My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 21


Chapter 21 – It’s time to show the tip of the iceberg in the territory

Lu Xiaopeng and his classmates were stunned.

“What is that? Is that some kind of strange demonic beast?!”

“Maybe it’s a product of Black Technology? The robot era is coming?!”

“Can Black Technology make robots that advanced? Look at those two iron monsters, their movements are very smooth with no programmed trajectory. Their arm joints are also very flexible. They are way more advanced than the pre-doomsday robot development. I don’t know much about robotics, but even if we had discovered new materials and our technologies had advanced rapidly, it’s still impossible to make such robots. So there’s only one explanation. They must’ve been some hunter’s special ability!”

“But who can conjure such ability?”

Some whispered.

The number of people with special ability is very rare. Their existences were simply a legend. Even some survivor had never heard of it.

The people with special abilities had either powerful, strange, or all-encompassing abilities.

Their existences alone seemed to break the worldwide scientist’s logic. No matter what the abilities were, it seemed that they could do scientifically impossible things.

If this was truly a masterpiece of a person with special ability, then they found it easy to accept the concept.


It’s already twilight.

The resort villa looked like a garbage dumpster. When Xiaopeng walked down the road, he saw busy survivors going back and forth like magic puppets.

Since they encountered the survivors there and revealed their identity, Xiaopeng and his classmates decided to stay for now.

The reason was simple, if you worked here, you would be rewarded with food.

As they were starving for the last few days, the offer seemed to be worth the price. They learned that sufficient food alone was not the only reward. For a good performance, they could possibly get meat as a reward. Several people were shocked and their mouths unconsciously became watery.

In the past few days, life was hard and their food was very limited. They could hardly fill their stomach.

Lu Xiaopeng felt that it must be for this reason that he couldn’t beat the demonic wolf.

He had already been looking forward for the upcoming dinner time. It’s because of the food, of course. He worked hard and pulled a dozen or more broken stones which he already felt familiar with.

On the small square in front of the area.

A bust sculpture of an ancient Greek woman stood in the center. It was carved in a unique curve of ancient Greece.

Lu Xiaopeng’s attention was not on the bust, but at the stones piling up like a mini hill in front of it.

The originally empty square became a little crowded and messy.

Lu Xiaopeng saw the other survivors, the shelter’s ‘elders’.

He greeted him and asked, “Do you know what we’re going to do with these stones?”

The survivor who was pushing a cart full of stones shook his head, “I don’t know. As long as we did our job, we can get good food and drink every day.”

He recognized Lu Xiapeng as the newly joined hunter today and thought about it, “Maybe Leader Tang is planning to build something. Who knows? But Leader Tang must have his own plan.”

“Did he plan to build a wall of soil? That’s good. At least we would have some extra protection even though it couldn’t stop demonic beast from attacking. Only a real city walls can withstand the attack. They said large shelters built concrete city walls. It’s very safe inside the walls.”

“Yeah.” The survivor also concurred. “It’s just we need a lot of manpower and material resources to build a city wall. Large shelters had the corresponding equipment while small shelters don’t. So we can only gather materials and make a simple defense line out of it.”

“Don’t worry, we have Leader Tang and several masters. Ordinary demonic beast is not a threat to the shelter.”


Lu Xiaopeng was intrigued.

He hadn’t met Leader Tang yet. But he had seen a strong tall man. This person gave him a strong sense of oppression. It’s said that he was the left hand of Leader Tang. In the end, he still didn’t know how strong he was.

But Lu Xiaopeng still worried about the safety of the shelter.

The shelter had been attacked by a demonic wave, then, would there be a possibility of it being attacked again?

Would it be dangerous to sleep at night?

Leader Tang and the masters might have a strong power, but the shelter itself was not fortified or equipped with an alarm system.

He expressed the worries in his heart, but the survivor smiled and said, “One night, we encountered a demonic beast attack. And guess what? The master brother descended from the sky as he trampled down the demonic beast with one foot. The assassin-type demonic beast who was hiding in the bush was also killed by the master brother.”

“Leader Tang guaranteed your safety as long as you stay within the villa area. I didn’t believe it before, but I do now. Of course, I also hoped that the shelter can build a decent defense line against the demonic beast. But with our small manpower, we can only progress slowly.”

Lu Xiaopeng nodded. That was indeed the drawback of the shelter. Now he could only look forward to using the stones to build a solid wall.

At this time, shouts came from the entrance of the villa area.

Chen Haiping walked out from the inside, he was holding a loudspeaker, “Attention please! Everyone stays behind the yellow line. I repeat, everyone stays behind the yellow line.”

Lu Xiaopeng gazed at the ground and indeed there was a yellow line extending from the side of the small square to the exit of the villa area, it extended as if it was encircling the whole villa area.

What’s this for?


Castle, top floor balcony.

Tang Yu leaned on the side of the carved fence, the magnificent view came to his eyes.

With the faint twilight light, he could overlook the entire villa area from here.

The castle was no longer the original two-story basic model. He had upgraded it to a second-level castle. The upgrade did not just come with a wider area covers, but also upgraded the building into a magnificent five story castle.

What Tang Yu valued the most was not the change of the castle, but the territory.

The secondary territory was centered surrounding the castle, covering more than half of the resort villas and spread directly up to the northern mountains. Through the map, he could see the other side of the mountain. There were some red point representing enemies. It meant that there should be some demonic beasts up in the mountain.

The mountain forests were dangerous with not only the demonic beast, but also with the animals from pre-doomsday era. Animals that were affected by the red fog were turned into demonic beasts, but those who didn’t turn into demonic beasts survived this cruel competition, they had mutated.

In addition, after the doomsday, vegetation grew wildly and unknown things started to appear one by one. Tang Yu wasn’t surprised even if some strange and dangerous places did appeared. Relatively, the more complicated and unpredictable the place was, the more likely some good things would appear. The spirit stone mine that was accidentally discovered by Wang Tai was also located in the mountains.

He had sent Roger and Elaine to scout the mountain forest and had concluded that there’re even more demonic beasts in the mountain forest area than that in the wilds. With the complex terrain, it would take some time before he could begin mining the spirit stones in the mine.

“Now let’s focus on the territorial development first.”

The current territory, even with several high-ranked combatants, was only safe during an ordinary demonic beast attack.

A few days ago, they were hit by a demonic beast wave, Tang Yu was also worried that they would be attacked again.

At this time, the territorial buildings spread thin, the area was mostly ruined. It’s even worse than a small shelter. This was not to mention the territory’s development.

Tang Yu opened the system panel and his eyes fell on the defensive buildings tab –construction of the city wall.

“It’s time to show the tip of the iceberg in the territory.”

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