My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 202


They had a lot of things to say, but they couldn’t say it.

However, Tang Yu felt warmth in his heart. The immense pressure in his heart finally lifted. 

“Your father is working in the flour mill. I’m working in the textile factory. Fortunately, something happened at the factory today, so I could come back early…” Tang Yu’s mother talked non-stop. Tang Yu listened quietly, returning a sentence or two from time to time.

It was a room of 20-30 square meters with sparse furniture, just a bed and a round wooden table, two chairs, and some simple household items on the table.

Nevertheless, the whole room still seemed cramped. He couldn’t bear to have his parents live in such a crowded place any longer, “Mom, when Dad comes back, we’ll move out and go live in a big house…”

“What? I know this place looks small, but you can’t compare this to our house before the doomsday. It’s not narrow at all. All of us three can live here and add another bed. It’s enough space.” Mama Tang continued. “You’ve never seen dozens of people crammed together in one room. Fortunately, your cousin had a job in the army. So we could have this room…” 

At any rate, he should give some examples of his richness to her. Only then could he persuade her to move.

Fortunately, she was an ordinary survivor who had never been out of the shelter and knew nothing of the wilderness.

Otherwise, she would be worried sick to hear him rushing from Lindong to Luoxia.

After that, Mama Tang hurriedly went downstairs to rent a human messenger service to announce his arrival at Luoxia to Papa Tang, who was still working at the factory.

It wasn’t long until the family was finally reunited.

Papa Tang also had the same old look like his mother. Tang Yu’s memories were stuck in his childhood when both of them were still young. He realized that moment was gone. 

Fortunately, it’s not too late to change it. I didn’t have regrets in life…’ 

After a while, Mama Tang smiled and said, “I’ll go out and buy more food, and then invite your uncle and aunt’s family over for dinner, and tell them the news that you’re safe. We should celebrate this.”


Elaine and the others waited in boredom outside Building 29. 

That’s when Winnie suggested, “The Lord… Captain won’t be coming out soon. We should do something else rather than waiting idly here.” 

Shay was playing cards with the three Carmen Brothers. Having lost a lot of spirit stones, he came back to his senses. “That’s right. It’s time to do something. But… what kind of thing?”

Winnie paced back and forth with her hands folded in front of her chest. 

“Although we won’t be here for long, judging from Captain’s personality, he might leave some of us here to observe the situation or other work sooner or later. So why don’t we make use of our free time to observe the situation here? Including the distribution of forces, food, and equipment.” 

“Sounds good. Where do we start?”

Playing her hair, Winnie was in deep thought. “About that…”

Elaine, who had been to Lindong, offered reliable advice. “The mercenary union and trading market. It’s packed with people there so we can gather all sorts of information.” 

“I’ll go to the mercenary union,” Shay said. “I’m quite familiar with that kind of place. Mercenaries are all talented, and I can talk to them easily. I super like it there.” 

“So who’s going to the market? But we need to keep at least half of us here to guard the Captain.” 

“Me, me, me! I want to speak- squeak!” A bamboo rat raised her hands, yet no one saw it. She had to bounce hard to make herself appear in their view. Winnie saw her and shook her head.

“No, you can’t get information with that body. I think it’s better if the Protoss sisters go, or Carmen brothers, or me.” 

The work division was complete. 

Shay hummed a song as he walked away. Suddenly, he turned back. “Right, about the mercenary union. Should we register as a mercenary regiment?” 

“Register? Well, just do it. It’s free anyway.”


As the sun sets, the last rays of light fade away.

When the sun sets, the entire residential community seems to be shrouded in darkness, with only the orange fire of kerosene lamps swaying to bring a dim light.

Building 29, room 0327.

At this time, the room was filled with a lively atmosphere. Even the neighbor had heard of Mr. Tang’s son came from another city and rushed to Luoxia Shelter. 

It was truly amazing. 

Most people don’t know how dangerous the wilderness was, but listening to the cannon roar from time to time and the news they heard daily. The wilderness is not a place one can simply enter. 

It seemed like Mr. Tang’s son is amazing. 

Their family’s standard of living might be able to go up another level or two. 

The neighbors talked with envy. 


Inside the room, the only round wooden table was filled with dishes. Because of the lack of kitchen utensils and appliances, most dishes were relatively simple.

Soon, Tang Yu’s aunt and uncle’s family arrived. The narrow room seemed crowded, but everyone had a smile on their faces. 

Aunt’s family also lived in the 5th West Area. A family of four, aside from 2 parents, the eldest child was around his age, and the youngest was around 5 or 6 years old.

Uncle’s family had been assigned with a 100 square meters flat and had a better living condition after the doomsday because their son joined the army.

Tang Yu turned his head to look at his cousin, who was sitting beside him with a stern face, short-cropped hair, and a straight posture.

It was Tang Yu’s cousin, Tang Yuu, whose name was relatively the same. When they were young, their parents called them both by their names and jokes because he misheard them. 

However, after they grow up, they see each other less and less. When they met again, both of them had grown up. 

As they ate and chatted, he was asked how he arrived at Luoxia Shelter. 

He could only give a vague response. 

In the end, his cousin was understanding. He didn’t ask much. “What are you going to do in the future?” 

“Do what?” 

“You must be strong to come here all the way from Lindong. But you need to plan your future course, which career you should do. As a family, I can help you understand Luoxia better. I can give you advice and counsel.”

The cousin put down his chopsticks and continued. “Hunters don’t need to worry about finding a job, especially a strong hunter. You’ll be welcomed at most parties. Let me introduce you to general places you can join.” 

“The first is the mercenary union. You can become a mercenary and join a mercenary regiment. You should take notice. The advantage of being a mercenary is freedom. You can earn money as you like, but the disadvantage is obvious. It’s dangerous.”

