My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 218


The sword blade fragment felt like a raindrop, landed on the ground with a crisp sound.

However, the faces of these people were no longer thrilled, but… horrified. 

Tang Yu held a longsword forged from extraordinary metal in his hand. The blade was silvery white with a faint cold light, a few intricate patterns embedded on the blade, emitting a fading glow. 

This sword was nameless.

Yet it was a weapon he had Kevin tailor-made to suit him best. 

It felt perfect in his hand, suits his job more. It wasn’t until now that Kevin designed and crafted it. 

With its performance, Tang Yu was deeply satisfied. 

But then, the corner of his mouth twitched as he saw the shattered Demon Slayer Sword.

Damn it!

Originally, he planned to recycle the weapons after dealing with these thugs. He could repair it and sell it as second-hand equipment.

With the Demon Slayer Sword’s quality, he could at least sell it for 80 to 90%.

What has he done? 

Did he get cocky just because he was rich? 

Tang Yu clenched his teeth. He should restrict his move. 

Thinking of this, he immediately stabbed the nameless sword into the hunter.

Tang Yu didn’t hold back and stabbed straight to his vital point. The hunter in front of him had no time to react, his chest was stabbed, and he fell dead to the ground. 

No matter how stupid these thugs are, although they didn’t recognize Chen Haiping, none of them dared to rush towards Tang Yu. 

If they could kidnap the girls, they had a chance to survive. However… that was on the premise if they could get closer. 

The group scattered and fled at the same time. The surrounding patrol quickly made their move. 

Peng Bo rushed forward. The scar on his face made him look even scarier. He waved his hand, and countless fine sand flew towards the fleeing hunters.

The fine sands weren’t lethal, but once it came into contact with the hunters, it quickly condensed like plaster, sealing the hunters’ movement.

Lan Qingya stood up straight with two short swords in her hands. She mercilessly slashed towards the hunters. 

The Hammer Brothers held a huge hammer in their hands, wielding it like they were as light as a feather, injuring everyone it touches.

Aside from avoiding Tang Yu’s group, the fleeing hunters also avoided Ma Jiafeng, who was smashing people with his huge hammer. 

Even his fellow patrol members stood away from him, afraid of getting hurt by friendly fire.

Against the patrol member’s deadly attacks, the hunters fought to the death. One by one, they lose their mind, glaring at the patrol members with hatred.

They didn’t expect the Tree Shade Shelter would do this over a few dead hunters. 

But these people didn’t realize that the ‘easy target’ was them. 

A moment later, the entire group was nearly wiped out. Leaving only the strongest boss, who was struggling to survive.

With his life on stake, he no longer dodged and rushed straight forward at the cost of one of his arms, ran out of the two patrol members.

He threw around flashbang with his other uninjured arms, and a bright light exploded.

Briefly stunning the patrol team who quickly raised their hands to cover their eyes from the blinding light. 

The flash bombs affect hunters less than ordinary people. The patrols quickly recovered and found out the boss’ speeding figure far across the street. 

This was a town, the environment was rather complicated. The boss had the Fourth Awakening Stage. Once he got away, it would be hard to catch up. 


At the rooftop. 

Chen Haiping held a Barrett in his hand, held his breath, and gazed into the scope, slowly pulling the trigger. 

The bullet spun, breaking through the air. The patrol members who were still on the rooftop held their breath. 


The boss rolled away, avoiding the sniper rifle bullets. He maintained his speed as he jumped over abandoned vehicles, ruined buildings, and other obstacles to hinder Chen Haiping from aiming at him.

He shot three bullets in a row, but they were all dodged by the boss. 

He was an experienced hunter, a mercenary who had experience with guns before the doomsday. 

Some of the patrol members followed behind, but they couldn’t close the distance with the boss. 

Chen Haiping also became a little anxious. 

Tang Yu also didn’t expect the enemy would run this fast. And turned at the Protoss Sisters. Although they weren’t combatants, their strength towers above him. “You guys can catch him, right?” 

