My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 197


The village chief’s body was unsteady and needed the others’ assistance. Looking at the sky, the maroon figure reflected in his eyes. “If only we went to a large shelter that kept mankind’s last hope on the radio, perhaps none of this would happen.” 

The villagers were desperate, but they didn’t blame each other. It was their respect for the village chief that made them stay. 

“Chief, please stop. What is important now is your recovery. All of us decided to stay here in the first place. Besides, our ancestors had lived here for generations. Even if we leave this place and go to a large shelter, will we be safe?”

“That’s right. We follow our elder’s teachings to respect and blend with nature and stay here. It’s all that we want. Who to blame? It’s us because we’re not strong enough. It was you who fought for us and protected us all this time.” 

The villagers were silent. They had lived together for generations, most of them were related. Watching their kin gravely injured was heartbreaking.

Even though they had encountered demonic beast waves and faced all sorts of demonic beasts, the monster, this time, had pushed them to the brink of desperation. 



Buildings collapsed as the hunters and the alienated beast were swung around by the red-winged demonic beast like a fly, flying away and crashing through the building.

Some people tried to escape, but they were quickly grabbed by the beast and lifted to the sky.

Torn apart by the beast as blood rained down. It was as if this was a hunt, and the humans were the prey. 


The demonic beast seemed to have had enough of the game. It let out an ear-piercing shriek and flapped its wings.

Swooping towards the Chief and the villager’s location. Their manpower had mostly died or injured, so was the alienated beast. Their faces went pale.

When suddenly.


A metallic storm roared in the sky, and the demonic beast’ dive path suddenly became chaotic as it flapped its wings and soared higher. 

The villagers were all startled, looking at the direction of the noise. Up there, several silvery-white cars with striped bodies were quietly hovering 10 meters in mid-air. There were a pair of machine guns mounted on both sides of each car. 

The sound of bullet storms hitting the demonic beast was like thunder. The villagers saw with awe, their mouths agape. 


Inside the floating chariot, Tang Yu stared intently at the screen.

The bullets were storming at the brownish-red demonic beast with an iron clanging sound.

The demonic beast, whose feathers were as durable as the ordinary metal, were left unscathed, but the kinetic energy of hundreds of bullets hitting its body made the beast feel uneasy.

It flapped its wings frequently. Its crimson eyes gazed on the tiny iron pieces. 

“Replace the No. 1 Rune Bullet.” Tang Yu thought about it, and then said, “Save it.”

The roar of the machine gun paused for a moment and began to roar again. The metallic storm enveloped the winged demonic beast with a thumping sound.

It’s hard feathers shattered in pieces, smashing down from the sky, accompanied by crimson blood.

“It’s working!”

“Looks like it’s time to show my driving skills!” Tang Yu’s hand hovered over the control panel. The Floating Chariot was flying mid-air nimbly like a swimming fish. 

“AI, list the best route, turn on the auxiliary control system, turn on the balance system, increase power output by 50%.”

The demonic beast struggled within the metal storm, becoming more and more uneasy.

However, Tang Yu was also feeling uneasy. Every time he saw the rune bullets shoot out, it was as if a piece of money from his treasury was silently fading away. It broke his heart and his wallet. 

The AI analyzed the beast’s flight trajectory, and finally, the images on the screen gradually coincided.

Tang Yu took control of the front of the car and slammed it upwards. “Elaine, target it and turn on the output power.”

“Roger!” Elaine, who was controlling the weapon system in the back of the vehicle, started to operate it.

At the front part of the chariot, a black cannon emerged. Light condensed on it as the temperature rose.

After a while, a pure white light beam shot out from the muzzle of the cannon. The demonic beast noticed the danger and tried to avoid it, flapping its wings but couldn’t move. 

It shrieked. 

The light beam pierced through its skull. Leaving a small hole in the eye area of the demonic beast.

The beast flapped its wings for a while, but finally fell down from the height and crashed down on the mountain forest.

Crushing the tree canopy and creating a deep hole in the ground. Scattering leaves, branches, and dirt everywhere. 


Tang Yu put his hands on the control screen and felt a stream of spirit power escaping from the demonic beast pouring into his body.

He estimated this demonic beast at least had the strength of the Tenth Awakening Stage or maybe more. It was an existence that could easily annihilate any small shelters or even medium-sized ones alone.

Only large shelters had the power to kill these kinds of demonic beasts. And they needed to rely on advanced weapons, or energy cannons and rune weapons. 

“But the size of this village is too small compared to small shelters. I’m surprised it could hold on for so long under the beast’s attack. It’s rare for a small place to have strong hunters.” Tang Yu muttered; the chariot’s detection system had detected a few high energy responsive existence in the village. 

He shook his head; it’s not his business. It was a minor incident he encountered along the way.

It just so happened that he saw a demonic beast attacking a village, so he took action.

After the matter was resolved, he had no intention of staying there to receive the villager’s gratitude. 

The Floating Chariots hovered for a while and then sped away. 


The arrival of the demonic beast had destroyed half of the village, and bloody scenes were everywhere.

Some of the villagers were using their special herbs to save the others and the alienated beast they considered a companion.

But most of them had their gaze fixed on the distance, at the flying vehicles who headed in the opposite direction they were coming. Stunned. 

“That’s probably the technology.” Someone commented.

“Yeah. Taking care of a demonic beast in one attack, they must be the superweapons of human shelter. As expected from the last hope of humanity, I’m yearning for it.” 

The village chief was also startled, looking into the distance. “After we recovered, let’s leave this place. Take the things from the ancestor shrine with us. As long as we abide by the ancestral rules, I’m sure our ancestors will understand.” 

The village was busy. But some people recalled the dead demonic beast and was going to collect the materials.

But suddenly, they looked up at the sky again. A floating car that had gone away had returned and stopped over the demonic beast’s body. 

The car door opened, and two figures jumped down. One was holding a machete. The other held a two-handed sword.

They moved skillfully. First, breaking open the skull of the beast and then hacking away the barb-like beak. 

In the blink of an eye, the demonic beast carcass was cleanly dissected, leaving only a skeleton.

They come and go in a hurry, taking away the rare materials obtained with the amazing extracting system. And the two figures returned to the car. 

In a few moments, they disappeared without a trace and never reappeared. 

“……” The villagers were stunned.

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