Even those who hesitated to settle in the shelter or crossing the dangerous wilderness to Lindong gathered in front of the notice board after hearing the news. Staying here or not, there’s nothing wrong with checking out the notice.

When He Yuanhuang arrived, it was already crowded. He was heartbroken, afraid that all the good stuff had been snatched.

Inside the guildhall, the screens were filled with scrolling text of the notice. After carefully inspecting the notice, He Yuanhuang finally understood. Basically, the points they gathered from completing missions can be used to exchange for equipment and supplies.

When the accumulated points reached a certain level, they could be used to complete the adventurer’s star ascension.

The redeemed points won’t affect the star ascension. The higher their star level, the higher they will receive priority to receive missions. And some advanced missions require a certain star level.

Likewise, there were some equipment and supplies that only became exchangeable after reaching a certain star level.

Taking another look at the adventurers’ division, they will be divided into one to nine stars. But right now, only the first 5 star levels were open. The items exchangeable by 1-star adventurers were the same ones as before. While there’s a slight change once they rise to 2 stars.

The standard combat puppet was on the exchange list for 2-star adventurers. The number of points needed was cheap, only 20! It was much cheaper than a basic sword!

He Yuanhang’s eyes were glowing with excitement. The others around him were all discussing the same thing.

“It seems like the shelter had released a lot of good stuff this time. Not just the puppets, but also the enhanced basic longswords. Those things were originally limited to the patrol teams.”

“And that’s just for the 2-stars adventurers! There’s a lot more to gain from the 3-stars! There’s a lot of valuable items, even access to training camps. 2-stars can exchange access for intermediate training equipment, while the 3-stars can have the advanced ones. We haven’t even seen the intermediate ones, right?”

“Why is nobody paying attention to the price? 2 stars adventurers already had discounts. 9.5% off for 2 stars, 10% off for 3 stars, and at the 9 stars, it’s 60%! It’s very cheap! Although it’s not open yet, it’s only a matter of time before the shelter opens it. I’m getting excited from just thinking about it!”

“That’s right. I have saved some points for a basic sword. But now there’s a lot of options I can exchange for! Oh, just choosing one will drive me mad!”

They hadn’t expected the shelter to release so many new items at once. Some of them wanted to be free, unbounded by the rules. But they envied the patrol’s benefits at the same time. While the others wanted to join the patrols but couldn’t. It’s been a while since they last heard the new patrols recruitment.

He Yuanhuang pulled the fat man’s hand. “Let’s go and get in the line. I still have over 30 points on my account. It’s more than enough to exchange for a combat puppet.”

“Uh… Captain…” The fat man stopped in his tracks.

“What is it?! Say it!!”

The fat man finally spoke. “Captain, your points aren’t enough to raise into a 2 stars adventurer. Even our adventurer team still couldn’t.”

He Yuanhang: “………”

The adventurer team was also divided into stars. In fact, most hunters who went out into the wilderness on a mission do it in small teams. They also received missions as a team. The rewards will be distributed according to their team works, or by a specific distribution method.

The sum of accumulated points of all the team members is the highest point that team had, which is equivalent to the “experience value” used to upgrade their team stars.

Once it reaches a certain level, they can upgrade their team star levels. After raising the team star ratings, all of the members will enjoy the benefits of the team.

The fat man looked in disbelief, “A hunter needs 100 points to rise to 2 stars, while a small adventurer team like ours needs 400 points to advance to the 2 stars. I just checked. The current highest point of our team is just 36 points. It’s not enough to advance higher.”

A small team mostly had 5 members. As long as they had the same strength level, their team would raise stars faster than being alone. Teamwork with accumulated points added to it will be faster than individual rising.

If their small adventurer team could expand into a medium one with a quota of 25 people, then their working efficiency would rise higher.

Unfortunately, there was a fee to upgrade the team size. The fat man quietly looked at their leader, who bought alcohol every day. He was worried that their team would forever be stuck at the small for the rest of his life.

“Is that all the points we’re missing? Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and accept some missions!” He Yuanhuang immediately spoke, “Go and inform the others. Forget it, and we better take the mission first. If not, the good ones will be taken by others!”

Everyone had the same idea as him. The rest of the people that were resting on the shelter hurried up to take missions to earn points. A minute late is a great loss!

The thought of being stuck as the first stars, while he was watching others advance to 2-stars and redeemed good things, made him shiver.

He quickly squeezed to the window to take a look and was relieved. In addition to the newly exchangeable items, the shelter had added many new missions. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get any points.

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