My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 219


The territory was in the southern area of Lingcheng. Since this area was far from large shelters, there were a large number of small shelters scattered across the area.

It’s too far from Lindong. But fortunately, the demonic beasts in this area weren’t too densely populated.

Occasionally, a large number of demonic beasts came to attack the shelter and were successfully resisted by the survivors and hunters.

People had gotten used to this kind of life.

Weak shelters were struggling to survive and risking their lives every day to go out and search for food and could barely survive.

Gradually, some weaker shelters were merged together, forming stronger shelters.

The largest shelter was built in a small town. A 3-meter high earth wall was erected around it. Which, although looked a bit depressing, it was a sign of strength.

More than 20.000 survivors live in this shelter, which was too large for a small shelter and could be considered a medium-sized shelter.

Among the survivors in this area, the Linshan Shelter was their last sanctuary.

It was a place most people yearned to live in. But unfortunately, unless they were strong, it’s not easy to join the shelter.

Of course, a hunter would have easily joined the shelter.

But most hunters had a special status in most shelters. Giving up their rights to start over somewhere new wasn’t something too appealing for most people.


Linshan Shelter Major’s House.

Most buildings in this area had been modified and redecorated to suit the owner or this City Shelter.

The person living in this house also preferred being called ‘Major’, rather than a Shelter Leader.

He felt it looked even more impressive that way.

Right now, the Major of Linshan was standing in the Major’s House. His face looked gloomy.

“Hmph! You want me to give up everything and go to Lindong?” He said, shredding the letter in his hands and throwing it into the trash can.

The content of the letter was basically to thank him for rescuing the survivor. And Lindong granted him the position of a leader, as well as some important material rations.

On the condition that he would cooperate with the army sent by Lindong to escort the survivors back to Lindong shelter.

It was a request, but on the other hand, it carried a tone that couldn’t be refused.

Lindong wished to gather survivors from other shelters. And the rewards provided to the leader was a deal and some materials.

Because his shelter had more than 20.000 survivors, Lindong gave him special attention.

That was why he was given the position of shelter leader. Although it’s not that great, he still had power.

But for the Linshan Major, how could that offer appeal to him, he that has everything under his authority and no one dared to disobey him?

This is his city, his domain.

A middle-aged man with a fawning smile on his face next to him deliberately asked. “When the army comes here in a few days, will we reject them? But won’t this cause Lindong to get angry?”

It took a while before the Linshan Major finally spoke. “We won’t reject them. We will just delay them.”


“Look.” The Linshan Major sneered and tossed an invitation letter to the middle-aged man.

The man spread the letter and read it. “It’s an invitation letter sent by Tree Shade Shelter? Isn’t that shelter which suddenly got famous? They’re inviting us to participate in their large commercial district?”

“I remember there weren’t many survivors in the Tree Shade. But it’s a waste of time and manpower, and resources to build this kind of massive project. It’s not Lindong. Even if they managed to build the commercial district, how many people can afford a trip to that shelter? With more people coming and going, it’s easier to attract demonic beasts. Isn’t the Tree Shade Shelter worried about destroyed by a demonic wave? I think they had no brain!”

The middle-aged man shook his head. And he asked. “What does this invitation letter have anything to do with Lindong?”

“Stupid!” The Major walked to the windows as he waved his hand in the air. “It’s not like Lindong only set their eyes on us. There’s the Tree Shade Shelter in this area too. They’re still flourishing. And now, they are planning to build a commercial district…”

He shook his head in visible disdain. “Judging from their arrogance, I think they would refuse the military. And the military will act indifferent. While we will just be watching the show from afar.”

He didn’t say anything from the bottom of his heart. Suppose the military was scrupulous about influence and does not take too strong measures. In that case, he will have enough confidence to reject the military.

But if the Tree Shade Shelter was quickly taken down by the military, then he would have no choice but to give up. No matter how reluctant he was.

‘Bull’s eye. Fortunately, the Tree Shade is a popular shelter. Otherwise, I would be the one who was being troubled.’

However, the Major had no idea that Tang Yu didn’t receive the same invitation letter from the military.

It’s because Lu Jianjun was still having a headache about what kind of attitude he should show towards the Tree Shade.

The middle-aged man beside him suddenly remembered something. He spoke up with a worried expression. “Major, I heard there was a small shelter attacked by demonic waves. No one survived. Not the hunters, not the survivors. Us here… I mean, we should have the scouting regiments to carefully pay attention to the demonic beasts’ movement.”

He was going to say this shelter was as safe as a large shelter. But then he changed his mind. As the beloved Major, the absolute power in the shelter, the middle-aged man, and the Major had the same thought. They were unwilling to give up their power even if Lindong was indeed much safer.

Linshan Major’s eyebrows furrowed. “You don’t have to do that. The demonic wave is probably not that big. Even if we do encounter it, we have the city walls, 300 hunters legion, there’s nothing to fear from the few demonic beasts in this area!”


Two days later.

Tang Yu was notified that the Luoxia Shelter construction progress was extremely fast. After showing his true power, the Luoxia Shelter Officials intended to befriend them.

They even gave rent out some construction materials and tools. There, the only thing they didn’t lack was survivors.

It’s reported that Shay released a mission of 1.000 worker quota in the labor center and was quickly filled.

Later, they added a few hundred more. Not only that, but Shay also issued a mission in the mercenary union and recruited 10 Earth Manipulation and Metal hunters.

Although their ability was different, they helped the construction progress and greatly improved project efficiency.

Both ordinary survivor and ability user hunter, Luoxia, had far more manpower than the territory.

By the time the martial arts school, shops, and real estate in the Luoxia project were completed, he was worried that the territory’s commercial district construction wouldn’t be completed yet.

It would be awkward…

“It’s good tho. After the Luoxia construction project is complete, I can start the sales plan…”

And his parents could also live in the newly built villa.

Originally, he wanted to bring back his parents to the territory. But they had friends and relatives there, and their own circles.

Bringing them back would mean he would have to bring a lot of relatives with him. And their relatives had relatives… that would be too chaotic.

Of course, he could just take a few people if it’s really necessary. Tang Yu would definitely do that.

But now, by establishing a sub-territory and leaving some of his followers there, the security in Luoxia was already good enough. He only needed to go through the Teleportation Array from time to time.

“It’s just… after completing the mall in Luoxia, and the territory’s commercial district, the amount of equipment sold in will be higher, so the inventory would be insufficient. With the workshops’ production rate, it would be rather troublesome to provide a large amount of equipment.” Thinking of this, Tang Yu frowned.

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