My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 212


The following day, the weather was fine.

The followers were busy. Yesterday, they killed the ant queen. After walking out of the anthill cave, the captain and the soldiers quickly reported to the shelter. The Luoxia Shelter Officials quickly sent extra manpower over to investigate. 

After a series of complicated investigation procedures, the Officials finally came to the conclusion that the danger level of this area was close to zero.

The reason it was ‘close to zero’ was because there were a few demonic black ants left in the nest. But after the queen was dead, they didn’t possess much threat. 

Tang Yu walked in the cave maze with Shay. Last night when they were having a late-night snack, the Officials sent personnel to report the situation. 

“Luoxia said that after the danger rating dropped, we were allowed to start working. But they instructed us to clean up the leftover ants as soon as possible.”

Tang Yu nodded. The cave spread in all directions, making the cleanup task even more troublesome.

But it won’t be trouble once he sets up a fortress here and covers the territory. The black ants would have nowhere left to hide. 

He decided to build the fortress on the wide underground space. A sub-territory’s range was about 1 kilometer.

Although it’s smaller compared to the main territory, it’s still large enough. The fortress will be built underground.

All other system buildings he needed, including the teleportation array, will be built underground except for a training camp.

No, no…

Tang Yu estimated the number of hunters in the shelter. They were all his potential customers.

A training camp couldn’t satisfy a huge number of consumers. Maybe 10? 100? He lost count.

Not long after, they walked out of the deep and damp underground passage and arrived at the underground space. This place still had its last appearance yesterday after Elaine’s spell, wrapped in a thick layer of ice. The ant queen’s body was resting somewhere. 

There’s an unwritten rule among hunters. Whoever hunts own the spoils.

The one who contributed the most to killing the ant queen yesterday was without doubt Tang Yu’s followers.

So, the spoils of war belonged to him, including the valuable-looking green crystals on the stone wall around the underground space.    

The shelter only took a small amount for research. 

Tang Yu understood it wasn’t just because of their contribution. But it was because of Elaine’s spell, the Ten Mile Freeze. 

It was clear. Whether the captain and the soldiers or the investigation team sent to observe the scene and saw Elaine’s Ice World, they all understood.

There’s nothing they can do against it. Apparently, the Luoxia management officials weren’t stupid. 

But clearly, the previous landlord was heartbroken. 

The cleanup task was rather troublesome. Because there were still a small number of leftover ants, he didn’t hire survivors.

Instead, he just released a number of puppets at the underground space and let Elaine de-freeze the ice layer.

After a lot of hard work, they could only manage to clean up a small part of the space. 

Tang Yu walked to the center of the space. Tapping on the transparent system UI, only himself could see. 

[Build a fortress.] [Selecting OK. ]


A five-stories tall fortress appeared out of thin air in the underground space. The fortress was square-ish with a grey-black facade. 

Tang Yu walked into it. Unlike the castle’s luxurious decorations, the fortress was furnished with an iron-blooded style, with simple furnishings, but not lacking comfortable equipment.

But the interior didn’t matter. What mattered was as soon as the fortress was built, the sub-territory map appeared along with the main territory map.

The map was smaller in size. When he clicked on it, a number of red dots appeared in a pile.

He couldn’t share the map with his followers, so he sent out dozens of fighter puppets divided into three groups.

Two shield puppets, a sword fighter, and two gunner puppets teamed up together to deal with Triple Awakening demonic black ants.

After that, he returned to the comfort of the rented villa.

 Of course, he left the sub-territory development to the followers. “Maybe the construction on this sub-territory will be completed earlier than the territory. After all, there’s a lot of available ordinary laborers.”



Somewhere 20 to 30 kilometers from Luoxia Shelter.

This was an area carefully selected by the Zhentian Martial School to train their students.

Led by the Master, the hundreds of students were divided into groups to venture to the nearby area.

Due to the students’ numbers, they only encountered a small amount of demonic beast in the 2-star danger zone. 

Demonic beasts were even rarer than the students.

Chen Xiaojia squatted on a large rock, holding up her chin, and sighed in boredom, “There’s not enough demonic beast for us! When will it be our turn?” 

“It’s not because the demonic beasts numbers are too few. But because there were too many of us here. Anyway, we’re luckier than other groups because the Master is in our group. Just now, when he punched a demonic beast to death, it looked amazing!” 

Beside her, a young girl squatted down too. She looked away, hands dirty, at the situation on the field. Her eyes sparkled as she saw the Master’s excellent fighting skill. 

But then nearby… a few survivors were fighting a demonic beast.

The girls immediately covered their mouth because it’s inappropriate to laugh right now.

Because the hunters who faced the demonic beast looked panicked. Dodging and weaving his knife in panic, even almost hurting himself.

It was hard to inflict damage on the beast. The hunter tried to implement the combat technique taught by the martial art school. He closed his eyes and wildly danced with his knife.

In just a few seconds, he was pounced by the demonic beast. Its fishy stench from the beast’s mouth was overwhelming, making the newly awakened hunter who just held a knife for fight fainted from shock. 

A guard wearing ‘Zhentian Martial Arts School’ furrowed his brows and kicked the demonic beast before it tore the unconscious student apart. He didn’t strike hard, just enough to make the beast fall backward. 

Another guard shouted after he read the student name list. “Next up, Chen Xiaojia. Where are you?”

Each and every participating student had a chance to at least fight against the same demonic beast.

She had been waiting from morning until afternoon. Chen Xiaojia jumped when she heard her name called.

She was courageous when facing the demonic beast. She wasn’t timid, but her legs couldn’t help but tremble slightly. The demonic beast roared and pounced. 

Chen Xiaojia didn’t take out her weapon. Instead, she stretched out her hands, and in a flash, a few bright green seedlings suddenly grew up wildly from the ground and wrapped around the beast’s two hind legs. 

The demonic wolf staggered and freed itself from the vines, but soon, more and more vines wrapped around it.

Chen Xiaojia saw that the timing was right. She drew out an ordinary short sword hanging at her waist, gripped it with her trembling hands, and stabbed down towards the demonic wolf.


The blade easily tore through the skull, and the demonic wolf’s struggle grew weaker and weaker until it died.

A trace of spirit power escaped the demonic beast’s carcass and sucked by her body.

The chubby girl clapped vigorously with admiration, “I also have special abilities, but still can’t defeat them! Hahaha! How does it feel to absorb spirit power?” 

“How does it feel? Well, it doesn’t seem like there’s much of it.” Chen Xiaojia pondered. 

“..My cousin said that we would feel a comfortable feeling when breaking through a stage. We barely feel anything from just absorbing a bit of spirit power. Unfortunately, this beast is too weak and didn’t have much spirit power.” She muttered, but her hands were still slightly trembling. She quickly turned her face away. 

The chubby girl glanced at the plain sword in her hands. And asked with great curiosity. “Xiaojia, did you use your own weapon? Why is it so sharp?

“Oh, right.” Chen Xiaojia was confused. The other trainee who used the weapon provided by the school wouldn’t be able to easily pierce through the demonic beast’s skin. 

“My cousin gave this to me. He also gave me some items that he told me to use in case of danger occurred. But they looked a bit strange.” 

She didn’t care. With their Master, out on a Martial Arts School Adventures, how could she encounter danger- 


Suddenly, an explosion occurred in the distance. 

Accompanied by the sudden firearms shot. 

Flame piled up to the sky.

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