My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 193


Roger had always been quick. He arrived at the office, wearing a casual loose sweatshirt made of the high-grade demonic beast and plant fibers.

Aside from the defensive stats, it ensures the clothes won’t be torn apart by his tremendous amount of force. 

It was the casual garment produced by the workshop, a benefit only enjoyable by the Shelter’s upper class. 

At a glance, Roger’s figure and muscles protruded from wearing tight sports suits. Tang Yu looked at his own body. Although he had gained some muscles, he couldn’t compete with Roger. 

He coughed dryly. “Ahem… The reason why I call you is that I’m planning on a trip; I can’t estimate for how long, but it will be longer than the previous trips… I’ll take most of the strong men with me. I’ll leave Tyron, Sky, Lorraine, and some other people to guard the territory with you.”

Tang Yu’s finger tapped his eyebrow and thought of something else, “Oh right, there will be more and more Lingdong mercenaries coming over during this period of time. Most of them are Fourth and Fifth Awakening Stage hunters, so you’d better be careful.” 

Roger solemnly nodded, “Please rest assured, My Lord. As long as I’m here, I will ensure the territory’s safety.”

Tang Yu took out a map and discussed it with Roger; occasionally, he marked the map with red circles.

He planned to set up their defensive lines properly before going out. These small red circles were the location where he would set up Arrow Towers and other defensive buildings.

Aside from the lack of stone to build a big City Wall, the defensive structure arrangement had formed a perfect defense line. 

Even if there was an incoming demonic beast wave, they could finish them all even before they touched the commercial district. 

A safe environment was the base for prosperity. 

Setting the map aside, Tang Yu pulled open the drawer. He took out a small crystal vial with a 20 ml capacity, “Take this, take it after dinner. It will help you somehow.”

A bright green liquid glistened inside the vial. Although it was sealed, Roger could feel the strong aura from it. “This is…?”

“An agent that can slowly improve the aptitude from the most subtle point of our body. The potion’s efficiency will decrease after 5 to 9 days of consumption.”

Roger’s outstretched hand stopped mid-air, looking at the exquisite bottle of potion, many thoughts flashed in his eyes. But he decided not to take it. “It’s too expensive, I-“

Tang Yu laughed, shook his head. “This potion suits your needs. I know you want it. Besides, it’s not for free. It’s going to be deducted from your future salary, so use it wisely.”

Roger was stunned. Trembled, he took the potion. He was holding the potion with extreme care.

Suddenly, he got down on one knee. Placing one hand in front of his chest. “My Lord, I pledge my life to you.”


Seeing Roger left, Tang Yu smiled bitterly and shook his head. He wasn’t an emotionless bastard. What Roger just did touch him deeply. 

The followers he summoned from a distant world were his responsibility. They were responsible for each other’s safety.

The bottle of potion promotion to B-rank cost him 50.000 spirit stones.

It was far more expensive than summoning a B-rank follower. But he mentioned the price to Roger only 10.000 spirit stones. But strangely, he didn’t feel the slightest heartache. On the contrary, he felt relieved.


One hour later. After setting up the defensive structures in place, a small convoy of vehicles silently exited through the side gate.

The camouflaged Floating Chariots looked like an ordinary vehicle with no extra weapons or floating. They were painted in a similar style with a striped body and bright silver skin, giving the impression of a stylish sports car.

The Floating Chariot flew through the wilderness at an extremely high speed. And disappeared in the sky in the blink of an eye.

This time, he had brought nine followers: Elaine, whose strength had reached the Second Realm, Winnie the Priest, Explosive Maniac Shay, Illusionist Oguri, Astrologist Starling Moon Sisters, and the three Carmen brothers.

In addition to the two super puppet warriors captured from Zhor, the convoy possessed great power. Enough to rampage opponents with extraordinary level.

But Lord Tang was convinced, if they could escape, why should they fight?

Even with the leaders of many Departments missing, everything still ran smoothly in the Shelter.


In the early morning, a large number of hunters poured into the Adventurer’s Guild. Mostly the Lindong mercenaries who weren’t registered as an Adventurer yet.

The construction site was also buzzing with business. They didn’t realize many of the Shelter’s executives were away.

Thanks to Tang Yu’s laziness, their disappearance could be hidden for some time.

Grand Lord Tang Yu praised his own wit.


The commercial district. Eastern villa area. 

Most of the land was empty, and no foundation excavation work has been done. This was the free trade market, the place for survivors to set up stalls, now and later in the future.

This was where He Qingqing’s clothing business was set up for sale.

And right now, The Moustache man and the others had also applied for a stall with a sign erected in front. A wide floor cloth with some samples laid out behind it.

After Soulfire had bought a batch of equipment, they returned to Lindong. 

The three of them were rather gloomy. Here was their home base, yet they hadn’t sold any of the goods yet. The Shelter bought some of the materials, so they took two methods to sell them all.

Some members carried the goods to other small shelters, and here, led by the moustache man, they set up a stall. Hoping the ordinary hunters will buy them.

 “Captain, do you think we can sell it?” A member of the group crouched on the ground, observing the survivors passing by.

“I’m sure we can.” The moustache man sounded a little weak. Slowing down, he took a deep breath, “Yes, we definitely can sell it!”

According to the Logistics officer, there were still some hunters who used DIY weapons. Their equipment is hopeless. They can’t even sell it. 

He stretched out his fingers to analyze. “Think about it. The sharpness of our goods is not enough. The toughness is far worse, and hardness is also far inferior. It can’t be attached to flame or other special abilities. It also can’t improve the user’s speed and shooting accuracy. Aside from that, we’re all good!”

His member stared at him with dead eyes. 

The moustache man felt the stare and stuttered, “I- I mean… at least our equipment is cheaper than the Tree Shade’s weapons!

They beat us in quality, but ours are cheap. So with enough promotion, it’ll sell out soon.”

As the glorious morning sun rose, and the darkness dissipated, more and more survivors were seen.

Around them, there were also some stalls selling goods: mostly random things and pieces of junks they picked from the wilderness. But there’s a chance someone might buy it.

“See that over there? They can’t even compete with us.” The moustache man spoke.

A few hunters coming towards their direction, the moustache man’s eyes brightened. As the hunter got closer, the moustache man smiled. He was ready to step forward. But the hunters stop by The Qingqing’s stall.

The moustache man’s steps came to a halt. His eyes unconsciously followed the passing by figures slowly moving from in front of him to the side. 

The cool breeze came with some tiny sounds, reaching his ears. 

“These clothes are good. The crafting is exquisite. It’s rare in the doomsday.”

“Yeah, but most importantly, it’s cheap. Look at the stall over there! They put on such a high price for ordinary equipment, how can they sell well? Even if it’s cheaper than the Shelter’s equipment, but it’s not appealing because of its low quality.” 

“Well, they’re strong. Maybe they came here just for fun?”     

“……” The Moustache man was out of the word.

He was stunned.

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