My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 207


Unlike the main territory, this sub-territory was only equivalent to a fortress. Tang Yu had no plan to expand it.

His core will always be on the main territory. Now that Tree Shade was still in the early stages of major construction, he hadn’t fully finished the main territory yet.

So there’s no way he’s gonna develop a sub-territory.

However, he had envisioned that his men in Luoxia would be an organization that constantly earned spirit stones, materials, and information. But, that was on the premise that he could buy land in Luoxia without trouble.

And the house… even if he bought it, tearing it down and rebuilding it would attract unwanted attention.

Tang Yu had other ideas, but the time wasn’t appropriate yet. If he can’t build it here, he will do it at Lindong.

Not for developing it, but just to have a safe place. But for now, he had to develop the main territory first.

The receptionist had run to inform her boss. Not long after, a balding middle-aged man with a disheveled tie ran down from the second floor in panic. Seeing him, the receptionist was relieved.

She trotted forward and whispered to her supervisor, stealing some glances at Winnie with a panic expression.

The supervisor coughed to hide his embarrassment and smoothly tied his tie.

Stepping forward with shaky legs, he looked at the bloated backpack and some spirit stones scattered on the ground, trying to remain calm.

“Lady… um… I heard you want to buy a plot of land. But… but we only rent out houses here.” He looked flustered but didn’t dare to directly refuse her.

His whole face was pale.


Winnie had expected that the land inside the shelter was precious after the doomsday, and the authority wouldn’t have any plan to sell the land.

However, as long as they got money, there’s nothing they can’t do. If the other party refuses, it must be because the price isn’t enough…. At least in most cases, it’s true.

By taking out the spirit stones directly and showing her strength, she was telling the other party that she could afford to pay the price and was also qualified to negotiate.

The Lord had instructed her to abandon the transaction if the price was too high, and he had other plans to make arrangements. Winnie didn’t hesitate and set a direct offer.

She wasn’t good at negotiating and wouldn’t bargain. She released her aura to show she was serious, and it was only a part of her suppressed real aura.

If she let it all out, maybe the supervisor in front of her that had the strength of the Fourth Awakening Stage would cower.

Sure enough, her plan was working.

The supervisor was hesitant. “Are young saying that aside from spirit stones, you can provide rune equipment that can be used as trade items? Is it true?”

As a middle-rank person, he had heard some rumors. Rune equipment had a chance to become the mainstream equipment in the future.

Scientists were trying their best to solve problems related to rune equipment. As far as he knew, it wasn’t going too well.

There were only a few large shelters that had mastered the rune equipment manufacturing method.

The equipment presented by the client right now did resemble the legendary rune equipment. He didn’t know where they came from, but if it’s real…

The supervisor’s heart was pounding.

He used his communication device and contacted the scientist. After a while, several scientists in lab coats and glasses came out with a grim face.

Some of them took out the devices they carried while the others checked the weapons.

Their eyes widened at the sight of the equipment. “It’s real! These… really are rune equipment or equipment inscribed with different rune types!”

The researchers were obsessed with the rune equipment, and the supervisor was suspicious if they didn’t get the deal done today, and they didn’t get the rune equipment, the researchers would certainly PK him. He wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead and faced the change in Winnie’s attitude about the land sale.

The shelter didn’t lack spirit stones, but these rune equipment had the potential to help researchers overcome that problem in the rune equipment research program. By then, he would be deemed as a hero.

From the two girls in front of him, Winnie’s Seventh Awakening Stage strength wasn’t the reason why he was surprised.

But because the adolescent girl next to her had the aura of a Sixth Awakening Hunter. He couldn’t comprehend how a little girl her age could reach such power. The more he thought about it, the more he thought the other party was unfathomable.

Even if he had the entire shelter behind him, it wouldn’t be wise to make trouble with them.

The supervisor pondered and then said. “It just so happens that we had a piece of land in our hand that we can sell. However, we need to discuss more the transaction details.”

Aside from the land plot, Tang Yu let Winnie rent two single-family houses for their temporary residence.


When Tang Yu and his cousins returned from the martial arts school and brought their parents to the villa, they were all stunned because Tang Yu silently rented two villas.

At the cost of hundreds of spirit stones! In addition to being stunned, his parents were distressed. Tang Yu had figured out this kind of thing could happen, so he slipped away.

“Cousin, can you help me explain to my parents that I didn’t greedily spend all of my money?”

His cousin smiled bitterly. He knew that Tang Yu wasn’t an ordinary hunter, “So what are you going to do now? You’re not familiar enough with Luoxia, right? Don’t let Xiaojia follow you.”

“No, there’s no need to do that. You probably won’t believe it, but I just bought a piece of land, and I want to see it.” Tang Yu’s voice faded into the distance.

The cousin was also stunned.

Should he believe that?!


In addition to the upscale neighborhood gate, Tang Yu and Elaine converged with his team.

With Winnie’s connection through the contract, it was as if they followed a high-end navigation system. After a while, they arrived at the designated area.

The land was located at the corner of the shelter, quite remote, but the surrounding environment is relaxed and full of greeneries.

It is said that this piece of land belonged to an official of the shelter. He was planning to build a high-end residential community here, as well as a series of functional buildings such as a cultivation hall, and turn it into the hunters’ most popular place.

However, before construction had even begun, the project …… had stopped.

“They said when the constructions started, they dug a hole, and numerous demonic beasts ran out. Since then, the project couldn’t continue because this area was no longer safe.”

Tang Yu understood. Because of it, he could purchase the land smoothly. Otherwise, even if he gave numerous rune equipment and other trade items to Luoxia, he wouldn’t have land this big.

Because of the problematic land, the price was lower than he had expected. Except for a number of rune equipment, he didn’t pay much for spirit stones.

So other than the land’s safety, he was satisfied with other things.

As for the demonic beasts, after he built the sub-territory, he wouldn’t have to worry about it. Winnie had observed before and said it was problematic, but that’s all.

This area had been cordoned off, and there were soldiers patrolling around. Farther away, strong military searchlights emitted bright spotlight like the daylight.

From their formation, Tang Yu understood that this area wasn’t just a small problem.

Thinking about it, if the problem was small, then the shelter wouldn’t wait to solve it until now.

He was curious to know what kind of demonic beasts that made Luoxia’s progress came to an abrupt halt. 

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