“Second, the military. The military has recently established the Ancestral Dragon Elite Hunters Warfare Regiment and prepared to dispatch the hunters to the outside world. Cousin Yu is powerful enough, your power will be much appreciated if you join the Ancestral Dragon. I also joined there now. Personally, I hope you would do the same, but it’s all up to auntie’s decision…”

Sure enough, Mama Tang raised her eyebrows, “What are you going to do if you join the Ancestral Dragon? Is it dangerous?” 

The cousin pondered for a while. “Ancestral Dragon is a Warfare Regiment composed of Hunters. We did exploration, beheading, protecting, and others. I’m not sure what you will do after joining us. Because the given task is different between various departments. Of course, it’s going to be dangerous, but the military is always careful, so the danger level is much lower than for mercenaries. The benefits are good, and you’ll be equipped with the latest equipment once you join. The disadvantage is it requires obedience and discipline, freedom is impossible…” 

Cousin hadn’t finished speaking but was quickly rejected by Mama Tang. 

Tang Yu didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t even expressed his own opinion yet. Even the fact that he wanted to take his parents away could only be kept to himself right now. Until he finds the right moment. 

Parents are always like this. They wanted their children to achieve great things, but their health and safety are most essential.

The cousin continued, “Hunters are powerful, so you can earn more money with physical work. But of course, with your strength, it’s a waste. Asides from the two options, the martial arts school are accepting special hires.”

“This ‘special hire’ usually becomes a rich man’s escort, which is considered long-term employment. The rich people who had a lot of spirit stones could afford such things, although they weren’t powerful. Personally, I don’t recommend you to do this job. In my opinion, this job is rather chaotic, and the higher-ups are planning to clean up and rectify it.”

“Another one is Martial Hall. They’re a special force. Unlike the Mercenary Regiments and the Ancestral Dragon, they don’t need to go out in the wild often. Martial Hall is a place to teach martial arts or combat skills. They occasionally hold outings for training activities, allowing the students to fight demonic beasts. At this time, guards are needed to prevent accidents… this is the reason why Martial Hall recruits hunters.” 

Judging from this description, the Martial Hall’s workload is relatively safe. 

Most of the students aren’t very strong. The ‘outings’ was just a game of catch and kill the low-ranked demonic beast; it’s not dangerous for Tang Yu.

Tang Yu shook his head and suddenly found that he was in a ditch. He compared the advantages and disadvantages of the hunters’ various development paths.

He was a Tang ‘Rich’ Yu, he had a lot of experts working under him, he made millions a month, the Great Lord Tang. What kind of jobs does he need? 

However, he couldn’t figure out how to explain this, so he could only smile. This smile revealed his helplessness. 

At this time, from the other side of the table, his cousin Chen Xiaojia chewed her food loudly in her bulging mouth. “Auntie, this food is delicious… ahem…” She swallowed the food. “Cousin, why don’t you come and see our Zhentian Martial Hall? I’m a student there.” 

“Another one is the Martial Hall. The Martial Hall belongs to a rather special force. Unlike the Mercenary Corps and the Ancestral Dragon, it doesn’t need to be in the wild often. Martial Hall is a place to teach kung fu or combat skills. Occasionally, the Martial Hall will hold outings for training activities, allowing the students to fight with demonic beasts. At this time, there needs to be guards on the side to prevent accidents from happening…… This is the reason why Martial Hall recruits Awakened people.”

“Let’s put this matter aside, but,” Tang Yu looked doubtful, “Can you really learn anything in a martial arts school? Real hunters’ experience comes from fighting in the wild, right?” 

“Fighting in the wild is to increase your combat experience. While in martial arts school, you can learn combat skills. It’s different from the martial schools before the doomsday. They had real materials.” The cousin turned into a commentator.

“Ancestral Dragon also had a martial arts instructor, but I can’t say much because it’s classified information. In short, small martial arts schools aren’t much use, but the big ones are quite formal.”

Chen Xiaojia nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice. She took over the conversation, “Not only that. Not everyone can go to a martial arts school. You need to apply for a membership card and pay an expensive membership fee before entering the school. Of course, there’s a special price or even tuition for a talented student like me.”

She then continued to speak with a swan’s pride. “I’m now at the senior membership for free. Except in the future, when I have the Triple Awakening Strength, I will have to work for the Martial Art School as a guard…”

So it’s basically like a company requiring a university to recruit students. The company will sign a work contract after they graduate. 

Tang Yu secretly thought. It was an early investment for the martial arts school, and it seems that his cousin had outstanding talent. 

As expected. His cousin stretched out her palm. A brown seed grows rapidly. In the next movement, the agreed sapling bursts out of the seed. 

“This is my special talent. I can make plants grow faster and control them. Even brother Yuu doesn’t have a special ability.” Staring at Tang Yu, “You’ve awakened to the Fourth Stage. Don’t you have any?” 

Chen Xiaojia was newly awakened and was still at the First level, but could clearly perceive the other hunters’ strength.

Tang Yu, who was sitting across the table, had an aura like a bonfire in the night. The kind that burned brightly was even more powerful than Yuu, who had the Triple Awakening Strength. 

It was an aura simulation technique Tang Yu developed by himself after receiving the Demon Swordsman legacy by combining his jobs’ characteristics.

Sometimes it’s useful in times like this. It would be difficult to explain if he had his full aura on him. 

Tang Yu touched his nose, awkwardly, “Yeah, but my ability is rather special.”

“Special? What kind? Elemental, shape-shifting, spiritual, solidification, or special?” 

“Maybe… special. Perhaps it can be called the architecture department.” Tang Yu spoke in an unsure tone.

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