My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 211


Half an hour ago.

The team rented a villa in the upscale neighborhood. The survivors who lived here had higher spending power.

Near the neighborhood, there was a market that was opened during the night time.

Their selling was better than during the day. They were in the process of developing a new product for the past few years.

Right now, Star squatted down in front of a ‘Seafood Special’ stall, bargaining with the owner.

Her aim was to buy Luoxia’s specialty seafood. She filled her backpack with all sorts of ingredients.

Half of the space backpack was already filled with fruit & vegetables, all kinds of meat, and seasonings. 

In this regard, Tang Yu and the others had better food than the one cooked at the Luoxia restaurants.


Star’s face was expressionless. Her fingers traced over a few backpack-sized hairy crabs, two meters long perch, and a pile of plate-sized scallops… unfortunately, they’re already dead, not alive and fresh.

“How much for these?”

The stall owner smiled. “3, 3, 2… 8 spirit stones.” 

If it was Tang Yu, he would exclaim, ‘So cheap!’. In Lindong, a piece of frozen mutated meat with the size of a 20-inch suitcase would sell for ten spirit stones.

There was no fixed price at the marketplace, so an ordinary hunter who was lucky enough to hunt a mutated beast could earn hundreds of spirit stones. 

In comparison, the seafood in Luoxia was cheap with large amounts. 

However, Star wasn’t impressed. “4 Spirit Stones.”

The owner forced a smile. “7. Our business is small. It couldn’t get cheaper than this.”

Star was still expressionless. “4.”

The corner of the owner’s mouth twitched, he gritted his teeth. “Forget it, 6 spirit stones. Let’s be friends.”

Star’s face remained unchanged. “4 spirit stones.”

The owner… seemed to have made up his mind. “5 Spirit stones, consider I’m selling it at a loss!”

Star’s face still remained with her calm expression. “4 spirit stones.”

“…then four spirit stones it is.” The owner’s smile turned bitter as he bundled up the ingredients. He slowed down his breath before asking. “Do you need a delivery to your door? The convenience market had a delivery system that only charged 0.1 spirit stones within 2 kilometers distance and 0.3 spirit stones within 5 kilometers.”

Star nodded with a solemn expression. Gave him the spirit stones, filled in the address, and turned around to leave.

With the Luoxia official’s supervision, these vendors wouldn’t dare to cheat on the customer. 

She took a few more turns in the convenience market, bought some more ingredients.

After she felt the number of purchased goods was enough, she turned to leave the market. 

Outside the market, survivors come and go. 

A small truck loaded with seafood drove out from the market to deliver food and ingredients to various areas in the shelter.

Some couriers are pedaling their tricycles with bundled goods piled near the rear compartment and leisurely riding into the distance. 

Star expressionlessly watched the passerby. She held a pendant in her hand, the chain wobbled, and the circular patterned object tied to it turned upside down. A number was vaguely visible…5.

“The spell to measure the price is quite useful.”

She turned her head to look around. Strolling out of the market, turn left, just two more blocks until the neighborhood. Star snapped her fingers and counted. 

She remembered the route very well. With average walking speed, it was less than 10 minutes away.

Hm… it’s close. She couldn’t get wrong. 

She’s not a direction-blind!

Ten minutes later, Star was standing at an intersection, pondering. 

Twenty minutes later, she stood in the middle of a street with no turnoffs. Pondering if she should go forward or backward.

Thirty minutes later, she turned into an alleyway, blocked by a wall at the dead end. She squatted down, hands on her cheek, eyes staring blankly. ‘I’ve looked at the map, I’ve calculated the distance, and obviously… there’s nothing wrong.’

She took out the pendant with the circular patterned object. The pendant chain wrapped around her hand, the tethered object was swaying slightly.

She hesitated. “Do I have to use that technique to find the right path?”

“….No. Definitely not! I feel like I’ve mapped out my surroundings, and there’s a saying that when all the wrong paths have been taken, the one that’s left must be the right one!”

Star felt energetic again. She clenched her small fist. 

But soon, she tilted her head, recalling-

Just now, which way did she just go?


Nearby, a few tipsy young men hooked shoulders with wide grins on their faces. Mumbling sounds were coming out of their mouths. 

One of them looked away, and suddenly his eyes widened. He couldn’t help stretching his neck to see more clearly. “Big bro, look! Amazing!” 

In the middle of the group, a slightly older man who looked mean, wearing a shirt with open buttons exposing the thick hair on his chest, looked forward. 

At the narrow alleyway, squatting in silence, a girl wearing a plain white dress looked helpless.  

Suddenly, his face brightened. “Indeed, it is indeed, amazing.” He quickly looked around. This place was quite remote. At night, there were no streetlights. Only the bright moon hung up in the sky illuminated the alley with a pale light. 

A few survivors passed by. But this alley was a dead end, so no one would walk in this direction.

A young man rubbed his hands and laughed with a malicious tone. “Hehehehe… it’s our chance, amazing. Brothers, today, we’re blessed.” 

Not far away, a few tipsy-looking youths, hooking shoulders, with obscene smiles on their faces and unpronounceable sounds coming out of their mouths.

The big brother smacked his head. “Stupid! If we sell this amazing one to the Black Market, we can earn a lot of money. You’re not as intelligent as you look! You can’t even think of such an easy truth.”

“As expected from big brother.” 

“Big brother is awesome.”

While they flattered him, the group slowly approached the dead-end alleyway. 

They looked at each other, steady. 

Suddenly, the girl in the white dress stood up. But she didn’t seem to notice them. She was still standing in front of the wall that blocked the alley.

At the next moment.


The girl in the dress jumped up high.

The young men looked up. Their eyes unconsciously followed her movement. 

They just saw the girl was actually leaping against the gravity. Her dress fluttered around her ankles until…she crossed the five meters wall and disappeared from their sight. 

They faintly heard the girl’s muttering. “If I don’t walk on the road, it’s impossible to get lost, right?”

The tipsy young men panicked, their drunkenness instantly dissipated. 

A young man shivered. “Big…brother… it seems… seems to be a hunter!” 


“Big… brother… I… we won’t get any trouble, right?”

“Shut up! Can’t you see I’m freaking out!”

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