My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 185



Behind the Mage statue, the illusionary figure that had emerged suddenly shattered.

Tang Yu understood what it meant. It means the power of every special legacy was limited. The spirit stones he injected during the legacy ritual, and these job statues only ensured that the process ran smoothly. Most of the power still came from the Legacy Crystals themselves. 

For special legacies such as the Demon Swordsman and the Frost Mage could be consumed three times from the Legacy Crystals.

However, after being used, the Frost Mage Legacy Crystal didn’t fade as it should be but shattered instead. That means the power stored inside had been depleted.

‘No wonder Elaine didn’t just receive power, but also equipment.’

He was very- no, extremely envious of her.

After the Mage statue’s light gradually faded, Elaine, who was suspended mid-air, slowly floated down.

Her crystal shoes stepped on the wooden floor, and her fluttering hair fell down to her back. 

Tang Yu was about to walk in front of her but was startled. Because in front of him, Elaine’s eyes were closed, tears flowed from her eyes.

The tears were glistening as they slid down her cheeks to her chin. Ticking… landing on the wooden floor. 

This was the first time he saw Elaine in such a state. 

The atmosphere was melancholic. 


Pub rooftop.

The cool breeze was blowing, and the lights from the shelter could still be seen down the hill.

Looking at Elaine’s saddened face, Tang Yu was a little worried.

“I’m fine, my Lord.” She shook her head, her earrings swayed gently.

“You don’t look like you’re fine.”

“I just… remembering something from my past.” She looked up, the wind blowing away the hair on her forehead, her eyes were gentle and calm like a poem.

“If you don’t mind, just tell me. You might feel better.” As the Lord, Tang Yu felt obligated to take care of his subordinate’s mental health…. Of course, it’s bullshit.

Half a month ago, he was still an ordinary survivor; a month and a half ago, he was just an ordinary bachelor. 

Even now, he was still a mortal man. He never had many dreams. He was just thinking of bringing his parents back here then running his own acre of land.

When he got the system, he had wondered if he should recruit troops to conquer the world, if he should push forward and cut through the thorny path so that he could become a Great Lord. 

A word that would cut off life and death. 

A gaze that would bring a man down on his knees. 

He thought about it. What would he gain if he did it that way? The thrill of conquering the world, or the supreme authority? But from all that power will also bring loneliness and emptiness. 

People need to move on, sharpening their weapons, pull out the thorns, learn to smile at the misery, and make themselves right.

The doomsday was even crueler. Some people need to sell their bodies for a piece of bread, some people watched their friends and family died in front of them, but they could only hold on to a smile. 

That was a weak man’s frustration.

He developed the territory to make himself stronger. Not to conquer others, but to conquer himself. 

Shaking off the thoughts in his mind, he just couldn’t help but open his mouth to break the silence and sadness…

After a while, Elaine’s soft voice escaped her mouth. “I was born in a small town. My parents worked in the mines outside the city.

At that time, although I don’t meet them very often, I felt happiness in my life. And the happiest moment my day was squatting at the door, waiting for them to return. Every single day.”

Elaine walked to the edge of the rooftop and squatted down, the crystals encrusted on her skirt swayed and glimmering, “That evening, I just squatted at the door, looking at the sky, and waited and waited until the sky was completely dark. But they never returned.”

“It wasn’t until the next day that I realized that the black wave had struck outside the city yesterday. And that the first area to be attacked was the mines. It was then that I realized that the piercing sound of that alarm was a symbol of death.”

She sat down on the edge of the rooftop, the staff in her hand turning into a brilliant stream of light that merged into her. With her feet hanging in the air, her calves, bare beyond her skirt, swayed gently like white jade.

“…Years have passed, and I’ve long since forgotten that feeling of sadness, but this time the touch was a little…out of control.” She wiped away the glistening tears hanging in the corners of her eyes, turned her head, and smiled gently at the Lord, her voice like wind chimes.

Tang Yu sat beside her and listened quietly as the cool breeze blew, and the sky-blue hair brushed across his face, somewhat tickling him. He saw…. Elaine’s face had returned to its former calmness. But the sadness in the depths of her eyes couldn’t be hidden. 

Tang Yu couldn’t help but raise his hand, hesitating mid-air before finally landed on Elaine’s head and gently stroked her, “Don’t force yourself too much. After all, there’s still…me and the others.” 



The Storm Mercenaries leader, a mustache man, was holding a map in his hand, “A few kilometers further on, there is that shelter called Tree Shade. I heard that this shelter is stronger, then that means their purchasing power should be higher than the other shelters.”

The three joined forces from Hengcheng City were working together to sell their goods to various small shelters. 

Gao nodded, “We have sold some goods at the five small shelters along the way, the results were much better than we expected. The spirit stones aren’t much, but we got a lot of items. There were high-value items that they had no idea were valuable.”

“Yeah.” Yang deeply thought. “If we could sell them at a high price in Lindong, then we would be able to buy some valuable materials and bring them back to Hengcheng. We can sell them or use them ourselves. We will have a steady profit.” 

“After all, it’s just a small shelter. We’re lucky enough to find some valuable materials. Most of them were scared when they sensed our auras. Even some fled because they thought we were going to loot them.” The mustache man smiled. “If it wasn’t for my respect for Lindong, I would have pushed the price a bit harder.” 

“There’s no need to do that. We’ve already made enough money anyway. And the road is already open, as long as there’s no new Crack of the Abyss appearing on the road, it won’t be hard for us to return to Lindong.”

It was a dangerous journey with numerous casualties. But they had already recorded the paths they took on a map.

They knew exactly where the danger was, and which was relatively safe. Most of the casualties happened in the high-risk areas.

They bypassed the high-risk areas and took the less dangerous one all the way to Lindong. 

It was just like an ancient waterway. The first trip will be the most dangerous one. But after that, they only need to follow the already open path to a safer journey. 

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