My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 186


“We should stay the night at Tree Shade after we sell some of our goods.” Gao looked at the darkened sky and noticed many of their men were already exhausted, so he suggested it.

“Alright.” The mustache man held the precious map he had purchased from Lindong. “This area is only a three-star middle-rank danger zone. Although we could always stay the night in the wilderness, it’s better to rest in a shelter. At least we will be able to rest safely. Away from the demonic beast’ attack.”

“That’s right. But that’s only if the Tree Shade shelter is strong enough. If it turned out to be like those shelters earlier, I’d rather stay the night in the wilderness. That would save us from some punny robbery.”

The steel-welded trucks moved towards the direction of the map.

The night sky glittered with stars. The wilderness during the night was even more dangerous because the demonic beasts became more active.

They weren’t afraid of ordinary demonic beasts, but that didn’t mean they will put their guards down.

They were carefully observing the surroundings. But it had become more silent as time went by.

“Have you noticed it yet? We haven’t encountered a demonic beast in a while.”

“Yeah. Even the howls of demonic beasts were rarely heard, which is a bit unusual.”

“No, no, no, if the Tree Shade Shelter is truly a powerful shelter, then it’s inevitable that the surrounding area will be cleared of demonic beasts.”

“But is the Tree Shade…really that powerful? It’s said that Tree Shade is only a shelter for thousands of people. A shelter that size, no matter how powerful it is, can’t possibly clear out the area from demonic beasts for miles, right?”

They discussed. As they got closer, they saw a tower, standing in the wilderness, appeared before their eyes. The mustache man and the others understood they had arrived at the land of Tree Shade Shelter.

The adventurers who were out hunting demonic beasts or carrying out missions were returning to the Shelter after a tiring day full of bloodshed.

They saw a convoy approaching; they were curious but didn’t stop by to watch idly. Instead, quickening their pace and suddenly disappeared from the view. 

The mustache man and the others were somewhat surprised. They were stronger and more sensitive to the aura. They were able to sense the aura from the passing by hunters group from afar.

“First Awakening, Double Awakening, Triple Awakening….”

Most of these hunters were of Double Awakening Strength. Occasionally, one or two strong Triple Awakening hunters were seen.

Although they were stronger than a Triple Awakening hunter, from all the shelters they had passed by, Triple Awakening hunters were already considered strong.

Most of the Shelter’s leaders were at this level, with some had broken through the Fourth Awakening Stage. But here, they saw several hunters at this level.

“It seems like the Tree Shade Shelter lived up to their name. It does have good strength. It’s not easy for a small shelter to advance this far, I’m a bit curious what kind of person runs this Shelter.”

“Brother Yang, you’ll meet him later. We have a big business. Of course, the leader of the Shelter will come out and talk. Even if they were strong, it’s still a small shelter. I bet they were surprised to see us carrying this amount of goods.”

The mustache man patted the steel plate on the truck. “We have a wide variety of goods. Such as firearms, there are new firearms developed by Hengcheng City Shelter that are specifically designed to deal with demonic beasts.

And this cleverly structured shield that could remove most of the force when blocking demonic beast attacks. These are the hunter’s favorite equipment.”

“There’s also this spicy fruit that only grows on our land. It’s a perfect replacement for chili pepper, it’s a rare commodity in the doomsday.” He remembered the other shelter leader’s surprise when they saw these goods.

Even though the Tree Shade was a bit stronger, that didn’t stop them from being surprised. Even the hunters from Lindong were surprised.

They could sell well in Lindong if it wasn’t for the competition between the merchants. They wouldn’t have to sell their goods to smaller shelters.

But now it seemed like this was the only way to earn money. After all, he had earned a lot. 

“The Tree Shade Shelter is stronger and has more spirit stones. I believe we can earn a lot of money here.”

He would never have thought that the situation would come out different from what he had expected.


At the entrance of the Shelter, the mustache man and the others made a quick registration.

“Brother Yang, why don’t you ask their leader to come out and talk business with us. They’re a bit weird, you know? They saw our cargos and didn’t even ask about it.” The mustache man muttered.

The leader Yang mysteriously smiled, “You don’t understand. We’re going to spend the night here anyway, selling goods. We’re not in a hurry. We can also observe their capacity and find out. And then we can determine the price and earn more money.”

“As for those cargos… large teams in the wilderness sometimes used trucks to transport their supplies. Of course, it’s nothing strange. Don’t forget, the three of us combined, we looked like a proper large team.”

“So that’s how it is. That’s very clever, Brother Yang.” The mustache man suddenly came to a realization, feeling enlightened.

The truck was huge. They parked it near the entrance of the Shelter. They were leaving most of their man to secure the goods. While the three leaders and the rest of the men went inside the Shelter.

As far as the eyes could see, there was a large construction site.

The mustache man was surprised. The Tree Shade Shelter actually had the plan to build a large-scale construction project.

Aren’t they worried that it would consume time and effort, and eventually being destroyed by demonic beasts?

It was nightfall. The construction project had come to a halt. But there were large construction machines lying around. Made them realize what the Shelter was capable of.

“It looks like the shelter wants to build a large complex of buildings.”

“Yeah, look, there’s a layout for the roads. Wait, look over there, there seem to be several buildings that are already finished!”

They could see the construction was still in the early stages; many of the buildings were still in their basic foundation, not yet been constructed.

However, there were several buildings in the distance with bright lights. From time to time, survivors were coming in and out of it. It was clearly fully operated.

They followed the road and saw a busy building with a flashing neon shop sign above.

The mustache man was impressed, he didn’t expect to see a bar in the Tree Shade Shelter, and the thirst for alcohol got the best of him. “Brother Gao, Brother Yang, why don’t we go in and have a few drinks?” 

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