My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 181


 [Ding–] [Ding–] [Ding–]

Of all the four core buildings, the Pub, Workshop, and the Market were upgradable to the same level as the territory. Naturally, Tang Yu upgraded it remotely.

He was smart enough to anticipate that there would be a bunch of incoming system notifications after the upgrade. This time, he set the notification to ‘receive but not remind.’ 

In just a few seconds, no more system dings were heard. Yet the system log was updated with a bunch of messages.

All of them are related to the core building descriptions. He carefully inspected through the descriptions. 

“As I expected. Level 4 is a whole new level, just like leaping from beginner to intermediate level. The three core building functions also changed a bit.” 

The workshop now can process higher-grade materials to craft equipment. It also had an additional strengthening function.

Scanning over it, as he had expected, the strengthening had a certain success rate. If he had bad luck, he could also damage the equipment. In truth, it was a spirit stone wasting strengthening function. 

The item on the daily Market refresh bar had increased a lot. Aside from that, there’s an additional consumption discount function. Spend 100.000 spirit stones for 10% discount, 1 million spirit stones for 20% discount. Tang Yu was stunned. He had just done the same trick to adventurers.

Did the system try to do the same thing when he turned around? He, Lord Tang, won’t fall into the trap! But he was gluttonous for the items. 

Of all the core buildings, the Pub had the biggest change. 

 [Increase the number of followers contract slots to 18 and have a chance to summon followers other than humans.] [Enable the Legacy function and generate a job statue in the Pub.]

Job Legacy: during the Legacy Ritual, one can comprehend the Job’s combat experience, comprehend the corresponding Job’s battle technique, and obtain a copy of the Job’s cultivation method.

Tang Yu was somewhat surprised. Originally, there were three more contract slots for every level up. Level 3 Pub had nine contract slots, and he had used 7.

This time, however, the contract slots directly doubled to 18. Followers were related to the territory’s core combat power. Raising so many of them all of a sudden gave him a shock.

“Not just the human race? So what else can be summoned? Elves? Dwarves? Dragon?” Tang Yu was somewhat hopeful. He had asked Elaine and the others about it. But they said they haven’t heard of any of these creatures. Possibly, they didn’t exist in their world, or maybe the followers didn’t have a wide range of activities and information as they were not noble-born and had no reliable source of information.

The only noble-born follower was Kevin. But the old man was so obsessed with equipment manufacturing that he almost slept with cold metal in his arms—a good thorough wash, bath, and burning incense. And then the regular worship to his ancestors. 

Although he still only could summon B-rank followers, and they even couldn’t break through to the second realm, the rituals should be done properly.

Lord Tang was a superstitious person. There’s no telling when he could do such a huge summoning ritual again. 

Thus, Lord Tang began the summoning ritual.


Half an hour later, Tang Yu had successfully signed a contract with eight followers. He had determined to stop there.

The remaining slots would be left open. In case one day, his luck exploded and summoned a follower beyond A-rank.

The other reason was it took longer to explain things to the newly summoned followers and summoned the others to be guided. 

This time, his good luck also erupted. Probably because the newly upgraded Pub always brought good luck, or maybe his worship pose was on point?

Among the eight followers, two of them were A-rank adventurers. Shaking his head, he felt like the worship pose can be attempted next time. 

But… he glanced at the two followers remaining near him. The training six were all humans. But these two happened to trigger the other than human race possibility. They were also the A-ranked ones. 

One on the right was tall… No, he could no longer be considered as tall. Tang Yu felt quite a pressure when he stood beside him. 

The stone man clan, Tyron. Tyron had a simple face, a large bald head reflecting silver under the sunlight. If one ignored his tall body, he looked like a human.

But he was 3 meters tall, his arms were thicker than Tang Yu’s thigh, and his muscles were textured like granite, or perhaps it was the real rock?

He was also the strongest followers Tang Yu had summoned with the Tenth Awakening Stage strength. Tang Yu had no doubt that a casual punch from this man would leave a deep crater on the ground.

“My Lord, is it true that there are… many, many… delicious rocks here?” The rock spoke with his deep and deafening voice.

Tang Yu quickly lowered his hands, then a gesture to lower the volume, and finally felt the pressure on his eardrums gradually subsided.

Pointing in the distance, two logistics department employees with a carload of high-grade rock drove over.

Tyron’s expression brightened. After getting Tang Yu’s approval, he thumped to the back trunk position of the car, grabbed the rocks with his big hands, and stuffed them into his mouth.


It looked like Tyron was a bit hungry.

“Delicious, hmm, delicious… Especially this kind…”

Tang Yu saw that Tyron was holding onto a green rock and then saw that there were black rocks, grey rocks, and mottled rocks next to it… It tastes differently depending on the color of your heart, right? 

The two logistics employees who were delivering the goods next to him, their eyes filled with doubts.

They were so close to grabbing a handful of gravel and putting it in their mouths to see if it was so tasty.

Tang Yu facepalmed. He was worried that the habits of the non-humans were so different from the humans that they wouldn’t even know how to arrange it.

“Tyron is fine. It looks like just having stones is enough for him.” Tang Yu muttered.

He is turning to the little girl on his left.


She was the exact opposite of Tyron. Just barely tall enough to reach his waist, with long curly onion-green hair and a small pouty face.

She looked soft and cuddly as if she was a child. But Tang Yu knew that the little girl was already an adult, and the reason for her short stature was simply because of her race.

At first, he thought that the Dwarf race had produced cute loli. However, that wasn’t the case. This little girl was not related to the Dwarf race.

She was from the bamboo rat race, which couldn’t grow taller for the rest of their life. 

Standing together with Tyron, the visual impact wasn’t that great. A giant and a loli. Tang Yu thought to himself. 

At the moment, Oguri was covering her little head. Her body swayed as if she was dizzy from Tyron’s deafening voice. Suddenly, she stumbled upon her legs and fell to the ground, crying. 

“Don’t… eh,” Tang Yu felt like he had encountered a huge crisis. There were still two employees from the logistics department nearby. What would they say if they saw this scene? Lord Tang making a small child cry? Absolutely not! 

Tang Yu was stunned, but he suddenly pulled out a lollipop and tore off it is outer packaging with one hand and stuffed it on Oguri’s mouth.

The little girl subconsciously opened her mouth and took the candy, her eyes suddenly brightened. “It’s delicious… sobs… and it doesn’t hurt… sobs…” 

….It looks like it’s easy to feed her too.

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