My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 198


This was just a small episode. They occasionally encountered certain shelters suffering great crises and were able to save them along the way.

Tang Yu wasn’t stingy with his bullets, although it was still a bit heartbreaking. 

Finally, the Floating Chariot drove into the Luoxia boundary. Mostly, the Luoxia Shelter was inhabited by the city’s residents.

As well as the two neighboring cities located close to Luoxia City. 

According to the data, the Luoxia Shelter was built based on a local town, Xiawan Town, adjacent to a river branch.

It was larger than Lindong. After all, Lindong was home to hundreds of thousands of people, while it is said that the number of survivors living in the Luoxia shelter exceeds two million.

Tang Yu was relieved when at the beginning of the doomsday, where communication was still available, his parents told him they had arrived in Xiaguang Town with the military convoy where they had started the shelter construction. 

“We’re almost there.” Tang Yu muttered, looking through the window at the clouds drifting in the distance, his heart pounding and beat faster.

He calculated the distance. When it was only a few dozen kilometers away from the shelter, he called the other vehicles, “All vehicles land. We’ll change to the land mode for the last few kilometers.” 

The Floating Chariots landed slowly; the glowing rune pattern on the chassis dimmed and then disappeared.

The tires of the Chariot rotated at high speed, sweeping across the wilderness. And a moment later, a highway appeared. Tang Yu maneuvered the chariots to speed up. Without the engine roar, the vehicle advances faster. 


The Floating Chariot crashed the highway guardrail, sending iron scraps flying while the front part of the vehicles was left unscathed. Tang Yu, in the car, didn’t even feel anything. 

The highway was in a broken state and full of holes and cracks. From the cracks, wild weeds grew uncontrollably, exceeding over 2 meters in some places. 

Tang Yu could imagine the panic and fear on people’s faces at the first outbreak of the doomsday. When the hideous face of the demonic beast first appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

They lost their chance to escape and unintentionally blocked the others’ retreat path. 

Along the way, he had lost count of the number of car accidents he had seen. The panicked people drove frantically, unable to dodge the vehicle crash in front of them and crashed too.

I was blocking the road. Desperate people could only abandon their cars and flee. But were caught by the demonic beasts anyway.

If he was driving an ordinary car, he would have to get off the car to remove the abandoned cars and clear the road.

However, the Floating Chariots accelerated and crushed the abandoned cars just like a tank. The cars were destroyed, a few were pushed out of the way.

A car that could rampage, it’s a driver’s favorite car.


The fleet passed through Luoxia City. The streets were in shambles, the walls of the buildings on both sides were crawling with plants and moss. Some of the walls had fallen.

Although the doomsday had only lasted for a month, this place looked like it had gone through years of vicissitudes. 

It was his hometown, but Tang Yu barely recognized it. The Chariot was moving automatically according to the set route.

Tang Yu held his chin in his hand and quietly looked out the window. His thoughts, however, had already wandered everywhere.

“My lord, we’re almost there,” Elaine spoke softly from the back seat.

“Oh, yeah. Where are we now?”

“From the map, we’ve just entered the border of Xiawan town. In a few minutes, we will enter the Xiawan bridge. Above it is the Luoxia Shelter. So are we going to directly…” 

“Let’s go in. Directly.”

“Should we oppress our aura about the Fourth Awakening Stage and enter Luoxia as a team of elite hunters?” 

“Okay. Oh, and change your names too. From now on, call me, Captain.” 

“Yes, Captain.”

With the Xiawan Bridge already in sight in the distance, Tang Yu forced himself to cheer up, but he suddenly heard the sound of gunfire in the distance.

Before he even had time to ask, an affirmative reply had already come from Shay up ahead. “Captain, it looks like the Luoxia Shelter has encountered a demonic wave, and the fighting is fierce.”

It’s just a demonic wave. It’s not a problem for large shelters. Yet, he was panicking—all sorts of thoughts scattered in his mind.


The convoy sped up and soon arrived at the river bank. There, they got a clear view of the embankment.

On the left side of the river, the bridge was still serene. While across the river bank on the right side, gunfire soared, and the explosion sounded like thunder.

It was the Luoxia Shelter. 

Tang Yu gazed across the river; the other side of the river was lined with tall buildings. Countless machine guns, mortars, and cannons were erected on the city walls.

Gazing out, he even saw a few energy cannons with great destructive power, fixed on the city walls.

Cannons fired in unison. The shells fell one after another on the water surface as it tumbled and exploded the strange creatures that crawled out of the water.

He rarely saw aquatic monsters; in other circumstances, he would stop by to observe.

But now, he just wanted to find his parents as soon as possible and find out if they’re alright. 

Drove the road on the left side of the river, he finally reached the bridge. A few survivors gathered here. It seems because of the wave, the bridge was deemed unsafe. These people were standing on the side of the bridge. Waiting for the shelter to repel the demon wave.  

Although Tang Yu was anxious, he wasn’t too reckless. Tang Yu parked the Floating Chariots in front of the bridge entrance.

The stripped chassis from the shiny silvery-white cars gleamed in the sunlight. Instantly attracted the survivors’ attention. 

Looking at the high-end and exquisite cars, they compared them to their own vehicles that looked like a tractor in contrast to the shiny cars. 

“…no, no matter how it looks, practicality is the most important thing.” They comforted their hearts.

The door of one of the Floating Chariots opened, and Shay walked out with a cigarette in his mouth.

He controlled a part of his aura. In the other hunters’ perception, he was at the Fourth Awakening Stage.

Not too powerful to attract others’ attention, yet strong enough to keep people with bad intentions away. 

Some of the hunters in the first two Awakening Stage strengths looked in awe and retreated further.

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