My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 206


Although it was already dark, there were still a lot of survivors browsing through the house listing and choosing the houses they wanted to rent.

Winnie didn’t hesitate and headed towards the top housing area on the far right.

The survivors looking at houses in this area were much sparser than in the other areas. Only a few scattered survivors, leaning on the house models, gesturing with their hands.

A receptionist greeted Winnie with a warm smile on her face when she saw the spotless white robe she was wearing.

This dress was rather strange, but after the doomsday, the hunters were equipped with strange equipment. Seeing people wearing heavy armor wasn’t uncommon. A gorgeous satin robe was quite normal.

Obviously, she wasn’t a middle or low-ranked hunter. The receptionist instantly deemed her as a potential customer.

The middle-aged receptionist smiled kindly as she introduced. “There were a few boutique suites, townhouses, and single-family areas here with a variety of architectural styles. Which one are you interested in?”

The housings neighborhood was secluded. In the doomsday, having this kind of resident was rare because of limited space in the shelter.

The housing was already equipped and fully furnished with furniture so customers can enjoy top quality houses as soon as they move in.

“At the moment, our leasing period is divided into one week, two weeks, a month. Longer lease periods will be discounted. Please look at the picture before deciding on the house and lease period.”

The receptionist didn’t say anything about the lease for more than a month. It’s probably because most hunters would rather spend their money on equipment rather than housing.

Winnie swept her eyes around the house models and flipped through the pamphlet describing the house.

Oguri stood on a chair and had to stand on her toes to see the houses properly.

“This villa looks nice. The rent is only 30 spirit stones a week. It’s so cheap.”

“And this one looks nice too, it’s near the lake.”

“And this one has a home theater, swimming pool… I like them all. Which one should I choose?”

Oguri shook her head, tangled in choices. But Winnie closed the brochure and said, “Is it possible to buy it? I mean to buy the ownership of a plot of land, rather than leasing?”

“What do you mean? Wait… am I mistaken?” The middle-aged woman’s smile disappeared into a frown of dismay and disbelief.

Winnie didn’t say anything and dropped a large backpack she’d been carrying in her hand.

Opening the zipper, glimmering, shiny spirit stones were stacked inside the bag, making the bag bloated.

“These are all spirit stones taken from the carcass of a high-grade demonic beast. Each one contains a lot of energy. The total value is 10.000. If it’s not enough, we have more, 20.000, 30.000, name your price. We just want to buy a plot of land…”

“…After all, our captain only likes to live in a house he built himself.” Winnie’s expression remained unchanged as she spoke. At the same time, she released her Seventh Awakening Stage aura.

Ordinary hunters couldn’t restrain their aura, but they could release it.

Normally, only hunters could perceive each other’s aura and couldn’t affect ordinary people.

But once the aura was released, it could be perceived far away and create some kind of oppression to lower life forms.

At this point, Winnie released her Seventh Stage aura. Her majestic aura was materialized, like a gale sweeping through the field, bending the air, and making the wind whistles.

To the middle-aged receptionist in front of her, she could feel the terrifying Qi wave unleashed on her.

It was the result of Winnie’s excellent aura control. If she let out all of her aura, the woman in front of her would certainly faint.


Inside the agency hall. 

Ordinary people only felt a sudden gust of wind and some tightness in their chests. But the hunters were different.

They could feel all the hair in their body erect, and their mind instinctively told them something dangerous was nearby.

Some low ranked hunters couldn’t even distinguish the aura level. They could only feel how powerful it was, which made them almost fall to their knees.

The aura was gone as quickly as it came, just like a fallen leaf blown by the autumn wind, falling on the ground in a blink of an eye.

The ordinary people who were swept by the aura didn’t notice anything, but they felt panicked.

The hunters, however, especially the high ranked hunters, were all suspicious. Sweeping their eyes back and forth across the hall. Their eyes landed on Winnie in the top housing area.

They gazed at her with horror.

Winnie, retracting back her aura, smiled. “Now, you should believe that we do have the power to purchase land. Of course, I know you can’t make the decision, so I need you to inform your boss to discuss the deal.”

Buying land.

This was Tang Yu’s decision after pondering while he was sitting in the martial arts hall.

Luoxia Shelter has a huge market. He already planned to peddle his equipment here. So instead of leasing houses and shops, it’s better for him to buy a piece of land and build his own mall.

Most importantly, he planned to set up a sub-territory in Luoxia. After advancing to Level 4, he can have 2 castles, so he can have a sub-territory.

Setting a castle in Luoxia seemed a bit risky, but it’s not impossible. As long as he converged and didn’t stand out, he can make this work.

On the contrary, the territory was located in the wilderness. Aside from being hidden, there were no other advantages.

He planned to set up a sub-territory here by relying on the newly unlocked building type, the Teleportation Array, to transport equipment.

The distance between here and Lindong is too far. Even if he had space backpacks and Floating Chariot will take too much time and effort, also the risk is greater.

But the Teleportation Array is different. After it’s completed, it could be used to freely transport things in the territory and sub territory so the transport cost would be reduced greatly.

He could build system buildings with a sub-territory. Whether it was a martial hall or a mall, it would be so much easier.

A large shelter with over 2 million survivors.

Tang Yu felt like a large number of spirit stones would come to his doorsteps.

The reason why he didn’t tell Gray Blade to set up a shop in Lindong was to attract Lindong hunters to the territory.

Compared to the money he earned from selling equipment, he valued the hunters who could earn money for him.

It’s a long-term plan.

However, Luoxia was too far away from the territory. So building a sub-territory here was necessary. 

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