My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 190


5 seconds, then 10 seconds had passed…

The woman’s expression didn’t change at all when she read the booklet. Could it be that she didn’t understand it?

Impossible. Indeed, Tree Shade is a small shelter. But they weren’t a barbarian tribe that didn’t know anything.

He was about to speak again when Soulfire’s Vice Leader suddenly stepped forward and said with a loud voice, “Let’s take a look at our goods. We, Soulfire, are one of the largest forces in the Hengcheng Mercenary Regiments. The goods we brought are high-quality ones, unlike the ones the Storm Mercenaries brought.”

Their party was more professional. There’s a team member in charge of the trading who handed the trade goods list to the person in charge of the Shelter without even having to compare the goods.

They were all very organized. Firearms, sharp weapons, even some forbidden items.

The mustache man looked gloomy, so did the others. They thought it would be fair competition and they won’t lose. But it seems both in terms of quality and quantity, Soulfire was far ahead of them.

They lost. Completely lost.

The mustache man was depressed.

After both sides finished their introduction, the person in charge touched the rim of her glass and finally spoke, “Is that all? Nothing else?”


Everyone was stunned.

The Soulfire Vice Leader was annoyed, “These goods may not be a lot, but you can’t even afford them all.”

The woman shook her head, “No, in terms of quantity, you already have a lot of goods. It’s just a shame that our Shelter didn’t need most of these goods.”

“Don’t need it? That’s impossible! Even though these equipment weren’t as good as the Rune Equipment from Lindong, they’re still rare! We’ve sold a lot of them at Lindong. And you said you don’t need them?” The Vice Leader’s powerful aura erupted, vibrating in the air.

The Logistics Department representative was just an ordinary person, although her eardrums hurt, her face remained indifferent…

It seemed that having a lot of contact with Elaine also affects them to have such an icy temperament and calmness.

After the Soulfire man finished speaking, she slowly said. “I think you may have misunderstood something about our shelter.”


“What about this. I’ll give you a tour of the weapons and equipment we sell to the public, and then, you can make your decision.”


A few minutes later, they entered the villa area and came to a three-story building.

Along the way, they learned more about the Shelter. The large agricultural area at the bottom of the hillside was planted with various plants. They could see some villa estates from there.

The flower fragrance, the cool breeze, the stars glittering the night sky, and the absence of demonic beast howls, this place was like a paradise.

But that didn’t dispel the doubts they had in mind.

“We’re here.”

The Tree Shade Department Store was one of the places in the entire Shelter that opened 24 hours. The logistic officer stepped into the equipment area.

Followed by the mustache man and his party. The first thing they saw were various types of guns.

“These are just ordinary guns. They’re fine against humans. But they’re not as good against demonic beasts as those special guns we have, right?”

“Please take a look around first, and our supermarket is quite large.”

The team followed. Indeed, the supermarket was huge. Right now, there’s still a lot of customers inside. The liveliness of this place was no worse than a bar. Even the woman was stunned.

Did it seem… the equipment side of the supermarket usually didn’t have that many customers, right?


Some quite powerful mercenaries from Lindong made their way through the night. After a few hours, they finally arrived at Tree Shade.

After glancing around, they came straight to the Tree Shade Department Store. Many of them were holding drinks in their hands, slurping, and drinking.

Some people were walking around the supermarket while gnawing on bread and beef jerky. The atmosphere of the supermarket suddenly became awkward.

What makes them look exhausted? This relaxation, their tiredness popped, and their body involuntarily emits a signal called ‘hunger and thirsts’… quite literally.

Most of them went to the supermarket area and brought a lot of food and drinks. They all looked delighted. No one knew if it’s because of the food or the equipment here.

With the Lindong mercenaries’ arrival, the Tree Shade adventurers were also surprised. They understood that the competition would be fiercer in the future.

The hunters who were the first ones to ascend to 2-stars were disappointed.

It was as if they were just a small fish. After going through hard work, they had finally become a medium-sized fish. They were preparing to show off their skills when suddenly a large group of sharks came pouring in, heading straight to the equipment part.

Some people wanted to establish a unified defense line, but there’s no agreement among the adventurers. Let alone the first batch of Lindong mercenaries were all experts.

“Captain Zhan Long, I’m telling you, this gun called the Swift Revolver is awesome! It’s said that our overall speed will be increased by a level just by holding this pistol…

Especially when reloading the gun, it’s the speed of lightning! This kind of revolver has a special bullet, the penetration ability is also very powerful.

If you replace it with a higher-rank rune bullet, the result will be even more amazing! Ordinary Fourth or Fifth Awakening Stage Demonic beasts can’t resist it.”

“Basic Longsword… oh, in Lindong, we call it Demon Slayer longsword. I don’t need to introduce the power to you. But let me tell you something, the one sold at Lindong was just a basic one. The ones over there are the Enhanced Type 1, Enhanced Type 2, and it’s said…” The person speaking suddenly lowered his voice.

“It’s said that the Shelter had a series of advanced equipment, such as Wind Chasing Longsword, Cloud Breaking swords. Unfortunately, only 3-stars hunters registered in Adventurer’s Guild could exchange them. So no one had actually seen it, maybe only the patrol members.”

A similar scene was seen from time to time in the equipment area. They were self-aware of their capability.

For a moment, it seemed like they had turned into salesmen, even more, dedicated than the supermarket’s employees.

After all, they had seen how the equipment works with their own eyes. Their explanations were much more detailed than ordinary survivors.

Mustache man and his team, as well as the Soulfire members, shocked at the scene, their mouths wide open.

Could a bullet penetrate a Fourth or Fifth Awakening demonic beast?

Lindong’s Rune Longsword was just the lowest version here?

They’ve gotta be kidding!

Especially these hunters who talked non-stop about the equipment. They felt like a salesman…hired by the supermarket.

The one that boosted only good reviews.

Such a little trick won’t fool them!

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