My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 191


The mustache man and the Lindong mercenaries felt like they’re being tricked—such a trick to make them believe the equipment that good was unbelievable.

But at the next moment, a man with a hawk-like nose spoke, “Oh, there’s another way to exchange the items from Adventurer’s Guild rather than Contribution Points?” 

The Moustache man was looking confused. How could you believe it so easily? You’re at least at the Fifth Awakening Stage! Don’t you have the wisdom of a Master Expert?!

“I don’t know. But I heard you would be given a set of fancy equipment if you join the patrol team. And there’s a special discount for the patrol team if they want to buy equipment.”

“Besides, there might be some adventurers who are willing to sell the exchanged equipment at a high price. But even now, 2-stars adventurers are rare, so the amount of the exchanged equipment and items are also limited. They barely can meet their own team’s needs, so I doubt there will be only a few people who sell their items.” 

Cheng Sheng sighed in disappointment. He called the staff, “Well, give me 3 Demon Slayer… Basic

Longswords, as well as 5 Basic Combat Knives, and eight sets of Combat Suits and 8 Basic Firearms. Here are the spirit stones….” He opened his backpack and revealed the sparkling fluorescent white stones inside. Frowning, he handed it all to the staff to count it. 

It just happened. 

But the mustache man couldn’t help but step forward, “Brother, have you tried any of these weapons?” 

Chen Sheng shook his head. 

The mustache man’s voice raised in a surprised tone, “You still buy these many without even trying it? Aren’t you worried that this is all fake?” 

“Why would it be fake?”

“These weapons are exaggerated! It can’t be real!” 

“If it’s fake, what am I doing here?” Chen Sheng was calm, while the mustache man was furious. They both didn’t have the same opinion. 

Suddenly, he realized something. Since the Tree Shade was strong, the hawk-nosed man in front of him could also be an agent here! That’s possible!

But seeing the other people in the equipment area, there were many experts at Chen Sheng’s level. Could it be that… they’re this powerful? What do they do for a living? 

The mustache man shivered; he still stood there frozen. However, the logistic officer stepped forward and suggested, “There’s a new weapon testing site area behind the supermarket. You can go there and see it for yourself if it’s real or not.” 

The solution pierced the mustache man’s conscience. His eyes glowed, and he stroked his beard. “Alright, let’s go and take a look!” 

Led by staff, the few people followed. They headed towards the third floor of the equipment area. Chen Sheng and the others also followed behind. 

The Tree Shade shelter’s hunters, who were clinging to Chen Sheng, were confused. When did the new area open? They didn’t even know about it, so how can they explain it? 

The adventurer shrugged but quickly caught up. 


The third floor. 

The place was empty, filled with only a few racks with all types of weapons hanging from them. There were some sharp weapons and firearms.

There were two areas: firing range and the other side was a free space that could be used as a testing site. The silvery metal floor and wall seems durable enough. 

When the mustache man’s party arrived, there were already some hunters here. Holding high-grade weapons in their hands, some carefully and vigorously wielding them as if they had gotten new favorite toys. 

“There’s only one weapon each, so you must wait when the weapon is being used by someone else. Which weapons do you want to try out?” 

The mustache man was about to speak, but he paused. Which one? He didn’t even know what kind of equipment they had, but he already accused them of being fake. It’s kinda embarrassing.

But Cheng Sheng already knew a lot of equipment here, so he stepped forward. “Is there any Cloud Breaking Combat Knife here? Or any combat knife is fine.”

“It’s already occupied. But just now, the Equipment Department sent a new piece of weapon called the Flame Combat Knife, would you like to try it out?”

“Flame Combat Knife?” Chen Sheng pondered and agreed. 

He’s skilled with knives. He was already satisfied with the newly purchased Basic Combat Knife, which was on the same level as the Demon Slayer Longsword. But it said that they were just basic equipment, so he naturally wanted to know what kind of higher grade weapons the shelter had. 

The staff didn’t bring the weapon but led Cheng Sheng towards the weapon rack where the Flame Combat Knife was stored. After all, they were made for high ranked hunters, so it’s heavy. An ordinary person couldn’t possibly lift this equipment. 

“This is the Flame Combat Knife. You may try it out, but the trial period only lasts for 10 minutes.” 

Chen Sheng picked the knife; it was well made. The blade was shiny and gleamed with mysterious red patterns engraved on it.

He raised his hand to swing the knife gently, leaving white flash mid-air. It was just a casual swing, but he already knew this weapon was a level ahead sharper than the Demon Slayer Sword. But he had something else to try out. 

He arrived at the corner of the third floor, where many demonic beast materials piled up. They had started rotting.

A pungent smell hit his nose as soon as he walked in. They were there for the customers to test their weapons. Chen Sheng picked up a palm-sized scale and examined it.

“This is a scale taken from an Awakened Fifth Demonic Beast.” Chen Sheng affirmed.

The moustache man behind him gazed at it.

This kind of scale came from a demonic beast similar to Pangolin. With the strength of the Fifth to Eight Awakening, it could burrow into the ground.

They had encountered this kind of demonic beast here and lost a lot. 

Without a doubt, it was indeed the scale of a high-grade demonic beast. They waited for the hawk-nosed man’s action. 

Cheng Sheng brought the scale to his chest and dropped it. He slashed the scale with his right hand with a diagonal strike, a swooshing cracking sound like a lightning flash tearing through the air. 



The blade moved smoothly, just like Cheng Sheng didn’t move. Yet the palm-sized scale was cut in half and fell to the ground. The incision was flat and smooth. 

Moustache and Soulfire were also experts; they could clearly observe Cheng Sheng’s movement. They saw the hard scale cut down like a piece of a log cut down with an axe, 



However, Cheng Sheng didn’t even glance at the scales. His eyes were closed, brows furrowed. ‘No, it feels like something’s missing. I’m not bringing out the full potential of this blade!’ 

He stood still like a statue for a while, and suddenly his eyes snapped open. Clenching his hand, the Flame

Combat Knife was held across his chest. With a dignified manner, he slashed the blade at the thin air. There was another ear-piercing cracking sound while the blade left a cold white flash. 

Everyone was aware, their gaze focused on the Combat Knife in Cheng Sheng’s hand.

On it, an orange-red flame rose up, illuminating the room with a crimson glow. The blazing Flame emerged from the blade. The air was distorted with the wave of scorching heat. 

Aside from the moustache man’s party, the other hunters trying out equipment were shocked and stunned at the scene. 

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