Star and Moon nodded. “Can I borrow it?” She pointed at the modified Barrett sniper rifle in Chen Haiping’s hand. 

“You know how to use firearms?”

“No.” Moon looked at him with an innocent expression. As if saying ‘can’t use firearms and can’t use it is a different thing!’. 

Tang Yu held his forehead, thinking. Since she wanted to borrow the sniper rifle, then just be it.

Even if the boss ran away and hid, Protoss Sisters would be able to locate him again. 

Moon took the sniper rifle and awkwardly held it in her hand. 

Right now, the boss had run away too far, with a few patrol members following closely behind. In order to catch up with him, they occasionally climbed over obstacles. 

When the figure appeared again, Moon’s eyes brightened. Holding the sniper rifle in her hand, she didn’t even aim with the scope. She randomly pointed out the gun and fired. 

Tang Yu saw as a bullet broke through the air. At the same time, as soon as the boss heard gunshots, he dodged again. 

His movements were smooth. But then…


The sniper rifle bullet pierced through his back and exited from his chest.

Tang Yu’s eyes widened. 

Is this the legendary bulls’ eye shooting technique?

As long as the enemy didn’t move too much, it would hit?

But then, he heard the Star and Moon whispering. “Please bless me, I must hit him… I must hit him…”

The corner of his mouth twitched. 

A prayer shot? The fact that this shot hit the target may have something to do with Star and Moon’s job. Nevertheless, it’s a bullseye shot. 



Tang Yu walked to the equipment storage area and poured out the blood-stained equipment from the space ring. 

He collected all the equipment he could find, excluding the shattered longsword. 

Basic longsword, 15… 2 Enhanced Type 1 Combat Sword, 9 Basic Combat Suits, three firearms… in total… he could imagine how many adventurer teams this group had looted in just a few days. 

They were much more dangerous than what Chen Haiping had mentioned. After all, the wilderness is chaotic and dangerous.

What the shelter could gather was just a piece of information. 

“Just from counting the equipment, by the time they loot it, repair it, and sell it, they should be able to earn a few hundred spirit stones…” Tang Yu shook his head. He recalled the previous boss.

Even when he was about to die, he couldn’t understand why the shelter took such measures over a few dead hunters. 

Indeed, if he looked at it from an economic point of view, it didn’t directly affect the shelter. And he was able to recover some of the equipment.

But was Lord Tang such a short-sighted person? Of course, no!

For him, selling rune equipment to earn extra spirit stones was just one of the purposes. The main purpose was to attract hunters to the territory! 

If he wanted to make money, all he had to do was open an equipment shop in Lindong, and money would come to him.

But he would lose the opportunity to attract hunters to the territory. Right now, the territory still lacks people, but he didn’t really want ordinary survivors.

If ordinary survivors were ordinary resources, then the hunters were top quality resources, leeks that could be planted and recycled. 

An ordinary hunter who was lucky could earn hundreds or even thousands of spirit stones in a day.

At that time, these hunters would be rich, and as long as these hunters stayed in the territory for a long time, he could find a way to squeeze them out of their wealth into his hand.

This was just one of the methods.

Other methods, such as the Adventurer’s Guild issuing quests to adventures in the disguise of letting these people find rare materials and herbs for him.

If they lacked hunters, they would have a hard time finding the materials. Even if he and his followers were strong, they couldn’t gather all the materials efficiently.

Hunters with special abilities were even more valuable. 

For example, Earth Manipulator hunters would be a great help in constructing buildings.

Another example was Wood Type, Life Nourishing Type hunters, which could accelerate herb growth, especially some post-doomsday rare herbs, which had a long growth cycle. And could even accelerate the farm production. 

What these thugs did had really nothing to do with him, personally. But it was basically poisoning Grand Lord Tang’s quality leeks. 

“Well, I can’t help it. If I didn’t recover this equipment from those thugs, I would be losing several hundred spirit stones. This is properly a conflict of interest.” Tang Yu stroked his chin.

The thugs died with no further problems.

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