My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 180

[Collecting Squeaky Grass (1-Star Mission)]

Collect at least ten squeaky grasses, requiring completeness of over 90%. Mission Reward: 10 points.

[Finding Red Hot Iron (1 Star Mission )]

Provide clear clues, or turn in a certain amount of Red Hot Iron. Mission Reward: 10-200 points.

He Yuanhang shook his head.

There are no clear clues for this kind of Mission, from the first day he arrived in the shelter, he had seen this kind of quest.

Sometimes some people completed this kind of Mission, but only took the quests after finding a clue and collecting the rewards.

He wouldn’t take this kind of Mission unless he really had a clue about it, or else it would remain on the list of incomplete missions.

In addition to points, the mission completion rate and wind rating were also the standard keys in measuring the adventurer team.

He Yuanhuang continued to read.

[Send Invitation (1 Star Mission)]

Go to the area around West Lake and deliver invitations to the three small shelters in that area. Introduce them about the development of Tree Shade Shelter and invite them to set up shop in the commercial area of Three Shade Shelter.

The Mission’s complete rate will be judged based on how many people are coming to the shelter. Reward: 10-30 Points.

“Nah, this Mission also takes too much time. God knows whether it will be three days or five days before the Mission is judged completed.”

[Ascending Star (2-Star Mission)]

In addition to reaching the 3-star standard, from 3-stars onwards, adventurers wanting to rise to the upper star would be required to complete an Ascending Star Mission, which will be generated randomly after the adventurer took the Mission and will not appear to exceed the star difficulty.

Requirement: 2-Star adventurers with sufficient points up to the 3-Star standard. Completion rate: over 80%.

“Skip! Skip! I haven’t even reached a fucking 2-stars yet!”

He continued to read.

[Capture Alive (1-Star Team Mission)]

Capture a thunder lizard alive. There’s news that this alienated beast haunts Wuxian County. The strength is around the Second or Third Awakening Stage. Reward: 30 points.

“This is it!” He Yuanhang’s eyes lit up. The mission detail was elaborate enough, and their team could handle the beast’s strength.

After receiving the Mission, he instructed the fat man to inform the other members. He didn’t leave the building yet because he still wanted to browse through the available quests. It would be great if he could find another suitable quest.

Even if they managed to rise to 2 stars, they still need a lot of points to exchange various equipment.

He Yuanhang thought an adventurer guild could take up to 3 unfinished quests. As long as they stay in before the deadline, they can grab it and make others envy.

Browsing through the available quest, he ended up not taking any more quests. It’s because either the deadline was too long, or the mission difficulty was too high for them.

In his opinion, not many adventurers had the guts to take a mission that requires them to go into the 4-star high-risk area.

He wasn’t all disappointed. There were already a few teams that arrived here before him. Maybe they took the easy missions and left—what a shame.

“Damn it. The easy missions had been picked up by others. The fastest time to complete the remaining Mission will be judged in three days! We’re so close to the last point to ascend to the 2-star adventurer!”

“It’s okay. We’re the same. It’s not that long after we registered as adventurers. God knows how long it would take to ascend higher. But I’d love to have that puppet tho. Once our team obtains that puppet, we can do so many combat strategies, and our combat efficiency and mission completion rate will increase.”

“That’s right. I regret that I didn’t take enough missions back then. As a small adventurers team, we’re quite similar, you know. We registered at the same time with those mission fanatics. But now, they had reached 2-stars or even had accumulated halfway up to 3-stars. I envy them! I just saw them exchange a lot of brand new equipment!”

All around him, the other team’s fiery discussion hummed in his ears. Suddenly, He Yuanhang became happy. As long as there were people who were less fortunate like him, he was delighted.

Suddenly, someone exclaimed. “Wait! I’m so excited to find a very suitable mission!”

“Mission? What Mission?! Then hurry and pick it up before someone else does!” The fellow adventurers around him were anxious.

“Not exactly.” The man’s face didn’t show any slightest hint of anxiety,” This is a collecting mission, and it has no limit.”

“Collecting missions? That’s not a good one…”

Before he finished, he saw the mission detail that his friend told him about.

[Collecting Spirit Stones (1-Star Mission)]

Turn in 10 spirit stones. Reward: 10 points.

Their eyes were wide open. They ventured the wilderness every day, who the hell didn’t have a handful of spirit stones in their pockets? Exchanging spirit stones for points, would it be a loss?

How could it be?!

He had seen the exchange list. A point for a spirit stone would add to their completed points? The points were only exchangeable for items at the Adventurer’s Guild, but still, that wasn’t a loss.

In this shelter, there were a lot of items that can be bought with spirit stones. But some rare items could only be exchanged with points, like the one on the 2-star exchange list.

“Not only that! Just think about it. If we have enough points and smoothly ascend to a 2-star adventurer team, we will get a 15% off discount! So not only will we not have any loss, but we will make a profit out of it!”

He Yuanhang’s eyes widened at the realization.

The simple Mission still requires them to travel out from the shelter towards the wilderness, even for a short distance.

A round trip would take at least a few hours. How can it be compared to just turning in spirit stones for points?!

The shelter was simply too generous!!


In a certain room in the castle.

A crystal ball floated, displaying the Adventurer’s Guild on screen. Although the moving picture was silent, he could see that the new notice had stirred up the hearts of the hunters to spend money.

And the mission take rate suddenly increased a lot.

In just a short time, he had gained thousands of spirit stones.

The points the hunters earned was used to exchange for better equipment and items to improve their strength, which will result in their performance improvement and speed increase in earning points.

It’s also equivalent to the fact that Lord Tang earned money a lot faster.

“Nah, what’s the point of watching these men? I’d better go and upgrade the core buildings. According to the system, there’s a lot of change happened in the territory after reaching Level 4. Then upgrading the core buildings should also bring a lot of surprises.”

He didn’t lack spirit stones anyway.

When he ran out of spirit stones, those hard-working adventurers would fill it back in.

After all, they earned money too!

It’s a win-win situation.

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