My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 203


“Architecture department? Is this some kind of newly discovered category? Why haven’t I heard of it?” Chen Xiaojia questioned three times in a row.

Even the cousin, who had vast knowledge, looked at Tang Yu in confusion.

Tang Yu coughed, “It’s not really a category. It’s just that my ability is rather special. On the one hand, it had similarities with the solidification department. But on the other hand, I don’t know which category to put it in. So I made that up.”

But it was useless because none of them understood what his ability was. Their parents were even more puzzled.

As an ordinary person living with hunters, they didn’t ask many questions. They can only advise them to be careful and not to go to dangerous places.

The tree of them could only obediently nod and didn’t talk about it anymore.

They continued eating their dinner. It’s not every day that they could enjoy such dinner, even for the cousins’ family.

They weren’t rich enough to eat meat and fish regularly. The food wasn’t much for Tang Yu’s lifestyle. But he ate it with great appetite.

After all, it’s his mother’s cooking, and that alone was more precious than those mountains of treasures and seafood.

He thought. After returning to the territory and building a new house, he would provide his mother with plenty of ingredients to cook delicious meals.


After dinner, the elders talked with each other—the younger ones gathered together about the interrupted topic.

“Brother Yu, please demonstrate your ability.”

At this time, they were walking nearby. The road was narrow and could only fit one car. But of course, cars won’t pass here because the road was full of the passerby. Sometimes they had to walk sideways to pass the crowd.

If he waved his hand to build an arrow tower in this crowded environment, the other buildings would collapse.

The corner of Tang Yu’s mouth twitched. “My ability is architecture. Well, just like the title, it’s like constructing a building, but it had a wider ripple range. I can’t show it here. If you really want to see it, I’ll show you in the wilderness.”

“The wilderness… I haven’t been there yet.” His cousin revealed a yearning look.

Having lived inside the walls since the beginning of the doomsday, there were also people like her who were curious about the outside world.

But only those who had been in the wilderness, who experienced pain, who had been abandoned, understood that it wasn’t a place one should stay. She, however, was even more curious about this architectural ability.


After going out of the neighborhood, the main road’s street lights illuminated them, reminding them of a modern city.

His cousin looked at Tang Yu and made a suggestion. “It’s your first time at Luoxia. Why don’t you go to the gun club? I have a few acquaintances there, I can give you a 20% discount. Practicing your marksmanship is a great skill to have in the wild.”

“Don’t do that, you better come with me to the martial arts school. There’s a lecture by a master of martial arts tonight!” His cousin muttered.

He could tell that she was proud of her school.

“If it’s a lecture held by Zhentian’s Master, then, of course, it will be good. Brother Yu, you can gain something just from listening.” His cousin also encouraged him.

But Tang Yu was wondering. “What master?”

“The master is the strongest person in our school.” Chen Xiaojia spoke, “Our school had several teachers, but the master is the strongest one.”

“How strong is he?”

“Well, I don’t know for sure. I could only sense a faint hunter aura. But he’s really strong. When he first taught us, he was looked down on because of his faint aura. It’s not even as strong as the First Awakening Stage. And felt they were cheated for paying an expensive school fee. When there was a strong hunter who provoked him…”

The cousin turned her head sideways and recalled the scene. “The hunter’s breath was the same as Yu’s, and his appearance was more formidable. His arms were bigger than Master’s thighs. When they threw a punch at him… guess what happened…” She waited a moment, seeing that neither of them meant to guess, she continued with disappointment and boredom.

“Master actually deflected the punch with a single finger. And the two started fighting, but the challenger couldn’t even last two rounds, so he was thrown out of the martial arts school. Now, he’s jobless.”

“Well, it’s the price he had to pay after insulting the Master like a pig teased a tiger. It would be great if I could become an expert like a Master one day. Even the expert hunter with the same aura to Yu couldn’t last for long.”

Why did you keep using me as a comparison? Furthermore, it’s for a hideous thing…but how long will I last anyway? Tang Yu pondered.

But it was kinda surprising. Not because of the Master’s strength, but rather his weak aura. Martial arts… strong… all these factors combined together, he already guessed something.

Thinking about Lin Wei, who could partially hide his aura, his strength was surprisingly strong. He could keep up resisting Roger for a while despite his Awakening Stage was a level lower than Roger.

However, Tang Yu was surprised and asked. “The master of your school could converge his aura to the point that you can barely feel it?”

Tang Yu lifted his eyebrows. He noticed his cousin used the word ‘convergence’. That’s right. At this moment, the military… or now he should call it ‘Ancestral Dragon’ was impossible to ignore the hunters, absorbing spirit power, breakthrough, and the basic stuff.

The awakening itself was already a huge treasure waiting for the people to develop and dig.

“Converging to the point only a small part was recognized by others? Surprisingly powerful? It should be a super master. There are a lot of masters who can’t even converge their breath.”

Chen Xiaojia spoke with annoyance. “It would be great if I could learn the Master’s true skills. But my course now only teaches basic stuff. Only core apprentices could learn directly from the masters.  I haven’t even learned the Breath-Throwing Method.”

Seeing Tang Yu’s confusion, she continued. “As I said before. Our school’s system is divided into members and senior members depending on how much money we paid, and we can enjoy the benefits according to it. On top of the senior members, there were also a small number of core apprentices. They could learn directly from the masters. But it’s not all about money. You also had to be talented to do so.”

“Before, the Master taught us about the Breath-Throwing Method during our senior member course. He promised whoever could learn the method in a short time will be a core apprentice.”

Tang Yu was stunned. Even the martial arts school did such things?

But then his cousin continued. “But the Breath Throwing Method is different from what I used to imagine before. I thought it would make us fly! But according to Master’s words, it’s just a clever health method before the doomsday. But now hunters can learn it and apply it in battle. I’ve heard that it can slow down the physical exertion during a battle. It’s pretty useful.”

Sure it does. Tang Yu came to understand why this wasn’t the cultivation method she had imagined.

But he was sure the Master had mastered real cultivation methods. And learning the Breath-Throwing Method was probably a prerequisite thing to learn a certain cultivation method.

Looking at her watch, “There’s still an hour left before the lecture starts. As a senior member, I have an extra invitation slot. Brother Tang, let’s go with me.” She looked towards Tang Yu.

With her explanation, he was curious about the school, so he nodded .” But you only had one slot. What about Yuu?”

“Yuu already had a pass from the military. So he didn’t need to hear the lecture.”

“I mean, I would feel bad to leave Yuu alone. We can’t just go inside while cousin Yuu is waiting alone outside the martial arts school… Hey, wait!” Tang Yu lowered his head and looked at his side, at his youngest cousin, who was only six years old.

This was very irresponsible. He was worried that his cousin would be bored. But now…

Tang Yu patted Yuu’s shoulder. “The heavy responsibility of taking care of our cousin will fall on you. We didn’t leave you behind, but it’s for your own good.”

Yuu wore a confused expression.

“Yuu, you had reached the age of marriage. It’s time for you to learn how to take care of children. It’s for your own good later in the future. After practicing, your chance to date a girl will be higher. This can raise a few points.”

Tang Yu watched as the child was lifted up and placed in Yuu’s hands so he could hold him. Although he felt Chen Xiaojia’s words were right, he felt something wasn’t right.

Shouldn’t there be a girl first, and then consider bringing up a child?!

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