My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 205


Due to the large population base and the dangerous region, the hunters in Luoxia were stronger than Lindong.

The first two levels were ordinary hunters. The Triple and Fourth were considered elites, and only Fifth was called an expert, but it wasn’t uncommon here.

However, the Sixth was rare. Although the difference is only 1 level higher, the gap was huge.

It was the bottleneck that stopped people from entering the Sixth Stage. A lot of hunters who reached the peak of Fifth were stuck at this stage for a long time and couldn’t even see a breakthrough.

At this time, some people realized that they could strengthen their own body coordination, control, and other abilities by practicing martial arts. It’s pretty helpful to break through the bottleneck.

Only then did martial arts begin to emerge quickly.

But even so, a Sixth Stage hunter was rare in Luoxia. Not to mention that a new face had come to the mercenary union and registered a new mercenary regiment.

The noise attracted the other mercenaries’ attention. The noisy hall suddenly became quiet. All the people looked over Shay’s direction.

There were a lot of hunters here. Their auras mingled with each other. It would be difficult to distinguish a person’s aura unless they really paid attention.

Which probably was the reason why the front staff thought he was wrong. He noticed Shay’s aura after he really paid attention.

“What? A Sixth Stage hunter? Which bastard quits their old regiment to form a new one?”

“No… I’m familiar with the Sixth Stage rosters from the regiments here. I’ve seen their pictures and names. This man is either a newly promoted one, or he comes from somewhere else.”

“It seems a strong mercenary group is rising.”

“It’s true! I don’t know what this big bro’s requirement is to recruit people, but if the leader is a Sixth Stage super expert, then they didn’t have to worry about being robbed from others in the wild.”

“That’s right! Eh… wait, you’re not saying you’re going to join other mercenary regiments in front of your captain, right?”

Despite the ruckus, no one dared to approach him. They were afraid to approach him because they didn’t know his personality yet.


At the registration window.

Shay flicked the burnt cigarette butt to the trash can in the corner. He was about to lit another one, but then his hand stopped mid-air.

He was hesitant. He wasn’t deaf. He could hear the other mercenaries’ comments and was surprised.

Obviously, the Lord specifically asked them to keep a low profile, but… it’s just a Sixth Awakening Stage!

What’s so special? It’s not like there were no other Sixth Stage hunters here. And he just unleashed the false one instead of his original Eighth stage.

Shay thought this wasn’t his fault.

“Then… Sir, your mercenary regiments will be given a rating of Level 4. The benefits include… a more advanced Level 5 mercenary regiment, which also has requirements for personal scale. With your strength, you can rise to Level 5 in no time.” The staff spoke more politely.

Shay smiled. The benefits were not the reason, so was the task. The key was this mercenary regiment will likely represent the territory stationed in Luoxia.

If the level is too low, that would be a shame. So, he was pleased.

Then, the staff continued. “Sir, please give your mercenary regiment a name.”

Make a catchy name, it was the normal thing to do.

But Shay paused… what should he name it? He wasn’t good at naming things.

Standing still with his hands on his chin, he pondered.

For a minute… two minutes… finally, he spoke. “How about leaving the name blank?”

The staff was stunned. This was the first time he even experienced someone who wanted to make a regiment and didn’t even think of a name yet.

This strong hunter seemed to have a unique personality!

“You can start with any name you want. You can change it later.” He spoke.

It’s possible to change the name, but almost no mercenary regiments ever changed their name.

Their name was their face. After changing it, their popularity will be affected.  But for a newly established regiment, they can name it randomly and change it tomorrow.

Shay scratched the back of his head. “Ah, it’s troublesome.”

“No, no… it’s our job. As the head of the regiment, you have the right to change your name at any time.”

“No…” Shay paused. “What I’m saying is, if I didn’t pick a decent name, I’d be in trouble. I’m not the head of the mercenary regiment, so it would be a hassle to change the name in the future. So just leave it blank.”

“Wait… you’re not… the head of the regiment?” The staff couldn’t help but raised his voice again.

Shay stroked his head and said. “Although I’m aware that I’m very handsome, I never said I was the leader. I’m just a person in charge of running errands.” 

The staff was stunned. In the form Shay had filled, it was stated that this man had the strength of the Sixth Awakening Stage.

His specialty was firearms, and then… his eyes fell on the members’ column. The team leader column…was empty. And the team members were only Shay alone.

Damn it! Did he actually fill in as a team member?! The staff was astonished.

What kind of power does the leader have to make a Sixth Awakening Stage hunter as an errand boy?!

He had some speculations. But if it was true, then the strength of this regiment would reach a level none of them could imagine before. Swallowing his saliva, he spoke again. “Alright. Then we will leave the name blank for now. But please hurry and think of a suitable name before you make the registration.”

Shay waved his hand, indicating that he understood.

Walking around the hall, he browses through information with a mercenary regiments’ authority. Gradually gained a deeper understanding of the shelter.


On the other side, the housing agency.

Winnie stepped in, followed by Oguri, who bounced around like a child.

They previously followed the Protoss sisters to the trading market when the Lord suddenly messaged her.

He came to the housing agency to browse through the available houses.

The housing agency was pretty much the same as the pre-doomsday housing agency.

There was only one housing agency owned by the authorities in the entire Luoxia Shelter right now. Controlling all the real estate business in the area.

The agency covered quite a large area. The places were divided into several areas: low-end areas, mid-range areas, high-end areas, and top housing areas.

In the high-end and top housing area, Winnie saw a lot of house models. But in the 2 other areas, there was nothing other than simple rental information.

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