My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 184


A group of hunters was wielding their combat knives for training. Their polished blades gleamed in the sunlight as they swung them out with a tight grip, their blades tearing through the air and the whistling sound of breaking wind echoing throughout the training grounds.

“We hunters are equipped with Rune Combat Knives, and this…” the Second Battalion Commander walked to the area next to where the weaponry was placed and lifted the shelf’s covering cloth to reveal the black gun underneath.

“My beloved 160mm mortar. This has been modified to fire special rune shells. As for the power of this gun… well, if one gun can’t take care of it, it’s just a matter of adding another one.”

The person in charge of Hengcheng was all envious. Speaking from the bottom of his heart, “Your rune weapons are truly powerful. In Hengcheng, we still can’t find a way to incorporate runes into our equipment. As expected from Dean Sun.”

The corner of the second battalion commander’s mouth smirked, “This time, you brought back some rune samples. You will soon be able to study the method of making rune equipment.”

There was no way he couldn’t be prouder.

Hengcheng’s strength in combat power was slightly above Lindong. That’s why they sent a convoy to exchange ideas. It wasn’t like there was any competition between both sides.

But in terms of soldiers, Hengcheng possessed more expert hunters than the Lindong military. The Second Battalion was depressed, but in terms of equipment, they had gone far advanced from Hengcheng. 

‘Eh, wait a minute. It seems that the Academy of Sciences were stuck on their rune research. Then it was because of… right, the Demon Slayer Longsword that led Lindong’s rune research.’

He contemplated that if they didn’t get that sword, their progress would also be stuck like Hengcheng. Suddenly, the Second Battalion Commander was depressed again.

He didn’t care much about it anymore. He continued to lead the Hengcheng people for a tour around the barracks while exchanging their combat experiences. 

“Why don’t we hold a simple meeting so our members can exchange their combat experience in dealing with demonic beasts? Just reading data won’t be as fun as hearing the soldier’s stories firsthand.” The Hengcheng representatives made a suggestion.

The Second Battalion Commander nodded, “That’s a good idea. Especially for the ability users. Communicating with each other will help them develop their abilities.” 

“Since it’s an ability exchange, we shouldn’t limit the audience to our military. There were a lot of hunters from the mercenary regiments. Although they weren’t necessarily strong, they weren’t that worse. I don’t see why we should exclude them.” 

“Feasible, then I’ll also call over some of the famous ability users from Lindong.” He immediately ordered his subordinate to do his bidding. 

Ability exchanges could benefit both sides. In the Second Battalion Commander’s mind, those ability users would be eager to come here.

As expected, within ten minutes, the soldiers he had sent out already returned with ability users. 

Looking at the numbers of people, the Second Battalion Commander was surprised, “Why so few people coming here?” 

With his status, he was able to see the mercenaries’ data. He knew precisely how many ability users were in Lindong.

The hunters present were not even one-fifth. “It’s not like they haven’t returned to the shelter from the wilderness, right?” 

Looking at the sky, the setting sun tilted towards the horizon, leaving only some orange-ray over the land. Judging from the time, most mercenaries that went out should’ve returned to the shelter by now. 

The soldier saluted, “Report, sir! Most of the mercenaries had returned to the shelter, but many of the top mercenaries can’t be found. I have asked the person in charge of the mission center. Those people seem to have returned to the shelter and left in a hurry, saying that they couldn’t grab it if they were slow.” 

“Oh, right. They were the ones who escaped the secret realm.” The soldier was confused. 

Second Battalion Commander: “…….”

He didn’t know what had happened, but it feels like he was being puzzled. It was inexplicably unpleasant!


Tang Yu emerged from the Spiritual Space, feeling refreshed.

He was still unaware that the advertisement he had planted in the secret realm was gradually taking effect.

One by one, Lindong’s mercenaries wanted to hold on tightly to this chance of being able to buy a Demon Slayer Longsword. However, mercenaries were mercenaries. They couldn’t keep a secret. 

“Mr. Zhang, I’ll tell you a secret, it’s only because of our lifelong friendship, so don’t tell anyone else…”

“Brother Li, I’ve heard a secret, and if we hadn’t grown up wearing the same clothes, I wouldn’t have told you…”

One by one, ten by ten, not so much that the entire Lin Dong knew about it. But in that particular circle, many people knew about the Tree Shade Shelter and the Demon Slayer Longsword’s true merchants.

These mercenaries also added fuel to the fire, proclaiming the terrifying strength Tang Yu’s men had shown in the secret realm.

No one doubted it. After all, these words came out from the mouths of the top mercenary regiments.

Even some of the expert hunters, the Four Major Mercenary Groups members, all rushed towards the Tree Shade Shelter without taking any rest. 

After experiencing a surge in strength, the feeling of mowing the grass in the Spiritual Space is unparalleled. Tang Yu didn’t know yet. In reality, there was a massive wave of ‘leeks’ that were yearning for the scythe’s mercy. 


After dinner, Tang Yu brought Elaine to the Pub.

“My lord, why are we here?”

She was impressed with this place, and the first thing she saw when she came to this world was the quaint Pub and the Lord standing inside. Smiling at her and handing her a drink. A scene she won’t forget for the rest of her life. 

“Let’s go. Let’s go to the second floor. You’ll know why when we get there.”

Wearing a beige dress, Elaine ascends the stairs to follow behind Tang Yu. Reaching the second floor, they saw five similar statues at the end of the room. 

Tang Yu was about to open his mouth to explain to her about the Mage’s legacy. But he was shocked when he saw Elaine shocked. 

She gazed at the statue of the Mage and slowly walked forward, a step at a time. Not just Elaine, but the statue of the Mage also resonating. As if it had been silent for a long time and couldn’t wait to be awakened. 

Tang Yu hurriedly opened the legacy system. In a split second, the bright light dispersed the night, and the surroundings were clear like daylight. As if the Mage statue had come to life. Behind it, the

Frost Mage’s figure appeared, far more clear than the Demon Swordsman before. Even the eyes in the figure seemed to have crossed the river of time and space and projected in the Pub. 

A light blue pillar of light enveloped Elaine.

The legacy had begun.

Her eyes were closed, her light blue hair fluttering. Her skirt was flying, serene, and elegant. In front of Tang Yu, her body actually floated slowly, as if defying gravity.

Suspended to a position equal to the illusionary figure. Unleashed Elaine’s aura to Seventh Awakening, Eighth… Ninth, passing through the Ninth and stuck on the Second Realm bottleneck of the Awakening Stage. 

Tang Yu opened his mouth wide. 

Receiving the legacy could also increase strength? How come… he didn’t receive it at all? 

The white light on the Mage statue was fading. Tang Yu thought that Frost Mage’s legacy was coming to an end. Still, the light blue pillar of light grew brighter and brighter, shrinking into an elliptical shape and wrapping Elaine within it.


The beige dress she was wearing and the plain white sneakers on her feet blinked into light speckles and shattered.

Tang Yu watched as the holy light faded, and Elaine’s appearance drastically changed. 

Wearing a gorgeous ice-blue dress, her feet were adorned with crystal shoes that sparkled with a radiant violet-blue glow.

A pair of blue crystal patterned earrings were formed around her ears. A headband carved with mysterious patterns rested on her hands, and an ice crystal staff with the same height as she appeared in her hand. 

The scene was dream-like. 

Not just the scene, but also the person enveloped in the center of the light burst, Elaine. 

Tang Yu’s mouth remained wide open for a long time. 

What did he just accept? A fake legacy? 

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