My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 188


The mustache man didn’t forget their main purpose. They came here to observe the surrounding situation. He found that there were quite a few customers who used credit card payment.

These credit cards were similar to the one before the doomsday, or even more efficient. The whole transaction didn’t take seconds before the barista handed the cards back to their owner. 

The mustache man couldn’t figure out the mechanism of the card without further observation. There was no such perfect electronic payment system back at Hengcheng.

Most hunters also prefer to pay in spirit stones rather than in a ‘virtual’ account. 

However, he found that the survivors that used spirit stones or translucent currency for payment looked at the cards with an envious look.

Moustache man’s fingers tapped on the translucent currency. “This money is surprisingly durable.

I would need to use 70 or 80% of my strength to tear it. And they’re very light and thin, perfect for carrying around.”

Both the card and the money were made with extreme research. This, they knew. It would be difficult to imitate such a system. It meant that the Tree Shade Shelter already had a complete currency system. 

The other two leaders also noticed, and their eyes gradually became heavy. Before they came to the shelter, they already knew the Tree Shade is a bit different than the others.

The goods they had brought from Hengcheng were extremely popular and sold well everywhere. With the Tree Shade’s wealth, they could probably sell most of their goods here, saving them from the efforts of having to carry the cargos to another shelter.

The mustache and the other two leaders talked in low voices, deciding to talk to the shelter’s leader once they finished their drinks.

A few minutes passed.

Half an hour has passed.

One hour later…..

The mustache man and the others were pushing numerous empty glasses on the table. Their faces looked red, and they were already a little drunk.

‘One more drink, one more drink, and then we’ll get down to business!’ The mustache man thought so.

However, he was an alcohol addict. Since the doomsday, he could only afford cheap liquor. He had been holding back for a long time, now that he found a bar with an affordable price, he simply couldn’t stop.

If he didn’t buy drinks here, he wouldn’t find it anywhere with this peace. He also didn’t know when he would travel to Tree Shade again. 

Thinking of the ordinary survivors in these shelters, they could come here every day to drink and eat fresh fruits. Not to mention that the bar owner was such a beautiful lady.

Thinking about it, after work, they could come here and enjoy life. If it wasn’t for his career, the mustache man would have stayed here. 

The others also decided to stay drunk tonight! 


As the night went by, the bar was getting more and more customers. The seats were nearly full of customers.

Even the front of the bar was packed. The waiters were already busy, while the owner was no longer playing with the art of bartending. She made drinks quickly and smoothly.

There was a noisy crowd around; each circle exchanging information about what interested them. 

The ordinary survivors tucked in together, talking about how many bricks they’ve moved today and how much money they’ve made.

The strongest bragging that they’re little brick-moving experts and that their first-hand brick-moving skills are unmatched.

The hunters mostly talked about their experiences in the wilderness. Every time someone hunted down a demonic beast that was above the Triple Awakening, the others around them shouted.

Regardless of its functionality, the corpse and materials of a high-ranked demonic beast was a symbol of honor. 

A few hunters also discussed the changes happening in the Adventurer’s Guild today. The newly released items made them envious. While the hunters who had ascended to 2-star became the object of admiration.

Those who knew them personally were shamelessly hoping for them to ask them to join their team. 

The hunters who hesitated to register with the Adventurer’s Guild were even more regretful. Had they known that, they wouldn’t have considered going to Lindong Shelter!

In front of the bar, the mustache man and the others listened. They came here on purpose, not just to get drunk!

Because they stayed here longer, they were able to spy out a little bit of useful information. So was the mustache man thought, while he was looking at his half-empty glass of liquor. 

“But Puppet? Scrolls? What’s that again? Is it a Tree Shade special code or something?” He couldn’t understand it, and the noise around him was too loud to get more detailed information. Yet somehow, the mustache man had a bad feeling.

Suddenly, a voice came from the bar’s doorway.

“What a shitty bar! There’s not even a place to sit!”

The voice was loud and deafening.

The mustache stirred, his tipsy drunkenness dissipating in a moment. Turning his head, he looked at the door.

Several hunters were walking in from the door led by a strong muscular man. His eyes were stern, eyebrows thick, the term ‘thick eyebrows’ applied to the strong man was quite appropriate.

However, the mustache man’s party was suddenly surprised. “Damn it, why is Soulfire here too? Is it that hard to leave some peace for us to drink?!”

The Soulfire Mercenary Regiments was ranked as the second strongest one among the Hengcheng Mercenary Regiments.

Even if they were the second strongest group, they could have trampled the Storm Mercenary Regiments. It was a gap in raw power alone.

That was the reason why they had to leave Lindong and came here to find a solution. In the previous small shelter, they made a good start.

Now they had come to a stronger shelter, thinking they might be able to sell all their goods in the cargos. 

He had never expected to meet the Soulfire people here. Even if it was only the Vice Leader, his strength alone could crush the three of them. The joy from drinking had long disappeared. Their faces were all gloomy. 

The thick-browed strong man also recognized them, staring at them, interested. An inexplicable strong aura was coming from him.

Not just from the Vice Leader, but also from the team members behind him. 

“I didn’t expect you guys to be here. But unfortunately, the Tree Shade is quite wealthy and has already favored our goods. Several of our cargos are on their way here. As for you guys… tsk…”

He shook his head, gazing around, the people of the bar were shocked by his aura. The noisy bar dropped silent, even the customers drinking liquor in the corner stopped.

Those who were close to the door took the chance to slip away. 

The people in the mustache man’s group gritted their teeth, trying to hold their anger. They all wanted to say harsh words, but hesitating. 

At this moment, a cold voice came from behind.

“This is the boss lady’s territory; don’t affect my business!” 

Lorraine slapped the table with a violent slap. She still had a sense of measure. She knew that the table was broken and the repair money must be deducted from her salary. She forcibly resisted herself to not smash the table into pieces. 

For a moment, the people’s gaze subconsciously shifted from the thick-browed man to the beautiful bar owner lady. The bar became buzzing with noises again. 

“The boss lady is so bold! I couldn’t even say anything!” 

“Damn, that guy with a thick eyebrow had such a strong aura. My heart was racing like crazy from just being in the same room.” 

“Doesn’t anyone worry about the boss lady? Those guys look dangerous, we should call a patrol here.” 

They didn’t dare to speak too loud. 

The voice, however, reached the Vice Leader from the Soulfire Regiments. 

His thick eyebrows furrowed, his stern gaze shifted from the moustache man towards the boss lady. 

“Bitch, don’t…”

Before he could even finish his words, Lorraine’s figure disappeared from behind the bar. The man with thick eyebrow’s eyes widened. He subconsciously raised his hands in front of him to protect his body. 

The next moment…


His body flew out of the door, fell into a construction site a dozen meters away. He turned into a brown thick-eyebrowed strong man.

“Big Brother!”

“Vice Leader”

The members of Soulfire Regiments were startled. They drew their weapons and were on guard against Lorraine, who had appeared in the doorway at some point.

“What? Do you still want to fight? Come on. I’ll play with you until the end.”

Lorraine said with her chest puffed out, viciously. She was holding a bottle of beer in her hand.

She looked powerful!

Super fierce!


In the distance.

The thick-browed man struggled to rise from the ground, pain pulsing from his arms. There was a visible shoe print branding his arm.

He looked directly at Lorraine, approached her, and stopped.

Covering his arms, his mouth was open, his voice still loud.

“No, we have come from Lindong with friendly intentions to discuss a business deal with your shelter.”

Yet the words that came out made the others drop their jaws in shock.

He was also shocked, what could he do if he couldn’t even win the fight?!

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