My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 19


Chapter 19 – I have an idea

A small population was exactly Tang Yu’s current problem.

Not only the guns couldn’t be utilized effectively, more importantly, a small number of porters limited the speed of obtaining materials.

Tang Yu tapped his fingers on the table, “We can’t just sit and waits for survivors to appear. We have to attract them.”

In the previous shelter, survivors came from time to time. His previous group of survivors also came here after heard the news. However, it’s difficult to confirm such news. Furthermore, the shelter had been destroyed before. Just looking at this place, he doubted any survivor would come to stay.

Chen Haiping thought about it, “Maybe we can use radio.”

“Radio? Wasn’t all communication line already cut off?”

Chen Haiping sorted out his though and said, “It’s not literally cut off. But after the doomsday, there are some sort of special elements in the air. These elements intercepts the electromagnetic wave, which makes the signal delivery became very difficult.”

“In the beginning of the doomsday, the transmission signal still works even though it was weakened. But at that time, it was already hard to receive the signal. Later on, the weakened signal grow even more difficult to receive. Until ten days later, it suddenly increased, causing the communication line almost cut off completely.”

“I said almost because the current signal is hard to transfer between shelters. But if it’s only within a certain distance from the shelter area, it’s still available. I remember there’s a signal transmission tower in the resort.”

Tang Yu nodded and added, “The news that here is a shelter was transmitted from this tower, right?”

He was not expecting Chen Haiping to shake his head.

“Not exactly. The news were disseminated by the government. In the beginning, government called on all parties to establish shelters and airdropped supplies, including food, firearm and ammo for the shelters. So that small shelters could defend themselves from demonic beast.”

“Accepting survivors was also the government’s request. Wang Tai accepted thousands of survivor because the government urged him to. However, as the communication line was cut off and the government influence was gradually declined, Wang Tai kept the supplies for himself, it was meant for the survivors.”

Tang Yu had never heard of this before. He didn’t expect this was one of the many reasons involved in the shelter establishment.

The plan had settled, but he felt it wasn’t enough.

The radio transmission area was not wide enough, and survivors probably didn’t have the corresponding receivers such as radios.

He had to figure something out.

“I have a brilliant idea. Mr. Chen, do you remember? Before the doomsday, we could see billboards advertisement everywhere. I was thinking we could set up a billboard advertisement to attract survivors.”


Chen Haiping looked confused.

Roger’s face was also filled with questions.


There was an empty space behind villa No. 1.

Previously, he had built a pub and workshop here.

This time, he intended to construct a marketplace next to the pub.

Resources were not the only buyable thing from the market. Rare materials, equipment blueprints, rune blueprints, et cetera also available there. It’s one of the 3 most important building in the early stage of the territory’s establishment.

“The marketplace construction consumes 300 units of spirit stones and 100 units of woods.”

From the outside, the market looked like a small shop.

The internal environment was similar, there was only one counter with 10 areas. Each day, these ten areas would refresh and showcasing different products.

Wood resource package (100 units). Price: 10 spirit stones.

Remaining quantity: 10.

Stone resource package (100 units). Price: 20 spirit stones.

Remaining quantity: 10.

Iron resource package (100 units). Price: 50 spirit stones.

Remaining quantity: 10.

Fur of the flame wolf king. Price: 250 spirit stones.

Remaining quantity: one.

Basic guard puppet crafting blueprint. Price: 600 spirit stones.

Remaining quantity: one.

“This is it!”

Tang Yu was overjoyed. He didn’t expect to get a basic puppet blueprint at the beginning. Not to mention on the first day!

This was worthy of my emperor blood!

With this blue print, he could make a basic puppet in the workshop. The puppets possessed strength equal to the first awakening hunter. Not only they had a certain fighting intelligence. As long as their body was intact, they wouldn’t die. Such a puppet was even stronger than an ordinary hunter.

But he valued this blueprint not for its fighting power.

But as a labor worker.

Such a puppet had great endurance and tireless. If its intelligence was not high enough or their movements weren’t limited, he wouldn’t have set up a porter team.

Each three core buildings that could be built in the first level territory had been completed. With thousands of spirit stones in hand, Tang Yu felt the need to plan well.

There was not much material left, and no more buildings can be constructed. During this period, he could use some time to plan out the territory’s development. He could choose which territorial building was the most crucial.


In a small town dozens of kilometers away from the resort.

There were only two entrances and exit from the town. The surrounding area was protected with wall made or reinforced concrete. From a distance, it looked like a dark giant behemoth occupied the place.

People came and went from the entrance of the town, they consisted of survivors with ragged clothing who had traveled a long distance, some returning combatants armed with gun or sword who went to loot supplies or hunt demonic beast.

That was Lindong shelter, the largest shelter in Lincheng area!

Lindong shelter, Misty Creek Park

This was a high-end residential area that originally existed in Lindong County, but now it had become the residence of the Lindong officials.

In a villa near a streaming river, a middle aged man looked at the distance. Frowning slightly.

On the horizon, the setting sun dyed the sky with orange-red clouds, half of the sun had already sunk down in the dark horizon. From the distance, the venturing survivors returned home one after another. Night time in the wilds were the most dangerous. Any team that could return to the shelter would never choose to spend the night in the wild.

Including the team he had sent earlier.

The route from Lindong shelter to the spirit stone mine was a relatively safe. For Han Jing’s team, there’s no big threat. Whether they had found the spirit stone mine or not, he estimated they would already returned to the shelter long ago.

But now…

“Is there any news?”

It seemed like Lin Wei was talking to his himself. But suddenly, a figure appeared behind him, his face was hidden in the shadow. With his hoarse voice, he slowly said, “There is still no news.”

“Do you think ‘they’ were involved?”

Lin Wei referred to several other big boss in Lindong whose positions were similar to him. They were all he could think of.

The shadow behind him hesitated for a moment, “It’s not likely the case. We sent a trustworthy personnel this time. There shouldn’t be a leakage. The area was vast and there is more than one route, even if other team set up an ambush, it wouldn’t be easy.”

“But Wang Tai is on that team. We had no idea if he already leaked the news or not.”

Lin Wei sneered, “That guy wouldn’t dare. And he didn’t have a chance to leak the news. But he was brave enough to approach me and asked me for a term.”

“Send a search team to investigate. I want every detailed information!”

A wave of momentum exuded from Lin Wei.

He didn’t care about the fate of Han Jing and the others. But as long as there’s a chance to discover the spirit stone mine, he had to seize control over it!

“With that spirit stone mine, I don’t have to look at Lu Laogui’s face ever again!”

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