My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 210



The captain turned his head and looked at Tang Yu with an incredulous gaze, his mouth slightly open, but he didn’t say anything.

Elaine, wearing a gorgeous ice-blue dress, didn’t stand out among Tang Yu’s team.

Unlike Winnie and Oguri, who exuded the scent of 2nd realm awakening, Moon Protoss just used her magical ‘Pathfinding’ technique. Elaine hadn’t made a move along the way here. 

The black ants surrounded them, rustling and crawling, obscuring the glowing green crystal on the rock wall, making the lighting in the cave even darker.

Their flashlights were like their last glimmer of light that was about to be drowned by the black wave. 

At Tang Yu’s words, Elaine nodded her head. Her crystal shoes stepped on the uneven ground and crossed over to the front. 

A pair of blue glimmering crystal floral earrings appeared in her ears. 

Ahead ring engraved with an arcane pattern covered her forehead. 

She stretched her hand’s mid-air as if she was holding something. A pale blue light emerged from her palm, elongating to form a staff similar to her height topped with Moon white crystal.

She pointed the staff forward with a solemn expression. The white Moon white crystal emitted a blue glow, and the air around them suddenly became colder. 

“Achoo!” Tang Yu’s cousin sneezed from the cold. 

After that, the temperature dropped faster, and glittering snowflakes floated in the underground space.

A smear of blue-white flowers erupted from the crowd’s location. The ice-blue flower’s petals bloomed layer by layer, freezing the entire underground cave into an icy world, freezing the ants that were moving towards them.

Elaine pulled her hand, her staff placed on the ground, and she breathed a soft sigh of relief. 

Millions of demonic black ants froze in just one move—all the ants, whether the small one or the large ones, were completely frozen to ice. 

It’s truly terrifying! 

Tang Yu was distracted. After accepting her legacy, her strength rose to Tenth Awakening Stage. Even Kevin couldn’t tell the grade of her new equipment.

This was the first time that Elaine had fully exerted her strength. Tang Yu thought right now. She had no other competitors among hunters. 

But… the MVP of this battle shifted towards Elaine’s head, and suddenly he felt heartbroken. 

They both had accepted the legacy, so why can’t he be like her? 

He suspected he received a fake legacy.


The ant queen let out a piercing shriek. Only this time, she was in a panic. The armored ant guards beside her broke free from the ice, and the queen grew frantic.

A stream of black eggs with mucus spewed out from her abdomen. Before long, a number of black ants broke out of the eggs. 

She was actually breeding in public!

Tang Yu’s mouth twitched. He pulled out a palm-sized prismatic crystal stone from his pocket and aimed it at the queen at a distance. The crystal flickered with light and soon revealed the information. 

[Level: Ninth Awakening Stage.] [Special ability: Mental Shock, laying eggs.] [Characteristics: …] [Weaknesses: …] [Note: With enough time and resources, the ant queen can lay eggs.]

Mental shock is fine, but breeding…. he originally thought breeding was her special ability.

But after seeing that in just a minute, black ants’ numbers exploded. And amidst the black wave, they couldn’t find the queen.

If they left them in another month and a half, the number of black ants in this area would be doubled a dozen times or even more.

When that happens, the area would be completely hollowed out by the ants until it collapsed. 

Sure enough, it was an insect-type self-propelled arsenal.

Tang Yu shook his head. He already knew the queen’s strength. Except for the weaker hunter who couldn’t move forward due to the queen’s mental shock, the other rushed out to attack.

Shay’s weapon turned into a hand cannon mode and kept bombarding.

Moon’s face was calm while she shot out spell missiles from her hands at the ant queen. 

The captain and his men were agitated, firing their guns in a frenzy. 

Tang Yu threw out a few fighter puppets with a large shield and charged forward. 

The ordinary ants were quickly killed. The queen’s elite guards shrieked and rushed forwards, jamming their mouths at the shield but unable to harm it. 

After a fierce fight, the queen’s body was unable to resist anymore. Her huge body collapsed. 


Upscale neighborhood, two villas lined next to each other.

Tang Yu, who had just endured a barrage of nagging from his father and mother, sighed helplessly and walked out of the villa door, heading to the other one.

Nevertheless, his heartfelt warm. As long as his parents were here, he still had a place to return. 

Looking at the starry sky, they looked beautiful.

The other villa was the followers’ temporary residence. Both his parents and followers were uncomfortable living together.

To the followers, Tang Yu’s parents were the Lord’s parents, so they respected them, maybe too respectful.

But in the eyes of Tang Yu’s parents, the followers were their son’s companion. Without them, he wouldn’t make it to Luoxia and was equally polite. It was awkward. 

After dealing with the ant queen, the captain and the soldiers hurriedly went back.

They reported while Tang Yu and the others returned to their villa. They still had time for a late-night snack before going to bed. 

Entering the villa, Tang Yu found his followers were playing card games. This time, it’s not Landlord, but Three Kingdoms because of their large numbers of people present. When he came in, he heard Moon was cheering for her victory. 

On the other hand, Shay muttered. “How come I was the first one to be eliminated again? I always win against Sky and the others!” Looked like he was in doubt. 

Tang Yu couldn’t help but laugh. As a warrior-type sniper, what do you expect against an astrologist? 

The Carmen brothers worked together, and the rest were good at illusion and perception.

If he joins the game, he will be the first one to be eliminated. So Tang Yu chose to be a silent bystander. 

After a while, he was looking around, but he found something wrong. “Where’s Star? Have you seen her?” 

Moon replied. “She went out to do grocery shopping because she heard the Lord want a late supper.”

Winnie, however, felt something was wrong. “Huh? Star? Shouldn’t she be back by now? She’s been out for a while, right?” 

Tang Yu, though carefully. He’s been here for a while. By now, she should be back from grocery shopping. 

“She’s okay, right? Nothing happened? No accidents or something?” 

Moon carelessly waved her hand, cheered for winning another round, and asked if Tang Yu wanted to join. Before finally saying. “Nah, don’t worry about it. She won’t be lost again.” 

“Again? But why…”

“Because my sister is so good at bargaining. I’ve been living with her my whole life. Buying food is her task. So don’t worry about her getting lost and such. Her pathfinding skill is good. She made the spell I used to find the ant queen. She made it an even more powerful spell.

The spell can even be accurate to a few meters forward, when to turn, how many degrees the curve is, how high is the altitude, etc… In short, my sister can return…” Moon Protoss introduced the ‘Pathfinding’ skill. 

Indeed, it sounds like it’s very powerful. 

But Tang Yu felt something was wrong with this technique! 

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