My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 200


Across the river.

The commander stood on the wall, calmly giving orders behind the artillery line with a 00 caliber wildly pouring shells towards the wave. 

The small land in front of the city walls, about a hundred meters away from the river, had turned into a sea of fire under the crazy bombardment of artillery fire.

Countless bizarre sea beasts shrieked, struggling as they fell into the fire. But there was still the rest of the beast who stepped on the corpses of their own kind and approached the city wall.

A huge crab with a width more than 5 meters stepped nimbly, dodging the cannon fire, and leaped at the high city wall. Its giant pincers crashed into the reinforced concrete wall. 



The outer wall violently shook, cracks appeared along the walls, and concrete fragments falling down.

The soldier operating the machine gun switched the muzzle and rained bullets on the crab’s shell, but it just bounced off the hard shells. 

The commander’s brows furrowed, “Squad three, squad three, kill the mutant crabs immediately.”

Several figures leaped down from the city wall, holding sharp weapons, and greeted the mutant crabs at their weak points.

They were Luoxia Military’s elite squads, specializing in dealing with powerful demonic and mutant beasts.

Yet the commander didn’t dare to order these hunter experts to directly enter the beasts wave and kill the high-level mutant beasts, only at some occasions like what’s happening now, when a large crab leaped atop the city walls.

Only then he was willing to send his elite members to kill them. Because once they entered the wave, no matter how strong they were, they couldn’t avoid attacks from all sides.

Human flesh couldn’t resist the attacks of mutant beasts even if they wore the best protective gear the shelter has.

…unless there’s someone with the ability to resist the mutant beasts’ attacks, even if they could only defend against low-ranked mutant beasts, then he would let the experts charge in without worry. 

“Are the reinforcements here?” The commander asked the young man in uniform next to him.

The young man shook his head, “A 3-star demonic wave has erupted on the north side. The command center cannot provide any reinforcements in a while. After all, the situation on the north side is difficult. Once the city wall collapses, a large area of residential area will be lost, so there is no room for error.”

In comparison, what’s behind their side of the river was a tiered defense line. There was still room to retreat.

With this in his thought, the commander ordered. “Activate the Fusion Cannon No.1 and 5. Focus on taking care of the high-level mutant beast with large bodies. Also, prepare to drop incendiary bombs. We can’t allow those beasts to enter the river.”

His task was not just to guard the shelter’s defense line here. He also had to securely cut off the aquatic beast from entering the river. Indeed, Luoxia Shelter could still hold on in facing a wave with this scale.

But once these aquatic beasts were allowed to enter the inland river or even breed in the river, it would harm other shelters, especially the small shelters in this area.

They had planted a few torpedoes before. The water boiled with constant water columns rising up into the sky.

Thanks to this, the western area and the river bank where the survivors gathered suffered only a small number of attacks from aquatic beasts. 

The commander still thought when he suddenly shifted his gaze towards the distance. On the bridge, there seemed to be… a few cars speeding up. 

‘Are those mercenaries grew more fearless nowadays?’


The guardrail on the side of the bridge was broken and fractured, and the bridge deck was just like the rest of the road all over the country.

There were cracks everywhere, probably because they were trampled by some demonic beasts or alienated beasts.

The floating chariot was speeding along at a 200 kph speed, and the uneven bridge had no effect on the chariot.

From time to time, a few aquatic beasts leaped out of the river and landed on the bridge. Tang Yu guessed this was probably the cause of the holes. 

Some alienated fish beasts pounced and jumped on the bridge, splashing water all over the place, and leaped towards the convoy with water splash.

Then… it was hit by the speeding chariot. After tumbling twice, they fell off the bridge. 

There were a number of other aquatic beasts on the bridge attracted by the sound and movement and moved towards the convoy.

However, Tang Yu didn’t decrease his speed. They ramped on countless beasts along the way. 

The hunters on the riverbank were all puzzled and startled. The hunters who thought they wanted to die stared closely at the silver sports cars that fearlessly rammed like a tank on the bridge and looked at their off-road vehicles with melded steel added to the front.

They thought it was practical despite its hideous appearance.

But now, silver sports cars rammed with power on the bridge. Its power and tenacity were far superior to theirs. If they did the same thing, they wouldn’t reach the other side of the bridge.

They couldn’t even last long on the bridge. They’re like cheating!

The hunters’ mouths were agape, but when the fishy smell entered their mouth, they choked and coughed. 

In the blink of an eye, the convoy had traveled a third of the bridge. They were leaving behind a mass of dead aquatic beasts.

The hunters at the back felt complicated; they had the urge to follow them across the bridge. 

But suddenly…


On the other side of the bridge, a huge water pillar rose up into the sky and sprayed down like rain.

Several red-spotted white tentacles rushed out from the water column. The tentacles were huge.

Each had a length of more than 10 meters long, like a long whip wrapping the bridge, strangling it. 

At the same time, a huge body emerged from the river, floating on the water surface. 

“It’s a giant mutant squid!” 

“Oh shit! Another high ranked beast! Activate the Fusion Cannon 7 and 8! Hurry! Charge and aim!” 

The squid’s body was huge, occupying half of the river. Its tentacles wrapped around a bridge like a monkey hugging a tree. 

The situation turned dire in an instant. Furthermore, Tang Yu’s team was still on the bridge! 

The hunters on the riverbank had fled after the giant squid appeared with different expressions.

Yet, they turned back and looked at the silver sports cars on the bridge. 

Tang Yu hadn’t expected this situation would happen. Under the giant squid’s tentacles, the bridge began to shake, pieces of rubble frequently fell off, as if it might collapse at any moment.

The squid’s tentacles wrapped at the center of the bridge. Normally, they would have fled, although they might still have to face the countless aquatic beast chasing after them. There’s still a chance of survival. 

However, if it was a normal situation, Tang Yu would not choose to cross the bridge.

He didn’t hesitate and increased the speed again, trying to pass underneath the tentacles.

One second.

Two seconds.

Ten seconds……

They were getting to tentacles, but the bridge couldn’t withstand the giant tentacles’ pull.

Finally, the middle part of the bridge collapsed. Numerous huge rocks fell down, splashing the water surface non-stop. 

At this time, the cars were only a few dozen meters away from the broken bridge. 

They can’t push the brake at this distance… the hunters that were observing the situation understood. 

They already know what’s going to happen. 


In the car, Tang Yu remained calm, like it wasn’t a problem. He spoke calmly, “Elaine, make a slope.” 

He didn’t say it in detail, but Elaine quickly understood. 

The source power in her body surged. A layer of frost formed from the broken bridge part, forming an ice slope in the blink of an eye.

Without slowing down, the cars rushed straight up to the ramp and leaped over the broken bridge.

The cars’ silvery paint gleamed under the sunlight and landed on the other side with a loud bang, and continued speeding away.

The hunters who observed the scene watched with a stunned expression. 

If an accident happened, the survival chance was just 1 in a 1.000.

They didn’t know Tang Yu’s team was made of steady combatants. 

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