My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 199


The hundreds of survivors came from other parts of the province. They came here for the first time, while the rest were Luoxia mercenaries that had just returned from the wilderness.

Shay was once a mercenary, and he was skilled in fighting. It didn’t take him long to get acquainted with some of the mercenaries.

“Brother, did you guys come here from other places? It’s not an easy journey.” A hunter asked with teary eyes.

“That’s right. But only large shelters are safe. No matter how hard it is, we have to find a way to get here.” Shay pretended to be equally emotional and asked again. “Is the shelter often attacked by demonic beasts? What about security? I don’t want to wake up and see a hideous demonic beast in front of my face.”

The Luoxia hunter laughed. “It seems you’re wrong about our shelter. In my opinion, large shelters are absolutely safe. These monsters look scary, but in reality, they can’t even survive the shelter’s canon bombardment. Let alone threatening the shelter’s safety.” He waved his hand with a proud expression.

He was proud to become a part of a large shelter. But he didn’t underestimate Shay, whose strengths are probably one level above him.

“However.” He pointed his fingers to the river at a distance, at the monsters that had climbed ashore. “They’re not demonic beasts, and they’re mutated beasts.”

“mutated beast? Can they make such a massive wave? I thought mutated beasts aren’t that hostile to human scent like demonic beasts?” Shay frowned.

It was too far to sense the monster’s aura. They can’t distinguish the differences between demonic and mutated beasts just from their looks.

It’s common knowledge that there weren’t many mutated beasts on land. But on a large body of water, it’s entirely different. Before the doomsday, countless aquatic creatures were living in the water.

Some of them were demonized, while the rest were mutated. After the mutation, what’s surprising was not only their enlarged size, but their appearance changed and became more bizarre. But its ability to reproduce had changed into a terrifying degree.

Shay already had some guesses when the man continued. “They can’t breed in the rivers, these mutated beasts mostly breed and grow in the ocean and travel along the rivers to land. Our shelter is close to the ocean, so this is bound to happen.”

“They said the reason why these mutated beasts formed a massive wave of beasts is also related to their rapid growth and reproduction. I don’t know why.”

Shay handed over a cigarette, “So that means that the Luoxia Shelter has to endure the pressure from both the demonic and aquatic mutated beast wave?”

The hunter nodded, “That’s right. Our shelter’s actually quite welcoming to these aquatic beasts.”


“Yeah. Don’t forget, mutated and demonic beasts are different. The mutated beast meat can be consumed, and it’s delicious.” He wiped the drool that was barely seen on his mouth. “Thanks to them, we have abundant food here in Luoxia. The only annoying thing is perhaps… we’re eating too much seafood…”

The mercenaries were all looking at the aquatic beasts with the same yearning look.

Leaning against the car window, Tang Yu heard their conversation clearly, although he was quite far from Shay. He gazed on the river.

A densely packed wave of aquatic beasts leaped out of the river, some who had limbs crawled.

These mutated beasts were mostly amphibians and fish, shrimp, crabs, mollusks, which couldn’t last very long on land.

But the amphibians were dangerous since they could walk on land. Obviously, they were welcomed with a magnificent scene of artillery fire.

But when he thought of the aquatic beast, it suddenly changed into the food served on the table.

Tasty crabs, lobster, steamed fish, braised mutated sea eels, cooked catfish, seafood soup, seafood stir fry… If it wasn’t for the mutated beasts’ rapid reproduction speed, Tang Yu would be worried about eating these protected animals.

Sure enough, compared with the mutated beast, the people of this country were even more terrifying.

With this in mind, Tang Yu felt relieved.

The environment around Luoxia was more dangerous than Lindong, so the hunters here were stronger. But the good thing was because this shelter was built by three cities and joined forces, they had a stronger military. Even with additional pressure on the aquatic beast wave, they could hold their defensive line. The beast couldn’t breach into the city.

But the situation had turned a bit concerning. Despite the bombardment of artillery fire that blasted the aquatic beasts into pieces, there were still countless of them pouring out of the water, climbing, and leaping endlessly.

A large number of aquatic beasts were attracted to the survivors on the other side of the bridge.

Some even climbed to the riverbank on this side and attacked. Fortunately, there weren’t many of them, and the hunters could take care of them.

Because of this, the survivors who stood on the bridge hesitated to cross the bridge. From here, they could see how bad the situation was, but they could still retreat. But if they walked to the bridge, there was no turning back.

However, Tang Yu had no intention of standing idly here. He believed the shelter would prevail in pushing back the beasts back to the sea. But he didn’t know how long it would take, and he didn’t want to wait.

Maybe a detour? Glancing at the map, he saw the closest bridge was too far. He can’t use the floating system. He, Grand Lord Tang, is a humble person. He couldn’t bear to attract new trouble in searching for his parents.

He shouted to Shay. “Get ready to leave!”

“Yes, Captain!”

Shay trotted back to the car. The engine started up and headed to the bridge with low motor roars.

The hunters who were talking with their companions or those who fought with the aquatic beasts watched in dismay as the luxury sports cars drove onto the bridge. As if they were worried, those people would never return.

Some of them were puzzled, some surprised, and some shook their heads slightly and sighed.

The hunter who just now talked with Shay over the situation at Luoxia was stunned. He felt Shay was easy to talk to and was even more stunned. He was annoyed that he wanted to slam a table.

He felt like everything he just said was in vain?!


[TL’s note: From this chapter forward, ‘alienated beast’ will be replaced with ‘mutated beast’.]

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