My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 214


The terrifying Winged Demonic Tiger nearby turned into a piece of black charcoal, still maintaining its pouncing stance.

Chen Xiaojia still had the torn Spell Scroll in her hand. Speechless, she couldn’t believe a piece of scroll could… blown that terrifying Winged Tiger to death? 

Right now, a huge amount of Spirit Power escaped from the Winged Tiger, flowing into her body like a river.

Chen Xiaojia’s eyes widened. She could clearly feel the huge spirit of power pushing and accumulating in her body.

The surging power almost burst, she refining it slightly, the power converged into her body. It was nourishing her. 

She felt very comfortable. 

As long as she refined the spirit power, it’s more than enough to advance through the Double Awakening Stage. 

The other students looked at Chen Xiaojia with a surprised look mainly because there were plenty of such blazing colors objects in her backpack.

They watched as she tore open another scroll with air symbols and an aura surrounded her.

She quickly put on a strange white bracelet and handed some objects to the chubby girl. 

Instantly, the two girls were fully armed. As if they had changed from white grade outfit to purple grade, full of advanced buffs. 

When another Demonic Tiger pounced again, they were sure the girls could take care of it. 

They couldn’t afford to provoke them… 

At this moment, they recalled something she said. 

It seemed this equipment came from her cousin? 

And it seemed… her cousin was planning to open up a martial school?

The eyes of the other students suddenly lit up.



The Zhentian Martial Arts School that went out for training was attacked by Demonic Beasts. The responsible team all scattered and fled, killing and injuring the students. 

Even before Chen Xiaojia returned to the shelter, the news had spread over the shelter. 

As one of the five major Martial Arts Schools in the Luoxia Shelter, Zhentian was redeemed powerful.

No one would’ve thought that an ordinary outing for training exercises would turn into a massacre. 

It was said that the masters of the Zhentian Martial Arts School couldn’t do much in the face of sudden danger. 

Tang Yu was also shocked when he heard the news, especially when he remembered his cousin, Chen Xiaojia, also participated in the training outings.

Although he had stuffed his cousins with plenty of life-saving items beforehand, he never expected an accident to happen.

The outing location wasn’t even that far from the Luoxia Shelter. The demonic beasts lurking in that area weren’t particularly powerful.

With Zhentian Martial School’s strength, they possessed no big threat, and no reckless hunters would dare to provoke them. 

In his opinion, it should be called a wilderness outing rather than a training exercise. There wasn’t really much danger to it. 

“The wilderness sure are dangerous. Luckily, Xiaojia is alright, and she’s almost back at the shelter.” He contacted her through a special team. 

However, there were a lot of students who were no longer be heard about. Perhaps, they were eaten by a demonic beast or fled somewhere else.

With the student’s green fighting skills, not many of these students could survive on their own in the wilderness. 

Although the Zhentian Martial Arts School had sent out several search and rescue teams, they were still questioned by many of the students’ families. And the martial arts school’s reputation rapidly dropped.

Tang Yu heard the news from Shay, who had been hanging out at the mercenary union for a time.

In just a half an hour, the mercenary union had hundreds more search and rescue missions. All of which were issued by the student’s families. 

Right now, he wasn’t short of money and had no interest in taking such a mission. 

But just in case, he sent the Protoss Sisters, Star, and Moon to bring back Chen Xiaojia, who was still in the wilderness, and brought along a group of students who were with them. 

This way, his not-yet-to-be-named mercenary regiment had completed more than two dozen missions in less than 24 hours after their registration.

Which already broke the record of Luoxia Mercenary Union and left the second place far behind. 

One after another, the martial arts students were successfully rescued. Yet, there were still a lot more whose fate was unclear.

A young man ran through the jungle, frequently glancing back every now and then.

Finally, he stopped running. Panting heavily. “Whoa… alright… looks like… I’ve finally got away.” 



There was a strange noise nearby.

The young man looked up, with tension and caution, in the direction of the sound.

A skeleton poked through the grass and appeared in front of him. The skeleton had the same height as a human with gray bone. It seemed to wander aimlessly, not very fast. 

The young man froze and moved his feet, trying to avoid it without disturbing the skeleton. 

But suddenly…


The skeleton’s neck turned 90 degrees towards the man with a crushing sound. The flames lit up on both of its hollowed eyes and rushed straight towards the young man. 

He was a strong hunter among the students. Although he was nervous, he didn’t panic. 

He held the sword in his hands. He didn’t lose it even though he had been running like crazy. He was relieved.

The skeleton’s aura wasn’t strong. With a weapon in his hand, it possessed no threat. 

He fixed his mind and waited until the skeleton was close. He swung the sword high and slashed down at the skeleton’s neck. 


The blade stopped mid-air.

The skeleton’s skinny bony hands blocked the attack, firmly grasped the blade. Making the sword unable to move. 

The young student’s eyes were horrified. He loosened his grip on the blade, wanting to escape, but his expression was frozen as he saw the skeleton’s other hand lifted.

Its hand pointed towards the student’s forehead and a hollow opened. Blood flowing out of the hollow. 

The flame burning on the skeleton’s hollowed eyes glowed brighter. It moved its jaws, making a strange sound. 

“Luoxia…. Human…. Food….”

The corpse of the young student in front of it dried up. While the piece of flesh slowly grows out of the skeleton’s grey bones. 


Lingcheng area. 

Things remained the same here. The convoy from Hengcheng had yet to return. 

During this time, more and more hunters traveled between Lindong and Tree Shade. 

The Demon Slayer Longsword Series, the Cloud Breaking Battle Sword Series, and other weapons and equipment attracted the eyes of the hunters in Lindong even if they had not yet seen the weapon with their own eyes.

The Tree Shade Shelter’s reputation slowly grew, no longer limited to the Lindong Officials. 

The hunters and some well-informed survivors would mention it between casual conversation. What became the hot topic was obviously the Tree Shade equipment. 

The Tree Shade Shelter’s name bloomed around Lindong. 

Everything was moving in a favorable direction. 

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