My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 187


The only bar was standing in a large, empty area—the neon lights above flashing, inviting survivors in. The surrounding area was initially been a bit quiet. Yet, the conversation sounds that were heard from time to time added the festivity to the place. 

Inside, it was lively. It’s still early, but most of the seats were occupied. Some people quietly sipped their drinks, most people talking loudly, venting the pressure they accumulate throughout the day. 

The Night Bar had just opened, but the place was buzzing with customers. In the past, some powerful and wealthy hunters would choose to go to the training camp to vent their stress.

However, it was for only a small number of people. Most of them sat idly after dark. 

Before, they could barely have enough meals to eat for a day. But as the Shelter advanced, their life was changing. The bar was one of the places they could interact with the ladies. 

The ratio of men and women in the Shelter was seriously imbalanced. Especially the girls, most of them were working at the Logistics or Medical Department. These two were the meat and potatoes of all the Departments.

They were also the closest contact of the Shelter’s two Goddesses. They said a lot of men tried to apply for the two departments, but of course, all turned away without exception. Thus, the two departments ended up only recruiting women.

So the survivors they see all day long were men. Big, sweaty naked men were moving bricks during the day. 

The Night Bar was a glimpse into the night for the survivors, and there were cheap drinks that most of the survivors could afford to consume. So were the hunters. Sometimes, they could scavenge some alcohol from the wilderness.

They saved it and drank it slowly. But how could drinking alone could compare to a bar’s atmosphere? They could also chat with other people here.

Only here, they could be ordinary people, not hunters that fought to the death with demonic beasts. The atmosphere was soothing.

What attracted these survivors, even more was the bar’s owner. Standing behind the bar, the lady shifted a bottle with one hand and poured liquids into a tall glass with her other hand.

Her brown hair was tied in a high ponytail that swayed every time she moved. The top part of her breasts was exposed, attracting most male survivors’ attention in the bar. 

Good look, beautiful body, standing behind the bar as a bartender for the survivors to see. This alone added at least 30% of the bar’s income. 

But of course, the survivors didn’t dare to directly look at the lady behind the bar. They could only steal some glances.

No one was foolish enough to act out and flirt with her. After all, the bar was opened even before the commercial district construction was finished. Thinking with their dicks was out of the question. 

The reason was… after Lorraine being summoned into this world, she was furious to learn that the territory didn’t have a bar.

So she asked the Lord to build it for her. Naturally, she paid the price for it—she was already in debt even before she got paid.

She became the owner of the Night Bar and the head bartender here. It was her passion. 

‘My job is bartender! Sniper? It’s just a part-time job!’

Lorraine threw a glass with her beautiful skilled hand and pushed a tall glass of liquid across the bar. “Oguri, this one is for you. It’s juice. You’ll love it.”

A loli with onion green hair sat on the bar seat. Looking at the glass of juice with wide eyes, her head bobbing like a rattle toy. “Don’t… squeak. Want to drink… squeak.” With a put face, Oguri was about to reach out and pushed the tall glass back. However… she reached out several times…

She couldn’t reach the glass!!

Oguri became even more annoyed. She leaned forward, trying to shorten the distance between her hands and the glass.

Her legs kicked, making her almost fall. She couldn’t step on the ground. Her short legs could only sway in mid-air. She was staring directly at the glass of juice, full of malice.

‘This woman!!’ She glared at the lady. 

Lorraine looked at Oguri’s pouty face like an angry hamster…no, bamboo rat. And smiled even wider, “Children should drink the juice. Honestly, it’s good for your growth.”

“I’m not a kid… squeak… I’m an adult! Squeak!” 


When the Storm Mercenary Regiments Leader walked inside the bar, it was like walking into another world. The Night Bar was decorated very exquisitely. For a moment, he felt like returning to the pre-doomsday night. 

When he entered, he was attracted by Lorraine, who was performing her bartending skills at the bar. He couldn’t help but come to the bar, straightening his collar and making a smile that he thought was elegant, “A glass of whiskey.”

Before the doomsday, he mostly ordered whiskey every time he went to the bar. Now the words had escaped his mouth. It wasn’t until he finished speaking that he realized his mistake.

It was doomsday. There was an extreme shortage of food; no one could afford to brew alcohol. At this time, it was good enough to have a sip of cheap alcohol.

Back in Hengcheng, he mostly drank coarse ale, now that they were in a small shelter, they couldn’t ask much.

He changed his mind, “What kind of drinks do you have in here? Give me a glass of Anything.” 

“Anything? Expensive or cheap? Don’t you want whiskey?”

“Anything will do… wait…” The mustache man looked at the waiter and handed over the alcohol name list.

The names of common drinks before the doomsday were available here, with a price tag. Looking at the price of a glass of whiskey, a spirit stone wasn’t that expensive.

However, there were some expensive ones, the drinks whose names he didn’t recognize—costing a dozen, or even hundreds of spirit stones for a cup.

Somehow, he didn’t feel like they were bluffing. Those drinks were indeed valuable. 

“Or.. um… just a glass of whiskey.” The mustache man didn’t dare to order Anything else. 

The others followed and didn’t try to order those expensive alcoholic beverages. They didn’t come to the bar just to drink, but also to learn details of Tree Shade Shelter from the inside.

The mustache man paid for his drink, and a waiter counted it and handed him a few small tickets. The small tickets were very thin. Yet the texture was extremely hard and translucent with a few numbers written on it, five, ten, twenty… 

“This is?” 

“It’s our Shelter’s common currency. Both for spending and for trading with other survivors.” 

Nearby, Oguri was sitting at the bar seat. She finally had her margarita after some arguments. Her tiny mouth sipped on the glass.

She saw the mustache man, and the others paid for their drinks and pulled out a card with a purple striped engraved in it from her pocket. “Pay.. squeak… it’s not like I’m drinking for free.. Squeak!” 

Lorraine said nothing and took the card, swiped it on the device. 

The people who witnessed the scene were mesmerized. “What’s that? Does your bar have a membership system?”

She’s good at business!

The lady shook her head, “On no, it’s nothing like that. It’s a card for our Shelter, and it’s not for everyone.” 

The Hengcheng men “……..”

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