My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 195


“Did he finally break through……?” Tang Yu muttered on the Floating Chariot.

He had just received a message from Roger from the territory about Wang Zhou’s breakthrough.

He possessed the hunter’s unique scent and was also able to absorb and refine spirit power.

However, his refining efficiency was slower than a hunter with a normal qualification. 

Perhaps in the future, he could add an E-rank to his D-rank qualification?

The thoughts in his head scattered, “If the other large shelters hadn’t researched a way to allow ordinary people to break through, could it be Wang Zhou was the first one to do it?” 

Perhaps years later, when humanity succeeds in destroying demonic beasts once and for all, history will be written. 

“February 18th, Wang Zhou, a survivor from the Tree Shade Shelter, became the first cast of an ordinary person’s breakthrough to become a hunter. Leaping from the ordinary level of life, opening a new chapter for human evolution… or something like that?” 


The fleet of 5 Floating Chariots suspended mid-air from the ground was advancing rapidly.

The view from the window was blurry. The vehicle was semi-automatic. Most of the time, he only needed to give some simple commands. 

Elaine, dressed in Advanced Frost Mage Suit, was leaning on the window glass at the back seat, her eyes unblinking, quietly observing the scenery.

She hadn’t traveled that much, probably she was trying to enjoy the view. Or so Tang Yu thought. 

“My Lord, there’s a large group of demonic beast energy reactions ahead. In general, the intensity is between First to Triple Awakening. Should we evade or take them out?” Shay’s gruff voice came from the Chariot’s built-in communication device. 

Tang Yu pondered briefly, “Only one to three? Then kill it, don’t waste time.”

He saw the image captured by the Chariot Shay was in and saw a flock of flying demonic beasts ahead, black as a dark cloud. The conversation ended. 

Twin-barrel machine gun mounted on top of the vehicle at the front of the convoy, wildly spinning.

Tang Yu had asked Kevin to mount a machine gun to accompany the built-in cannon. 

The machine gun spun with a humming sound. A torrent of metal storms came out of the barrel, tearing apart the black clouds. Countless tiny black dots fell down like rain. 

The other Chariot near the end of the convoy also opened fire, tearing the flocks of demonic beasts in half, allowing the chariots to pass through. 

They encountered this situation every ten minutes or so. Sometimes it’s a large group of demonic beasts. Sometimes it’s a single powerful one. 

Flying mid-air was far more dangerous than traveling on the ground. But fortunately, the fleet could escape powerful beasts, so the journey was overall safe.

Besides, The Floating Chariots couldn’t fly at such high altitudes either. They were only flying at ten meters high.

He couldn’t imagine how it would be from an altitude of a hundred or thousands of meters high.

He didn’t even want to explore because he didn’t want to die. 


The journey was boring, although he was accompanied by a cute girl… ahem, a cute girl whose combat power was stronger than him. 

Tang Yu scanned the map that came with the Floating Chariot. “We have passed Hucheng, Shencheng, Hengcheng…”

They had passed half of the province in a short amount of time. He was satisfied with the result; the Chariot’s speed was better than he had expected. His eyes fell on the road ahead, and he suddenly frowned. “There’s no large shelter in this area?” 

It was a map provided by the Lindong Academy of Sciences. The accuracy was pretty high.

Tang Yu searched through the Space Ring, making the insides of the Chariot a bit messy with papers. 

“Found it.” Tang Yu took the paper and browsed through the letters. “Yucheng was a big city, slightly larger than Lincheng. But instead of building a large shelter here, they joined forces with neighboring cities. Reason: the area around Yucheng is unfit for human habitation?” 

There’s no further detail, making Tang Yu confused. The Yucheng area marked on the map had a similar level of danger to the Lindong area.

Although there were five-star danger zones, those zones’ scope was just as big as a city.

A single 5-star danger zone will not make the whole area unsuitable for living. 

Of course, those areas belong to areas that humans had not yet explored, so the danger level was unknown. It’s these areas that block the communication between humans in various provinces.

After all, the Yucheng area was too vast, Tang Yu had no intention of detouring, and the team advanced in the planned direction. 

He was about to tidy up the papers he just took out. But when he turned around, the papers were already stacked neatly next to his seat. Tang Yu was startled. “Thanks…”

Elaine smiled and leaned against the window again. 

Along the way, both of them ate some dried food available in the Chariot. 

At this moment, Tang Yu was stunned; he looked out of the window. He couldn’t see it clearly because of the Chariot’s speed.

Just now, the blurry view was earth yellow of the mountains and lush green forest. Suddenly, it turned into a brownish-yellow. 

The fleet slowed down. 

Tang Yu’s brows furrowed, and he could see clearly the ground was dry with cracks everywhere. Yellowish-brown dirt flying around like a sand storm. 

Post-doomsday grass and trees were extremely vigorous. Even they could grow as tall as a building. But here, there was no slightest bit of greenery. It was a silent, barren land, with a few scattered silhouettes of demonic beast strolling on the ground. 

“That… the landscape had completely changed!!” 

He couldn’t believe it. He had seen the news that Yucheng City was a famous tourist city with beautiful mountains and lush greenery. But now, it had become a barren land. 

His fingers touched the control panel and switched on the Chariot’s detection system. A moment later, the number surprised him.

The temperature outside was over 60 degrees celsius. The air was distorted with heat.

Even when he looked at the environment outside the window, there was an inexplicable sense of heat. 

“No wonder Yucheng residents had to move away. There’s no way humans can survive in this environment.” 

Even if the hunters could, no one wanted to live in such a place. 

The Chariot was still flying at high speed. The blurry scenery remained the same. 


A volcano erupted in the distance.  

Thick pillars of fire reached into the sky, and black clouds of volcanic ash swept over the surroundings.

Rubble, mixed with flames, fell from the sky. The sky was shrouded in dark clouds. It was a scenery fitting of a doomsday. 

This was nature’s greatness. Tang Yu and the followers watched the scene from afar in awe. 

Tang Yu couldn’t remember if there were any volcanoes around Yucheng City. But thinking that the landscape around it drastically changed, it wouldn’t be surprising if a new volcano emerged. 

They were far away from the volcanic ash and erupting lava. So the falling rocks didn’t possess much threat to them. However, it was only because they were far away. If they were in the crater, even a hunter in the peak of the Awakening Stage would be incinerated. 

He stared at the sight of the volcano erupting for a while to satisfy his wish to see a volcano erupt before doomsday.

But suddenly, his eyes widened. 

Amidst the blazing flame, thick black smoke around the crater, he actually saw a figure wandering in it!

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