My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 216


The first person that crossed Tang Yu’s mind was the Protoss Sisters, Star, and Moon. Especially Star the Pathfinder.

They were the professionals in terms of finding a way or a person. 

But the sisters were still at Luoxia. 

Tang Yu thought about it and prepared to build the Teleportation Array first.

Considering that he would use the Teleportation Array to transport supplies, Tang Yu didn’t plan to build it in the castle.

“But it won’t be open to the public for the time being. It also needs stability, and the current territory is full of people with mixed characters.” Pondering, Tang Yu walked out of the castle and looked around. 

The original villas in the eastern villa district had been demolished. And in some places, a new and gorgeous building had been built, while in many places, it was still under construction. 

He continued walking towards the eastern side and came to the end of the villa area. 

Vaguely, there were traces of a few large trees being planted here. Further ahead, there was a steep mountain wall.

On the other side, the majestic black city wall stretched to the end of the sight.

This is it!

He opened the building system panel, flipped to the special building area. Selected the Teleportation Array and clicked built.

[Ding Dong! Constructing the Teleportation Array consumes 20,000 units of Spirit Stones and 2,000 units of stone. Confirm?]


The barren, messy, and uneven open space was smoothed out by an invisible hand.

The spirit stones piled up in the warehouse, and a large amount of stones piling up in the resource warehouse were transported here by an unknown force.

On the polished land, a pure white marble with black patterns was laid down inch by inch.

In the blink of an eye, a small circle appeared on the square floor with a diameter of over 10 meters. 

At the edge of the small square floor, four spiked columns that were wide at the bottom and narrowed at the top were symmetrically built. 

On the marble floor, mysterious arcane patterns appeared and swiftly disappeared again. 

Tang Yu compared these patterns to the one he used to summon his followers and found the resemblance too uncanny! 

He couldn’t even understand it!

Anyway, in terms of his talismanic attainments, he can be regarded as… a newbie!

Tang Yu breathed a sigh of relief, check the remaining source crystal units in his account, and felt heartbroken again.

A Teleportation Array cost him 20.000 spirit stones. If two, it’s 40.000 spirit stones! 

Excluding the hidden base, he was going to build to cover the Teleportation Array.

It’s not just consuming the spirit stones. It’s basically burning up his money! 

Feeling his wealth depleting, his eyes were twitching. 

As a last resort, the Grand Lord Tang used the diversion method. He quickly imagined that future goods transportation would bring out several times or even dozens of times more profit. He immediately felt a little better.

Tang Yu walked into one of the pillars.

There were notches on it where spirit stones could be placed… 

If he didn’t build a warehouse, he would need to put spirit stones into it every single time he used the Teleportation Array.

These pillars could be manipulated for teleportation. After having 2 Teleportation Array, an option showed up, with ‘Fortress No. 1’. 

Tang Yu turned on the teleportation function in the system panel. Besides controlling it through the pillars, he could also control it from the system panel with more advanced options. As if a user and an administrator’s access. 

[Internal teleportation: Option Fortress No. 1, 1.000 Spirit Stones.] [Secret Teleportation: Options: None, search in… ] [External delivery: Options: None, can be added to…]

He closed the Teleportation Array menu and stroked his chin. 

He already sent a message to the Protoss sisters to return. 

Luoxia and the territory were too far apart. Using a normal contract message would cause a 10 minutes delay even with text messages.

But fortunately, he had established a sub-territory fortress at Luoxia Shelter, which acts as a signal base station.

The signal within the territory was the best. With the signal base station in place there, even a video call connection wouldn’t be a problem.

It was much more convenient than contacting the Gray Blade, who was staying in Lindong.

“With a Teleportation Array there, it’s also convenient to travel to and from if I ignore the cost…”

The cost of 1.000 spirit stones for single teleportation was too much. 

The Protoss sisters, Star and Moon, were ready to return at any time. But Tang Yu didn’t let them use the Teleportation Array.

Instead, they returned to the territory with the Town Portal Scroll. 

“I have the blueprint for the Town Portal Scroll. The materials needed are just some demonic beast fur, spirit stones, and a small amount of special materials that weren’t too hard to find. The total cost is about 100 spirit stones…”

Tang Yu muttered. 

Two people mean 200 spirit stones. Compared to using the Teleportation Array, it would save him a whooping 800 spirit stones!

This will also apply in the future. As long as there were less than ten people and they traveled lightly, he would prefer using Town Portal Scroll. 

It’s cheaper!


Wilderness, a certain deserted town.

Under Chen Haiping’s leadership, Tang Yu, Protoss sisters, and a group of patrols arrived. 

Chen Haiping pointed at the bloodstains on the mottled walls that were still relatively fresh. “When the patrols went out to search for those guys, they found these murdered hunters. After thorough research, they were the same group that just exchanged for some rune equipment at our shelter a few days before.”

“When the patrols found the bodies, the equipment they had were all gone. And the wounds… there were sword wounds and gunshot wounds. It’s obviously man-made wounds. We guessed that these people were ambushed here.” Chen Haiping took a few steps back, gesturing and pointing at a high point in the distance.

Tang Yu could imagine these people were being targeted ever since they left the shelter.

When they were dealing with a demonic beast, the enemy sniped them. The criminal was too strong and had used sneak attacks and other strategies. The result was clear. 

“We buried the corpses in a humane way nearby. Do we need to dig them up?” Chen Haiping asked.

Tang Yu glanced at the Protoss sisters. 

Both were acting professional, neither a map-blind person nor a clumsy person. 

Star crouched down at the bloodstain and investigated. “Did the fight happen within 24 hours?” 

Chen Haiping nodded. 

“We don’t need to dig up the bodies. This is enough.”


A county town more than twenty kilometers away from the territory.

On the rooftop of an eight-story building, a dozen hunters were laughing and joking.

One of them, a rough-looking hunter, was holding a polished longsword. His fingers flicked the blade with a metal sound. 

“As expected from the Demon Slayer Sword, even the sound is different. And this was just basic equipment from the Tree Shade Shelter.” He lamented.

There was some other equipment beside him, such as the Demon Slayer Combat Knife, Basic Gun, Basic Combat Suit stained with blood taken off from a corpse. 

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