My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 182


The other six human followers were very well balanced, all ranging between Sixth and Ninth Awakening.

The valiant knight, Carmen brothers.

Astrologist sisters, Protoss Star, and Moon.

And Sniper Lorraine.

Tang Yu wasn’t sure if the system had had a chance to see the timing of his mass summoning and sent out twins and triplets at once, which was impressive. But he couldn’t identify the Astrologist sister and Carmen triplets.

“Is this considered a package? I wonder if there are any combo combat techniques? There’s not even a discount on the fee!” Shook his head, he arranged a room for Ogura and Tyron.

Tyron couldn’t live in the castle. But if he had to squeeze in, he should renovate the castle to accommodate him. It was spacious and comfortable.

There was a delicious quarry nearby, so Tyron was delighted he couldn’t hide his smile. 


“Currently, the territory has a total of fifteen followers. Except for Kevin as a researcher, all of them are considered experts, including Oguri. Even though she cried rather easily.”

He planned to officially depart for the Sunset Shelter tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.

At that time, he would lead some of his followers there, and the remaining few would be stationed in the territory.

Now that he was fully staffed, he wouldn’t have to put all the heavy burdens on Roger’s shoulders every time he went out.

Most of the things he needed were also fully prepared—space tents for resting in the wild, items for escaping and scouting, maps, etc.

But, The most crucial thing was Floating Chariot. The materials he had were enough to create several chariots. 

The most lacking material was the extraordinary metal extracted from the Metal Swallowing Beast. It was kept in the newly opened beast taming ground where it was fed with a large amount of high-quality metal ore every day.

Then the metal ores, from the Metal Swallowing Beast, were taken with a special method, painless and without surgery.

Glancing at the chubby Metal Swallowing Beast, it didn’t show any kind of resistance. Indeed, feeding it was an easy abduction. 

“With the Floating Chariot’s speed, if everything goes well, we can reach the Luoxia Shelter within 3 to 5 days.”

The Chariot’s biggest advantage was its mobility. If they couldn’t defeat an enemy, then they just had to run away.

On full power, this Chariot could outrun a fully perfected Awakening Stage flying beast. 


Back to the Pub.

Tang Yu didn’t stop at the first floor, stomping on the tawny wooden stairs up to the second floor.

The second-floor layout was roughly similar to that of the first floor, with several rustic wooden tables neatly placed.

The wood patterns on the tabletops were carved with a circle pattern. In the end, there were no counters or storage racks for drinks like the one on the first floor, but a shelf was set up for aesthetics.

The shelf was originally empty, and this Pub was unoccupied on weekdays. But right now, there were five majestic statues on that shelf, standing side by side.

A warrior was wearing heavy armor with a stoic face—hands gripping the hilt of his sword, stuck upside down on the ground. 

A mage with one hand placed on his chest and a staff in his hand, his hair scattered over his shoulder, wearing a headband carved with exquisite pattern. 

An assassin shrouded in black robes, his face hidden, with no distinction between man or woman, only showing a dagger’s cold glimmer from his wrist. 

Holding a gun against his cold hard face, finger pressed on the trigger was the sniper.

A priest was holding a holy hammer aloft, shouting his soul out. 

Five jobs. 

Five statues. 

There were statues that could pass a job. 

Now Tang Yu has learned the basic skills of Heavy Slash, Multiple Slash, and Blood Slash and possesses a certain degree of combat skills.

In common sense, he already had a warrior’s qualification. However, the five major jobs were only basic jobs. Each had numerous branches that were called advanced jobs. 

The newly opened legacy function was randomly attached to three advanced jobs. Magic Swordsman, Frost Mage, and Discipline Knight.

According to the system description, the rest of the advanced jobs’ legacy crystals had a probability of being bought from the Level 4 Market.

If an expert on that job had reached the job’s qualification to a certain degree, they would also be able to produce legacy crystals that carried information about the job.

“Now that I think of it, I managed to summon valiant knights, astrologists, illusionists, snipers, and others. Although they said that the legacy they received was incomplete, they’re still advanced jobs anyway, higher than a basic job. This should be the hidden benefit from the Level 4 Pub.” 

Tang Yu turned on the legacy function.

First, he walked to his favorite statue of the master… mage, and the mage job statue instantly lit up with white light.

Several white threads spread up from the base and flowed to gather at the top. The faint white light only lasted for a short moment, and then quickly extinguished. The Mage Statue was silent again.

Tang Yu: “……..”

That’s a sign of zero compatibility! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻!

He knew that there were limits to job legacy. The higher the compatibility, the more legacy messages one could receive, and the benefit will be greater.

And those with zero compatibility naturally couldn’t even meet the most basic requirements.

He couldn’t even accept a Mage’s legacy, let alone advance to the job Frost Mage.

Tang Yu was not frustrated, not at all. Life isn’t as good as you want it to be, so just look on the bright side. He had expected it anyway!

After a few attempts, he fulfilled the requirement for the job legacy of Warrior, Assassin, and Sniper.

But he didn’t receive the legacy and indoctrination. In reality, there is no single job restriction. A mage can also go to the battlefield with his fists.

However, accepting legacy and indoctrination is stressful to his soul, and Tang Yu’s goal wasn’t this basic legacy. Not to mention that they would cost him greatly, in spirit stones. 

He stopped in front of the Warrior Job Statue. From the base of the statue, a fluorescent white thread converged towards the top.

The glow on it grew brighter and brighter; an imaginary figure of a warrior holding a longsword appeared behind the statue. 

The longsword was burning with a blazing red flame. 

It was the legacy of the Demon Swordsman, and he had fulfilled the requirements. 

“Come on!” 

White light burst on the warrior statue, so dazzling that it temporarily blinded him. 


The firmament was as bright red as fire, and the meteorite dragged its tail and crashed down.

The ground trembled, and there were cries and sounds of fighting everywhere. As far as the eye could see, there was a black mass of fierce-looking monsters, surging in like a tidal wave.

A warrior wearing armor doused in blood and fire was holding a sword that looked like a crystal polished into a long sword, with flames burning brightly.

The crystal longsword wrapped in blazing flames swung out.

For a split second, the blazing fire praised the ground.

Pillars of fire rose into the sky, burning through the dome.


Tang Yu came back to his senses, startled as he looked at the job statue in front of him, the glow had faded.

For a moment just now, it was as if he had transformed into an unrivaled Demon Swordsman, one person, one sword, and turned that tide-like monster into ashes.

“Is this the Demon Swordsman…?”

He raised his hand.


Flames emerged from the palm of his hand, stretching into lines and gathering into shape. In a blink of an eye, Tang Yu already held a long sword in his hand made out of flames.

[Battle Skill – Blazing Flame Sword.]

He resisted the urge to wield the flaming longsword out, and the blazing fire sword dispersed—spots of sparks dissipating into the air.


Right now, somewhere in the wilderness.

An Underground Institute.


Professor Zheng, wearing round-rimmed glasses, was excited and laughing loudly as he looked at the wonderful body in front of him.

No. 1.

His most successful experimental subject.

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