My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 201


 The next part of the journey was astonishing, with the distant fusion cannon blooming with a blazing white beam.

This time, the aquatic mutated beast waves were raging at the other side of the river, at the bridge’s mouth, right in front of the shelter gate.

Most of them were attracted to the eastern defense base. This side of the wall was responsible for the city’s defense by controlling the machine gun and cannon to kill the beast. For safety reasons, the city gate is closed. 

Tang Yu knew this and drove around towards the west, circling the city wall.

Luoxia city wasn’t big, but the Luoxia Shelter had expanded several times bigger than the original town.

A towering wall stretched out along the city’s perimeter to the point that it was impossible to see the end. 

As the cars moved forward, the beasts they encountered became less and less. Even the thunderous cannon sound fades away.

A city gate finally appeared in front of them. The large gate was tightly closed, with only a small gate below it open, allowing at most two vehicles to pass through in parallel.

According to Shay’s information, Tang Yu predicted this gate was one of the three gates in the western area. 

Just from the number of gates alone, Luoxia Shelter’s size was larger than Lindong. 

A few hunters carrying guns stood at the city gate, observing the passerby. Some soldiers could be seen on top of the wall, patrolling and on guard.

Tang Yu noticed that there weren’t many of them. Probably they were drawn to the south to defend. 

After a quick registration, they were given a pass, which symbolized their personal identity and could be shown to the city guards upon returning to the city, without having to register again. 

-It wasn’t that not all survivors can get the pass, but it’s because their team was too strong for the city guard soldiers.

They all had the strength of the Fourth Awakening Stage, so that’s why they were given a pass.

It would be troublesome to place them among the ordinary survivors. 

Ten minutes later, the cars slowly drove into the Luoxia Shelter. The main road was four lanes, which was relatively wide and normally allowed survivors to drive through. But the number of cars here was better than in Lindong.

Tang Yu guessed that perhaps it was because gasoline was expensive. If they didn’t really need it, no normal people would waste their money to drive around the shelter. So the road was mostly empty, even without traffic lights. 

Driving down a busy street, the team descended from the car and sat down on a teahouse. A pergola hung over their heads to shield them from the scorching sun. 

There were many survivors on the street, busy passing by, yelling, and being noisy.

Most of them wore white clothes, sweating profusely because of the heat with their cuffs rolled up.

Maybe because the seafood was a specialty here, they were a bit tan. 

Sound of light laughter was heard from a distance—a young kid holding his parents’ hands, jumping around happily.

Tang Yu instantly reminisced about his childhood when his family was happy. His eyes gazed blankly at a distance. 




And terrified… 

After a while, he took a deep breath and gazed at the two sisters sitting nearby with lilac hair. “Divination…”

Astrologist, Protos Star and Moon. 

Luoxia Shelter was huge. It would be difficult to locate someone in a city of over 2 million residents.

Tang Yu understood this for a while. With their telephone line cut off and no other contact methods such as an address, even the authorities had to use a lot of manpower to find someone. 

Fortunately, one of the lilac haired girls held up her small hand. “Captain, I’ll do it. I’m good at this, but I need a strand of your hair as a medium.” 

She stood up and quickly trotted over. Suddenly, something caught her, and she leaned forward with a panicked expression.

Her hands are mindlessly grasping the air at her sides to regain balance, but finally… she fell, face down on the ground. 

She quickly supported her body with her arm and stood up, patted off the dust from her clothes skillfully and then her face, as if nothing had happened. 

Tang Yu’s face twitched. It seems to hurt. 

The two girls looked almost identical, so were their voices. So he couldn’t distinguish them.

But now, after this strange fall, Tang Yu recognized the one in front of him was the younger sister, Moon Protoss. 

After the disruption, he felt a lot better. He reached out a finger around his hair and pulled it out.

Surprisingly, it kinda hurts. Maybe because of their evolution, human hair has become much stronger. He might not be bald in the future. 

She tied the hair to one of her crystal devices, closed her eyes, and softly muttered ancient words.

There was a faint light glimmering on the crystal. The device shook, with a crunching crystal sound. 

Before Tang Yu’s intense gaze, Moon opened her eyes. Her mouth curved in a brilliant smile. “Captain, aunt, and uncle are all well. Don’t worry, I’ve seen their residence…” 

She looked like she’s waiting for a compliment.


Western 5th Residential Area. 

The buildings were all new post doomsday buildings. Shaped in a long square, with gray walls and similar height, pattern, and even the layout of the streets were the same. 

It gave a gloomy feeling. 

Tang Yu arrived at Building and looked at the unfamiliar scenery. After pausing a while, he walked up the stairs. 

“0327, 0327…” He muttered. 


West 5th residential neighborhood.

The buildings were all new post-apocalyptic buildings, standing like a long square on the land, gray walls, same height, same pattern. Even the streets in the neighborhood were as narrow.

It gave the feeling of depression.

Tang Yu arrived at Building 29. Looking at the unfamiliar surroundings, he paused and walked up the stairs.

“0327, 0327……” muttered in his mouth.

The corridor was long and narrow, with no light. Similar wooden doors were on both sides of the corridor, roughly done with simple door numbers hanging on them.

Finally, Tang Yu arrived in front of the wooden door with the number 0327 hanging on it, stretched out his hand, paused in front of the door, and knocked heavily.

Knock, knock.

“Who is it?” A familiar voice came from inside the door.

Tang Yu’s eyes began to feel wet.

“Who is it?”

The voice asked.

Tang Yu opened his mouth, his throat choked and squirmed for several seconds before he spat out one word, “Mom-“

The room suddenly became quiet. After a while, the wooden door was hurriedly opened again, revealing an unbelievable face in surprise.

Time is cruel. The corner of her eyes was adorned with wrinkles, with gray hair on her temple. Even her backbone looked a bit slouched…

She’s old…

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