My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 192


The searing heat spread throughout the third floor, raising the temperature for several degrees. The staff retreated, unable to withstand the scorching heat.

The hunters weren’t affected, yet they were stunned, mesmerized at the dancing flames wrapped around the blade. 

Flames they have never seen before. It was different from an ability hunter’s flame manipulating. The flames that enveloped the blade were different! 

No matter how sharp a weapon is, it’s nothing more than a tool produced from advanced technology.

Even a rune weapon made with such a complicated technology could only sharpen the blade. However, right now, the flame emitted from the blade was sublimated from a physical attack to a magical attack.

Even a flame user couldn’t attach their flame to a blade. They would only end up melting the blade.

The flame attachment might be common in movies and TV, but in reality, it was rare. Even the compulsion was different! 

What they didn’t know was the weapon was only equipped with a ‘Basic Flame Attachment’ rune, the rune level wasn’t much higher than the Basic Sharpness rune. But the exchange price at the Adventurer’s guild was much higher. 

Tang Yu had ordered Kevin to make the special weapon to attract the Lindong Mercenaries. 


Chen Sheng observed the Flame Combat Knife. His other hand slowly approaching, to feel the blazing heat. “My weakness is a single attack ability. With this blade, I can make up for my weakness.”

Most of the hunters on the same level as him had awakened special abilities. Although their abilities vary, their abilities enhance their attacks to be more bizarre, diverse. But most importantly, it could harm some special demonic beast. 

If he had the Flame Combat Knife, he wouldn’t be outmaneuvered by some weak specters like the ones in Maple Leaf Town. 


10 minutes passed in a flash. 

Chen Sheng gently placed the Combat Knife back to the weapon rack. He turned around to the Adventurer who was following him, he couldn’t remember his name, but he asked anyway. “How many quests do you need to ascend from 1 star to 3-stars adventurers?” 

He hadn’t planned to stay in the Tree Shade Shelter for too long because his men were still at Lindong. However, now… 

The Adventurer replied, “Most quests give reward points between 10-100, some 100-200, or those with a high completion rate will be given extra points for a reward. They also had a difficult quest, but they require stars to unlock it.”

Chen Sheng’s eyebrows furrowed, “That’s taking too long. Not all of the quest can be completed in a short time, right?” 

“Yes. uh, no… wait, there’s another way to ascend in a short time!” The man slapped his head because he had forgotten crucial information. “The Adventurer’s Guild had a collecting quest that could be taken indefinitely. Including herbs, minerals, and spirit stones. That means with enough spirit stones. You can advance fast to 2-stars…”

“…As for 3-stars… that requires completing a star promotion quest to ascend to 3 stars. About this quest…well, since no one in the shelter had reached the required points in 2 stars, they still can’t take the promotion quest yet. So we don’t have any information on that.”

Chen Sheng’s eyebrows relaxed. 

“Spirit stones are nothing as long as it could save me some time…”


Meanwhile, The Moustache man, as well as Soulfire, had applied for the weapon trial at the target range. 

Bang, bang, bang, bang-.

The moustache clenched his hands, his index finger rested on the trigger of the revolver and pulled it.

“Impressive! When did you get so good?” Leader Yang praised him. 

But the moustache man looked at the revolver in his hand suspiciously. “It should be average… no, no… Just now, the staff said that this swift revolver has the effect of increasing accuracy and extreme fire rate, right?” 

The demonic beast scales hanging at the target were pierced by the bullet. 


They tried all the weapons and, without exception, “All of these equipment. All…”

“They’re too powerful! The weapons we brought are nothing!” 

Lindong’s rune equipment was prioritized to the military hunters. They could only sell their goods to ordinary mercenaries.

However, the Tree Shade’s equipment is sold to the public. What else can they do? 

“We should’ve gone to other shelters to sell our goods…” The moustache man muttered rather grumpily. “Wait, even if we can’t sell our weapons here, the Tree Shade’s weapons are all valuable. We can sell it at Hengcheng.” 

As soon as this thought came to his mind, various ideas popped up one after the other. “I think it’s feasible. Some of them can be used to arm our own mercenaries so our strength will increase, and then…” he glanced at the Soulfire nearby and lowered his voice.

“…By then, our gap with Soulfire will cease to exist. Even if the Soulfire also bought the weapons, as long as we can sell enough weapons to replace our lost goods, we have a chance to grow bigger!” He spoke excitedly, yet he was saddened at the thought of their unsold goods. Even if they went to another shelter, there’s no guarantee their goods will sell well. 

The Logistics officer, the woman in a formal business suit, arrived at some point. The woman lightly lifted the frame of her glasses, “Now you understand why our Tree Shade has no need for this equipment.”

“However.” She paused and continued, “You’ve come this far all the way from Hengcheng City. It wasn’t an easy journey; you’ve lost many. I consulted my superior to buy your goods, the price won’t be high, but at least you won’t lose your money. And also it saves you the effort from transporting them all the way back. This way, you can recover your losses.” 

The moustache man and the other two leaders exchanged glances and finally nodded in unison. 

“Then, we have a deal.” 

The young woman lowered her head slightly, the lens of her glasses flashed as she glanced at the men. A small smile formed on her lips.

It was a very pleasant transaction for both parties. 


The next morning, Tang Yu stretched his body lazily and climbed down from the soft and comfortable bed.

“I sleep in such a large bed alone. What a shame… no, it’s called wasting it…” He murmured. 

Many strong hunters with outstanding ability came to the shelter. And Lord Tang’s life remained, as usual, he went to the bathroom and washed up and changed into his usual battle suit. As for the Shiny Battle Armor… of course, he only used it when needed. 

He took some freshly baked bread from the kitchen and nibbled on it as he pondered. “The distance between Hengcheng and Lindong is hundreds of kilometers away. Why did they even have the courage to come here?” 

Grayblade rushed back to Lindong overnight to bring back the group of people who were left at the Secret Realm entrance.

He also passed the information of a big convoy coming from Hengcheng City, even after losing half of their men. 

“It seemed those people from Hengcheng came to Lindong with something very important.” Tang Yu tapped his fingers on the table. 

“Unfortunately, the heads of various Mercenary Regiments in convoy also don’t know the exact reason.” 


Tang Yu shook his head and smiled. Today was the day he decided to leave for Luoxia Shelter. He even looked at the calendar marked with ‘A suitable day to travel.’

He should be able to return safely. 

Tang Yu sent a message to Roger through the contract. “Come over to my office.”

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