My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 22


Chapter 22 – Miracle

A group of survivors whispered at the entrance of the villa.

The notice came too suddenly with no prior warning. They couldn’t guess what was going on.

Lu Xiaopeng couldn’t figure it out, he had a crazy guess in his head and he sighed.

Chen Haiping also stood behind the yellow line, recalled what Tang Yu had just said earlier.

It felt incredible!

Suddenly, the ground rumbled.

The piled up stones rolled down one by one, they all fell in line regularly around the yellow life as if it was pulled by an invisible force.

Shortly, one by one, the stones dissolved and sank into the ground.

A rumbling sound was heard.

The vibration became stronger and stronger. Along with the scattered stones, concrete walls gradually appeared and slowly rose up to a height.

One meter,

Two meters,

Five meters,

Ten meters!

In just a few second, a strong sturdy city wall stood before their eyes.

The black city wall seemed to be connected as a whole wall with no traces of masonry left. The wall was ten-meters high and four-meters thick, it looked like a black giant entrenched there.

Standing before the city wall, everyone felt their own insignificances.

Chen Haiping stood at the city gate and remained speechless for a long time.

He already knew Tang Yu’s plan. After seeing the castle, Chen Haiping believed that his leader had a special ability to construct buildings in a short time. Maybe an ability to manipulate the earth or another bizarre building abilities.

After being informed by leader Tang about the wall construction plan, he was surprised. It’s not easy to build even a simple soil wall which covered a large area in the eastern and western villa area.

But look!

The black, thick and majestic wall was far from the soil wall he had imagined. This was a real city wall! It’s strong enough to resist the attack of the demonic beast!

Even the former shelter only had wired fence as the vigilant role on the defensive structure.

Chen Haiping was still shocked. The other survivors looked upon the towering city wall. Their expressions were exaggerated enough like an emoji.

They didn’t know what to say at this moment.

Was that a legendary ability?

However, the abilities they had heard were nowhere this powerful. It’s far from building an entire city walls that surrounding a large villa area.

This ability was simply a miracle.

The survivors went crazy, they just witnessed a miracle occurred!

They were delighted because the shelter was much safer now that the city wall had been constructed.

But suddenly, a loud roar came from the distance, one roar after another.

The nearby wandering demonic beasts were attracted by the noise during the construction and rushed to the shelter.

Among them, a blue-crimson beast moved fast, taking the lead.

It leaped from the mountains and in an instant landed near the entrance of the villa area.

The survivors’ expression quickly changed.

The visual of a demonic beast was a nightmare inside the ordinary survivor’s mind. Their face suddenly turned pale.

Lu Xiaopeng looked around him and found out that he was the only hunter among them.

If he didn’t stand up now, who else would?

It’s the demon wolf!

He had faced it last time, although he didn’t have a satisfying result from the battle. This time he’s going to fight the demon wolf to show the power of a self-awakened hunter!

Lu Xiaopeng raised his leg and took a long stride.

The demon wolf came closer and closer.

He saw its blue fur clearly, a hint of crimson flame burning on it.

The size of this demonic beast was much larger than an ordinary wolf.

It had a size of a small container truck.

Lu Xiaopeng was stunned. This demonic beast felt somewhat different from the one he met last time.

He looked down on himself.

With such small arms and legs and no real weapon, was it possible to take it down with just a fist?

The blue-crimson giant wolf gradually approached, its terrifying power surged like a wave.

At this moment he had an urge to cry, Brother Wolf, let’s talk through this thing nicely.

Lu Xiaopeng’s instinct told him to run away, but the survivors behind him were counting on him. His classmates were among them.

He gritted his teeth, even if he couldn’t beat this blue-crimson giant wolf, he could still slow it down!

As long as he can get its attention for a while until the masters arrived, they would be saved. After all, he had escaped from the horror of the demonic beast grasp, and this was the time to prove his worth as a self-awakened hunter!

With this in his thought, Lu Xiaopeng stepped forward.

Just see what I’ve got…

“It’s Captain Roger!”

Suddenly, the survivor behind him exclaimed in surprise.

Looking at the direction, Lu Xiaopeng saw a strong man donned in heavy armor carrying a claymore, approaching.

Lu Xiaopeng was deeply impressed in this man. He saw him when he first came to the shelter. He was introduced as the captain of the shelter’s patrol team and he’s a powerful man.

At this moment, Lu Xiaopeng could feel the oppressing momentum of Roger. Roger was indeed a master he couldn’t compare. Even Roger’s tall figure seemed small when facing the giant wolf.

Could he defeat it?

Roger stepped forward and focused on the approaching giant demonic beast. His expression unchanged.

He stepped one of his feet on the ground, the ground cracked like a spider-web motive.

At the next moment, Roger pounced like a cannon ball. He moved swiftly as if the heavy armor he wore was light as a feather.

Fifty meters…

Twenty meters…

Ten meters…

The survivors behind him held their breaths. A few brave survivors witnessed the battle while other cowardly survivors closed their eye and faced away.

The giant wolf approached with a large pair of claws burning with flames. It left behind a black scorched mark on the land.

Roger’s eyes narrowed, he clenched the claymore on his hands.


Red light shone on the claymore, as if it was full of unshakable Qi!

Combat Skill. Blood Slash!

The red light slashed through the claws of the blue-crimson giant wolf and sliced across its waist and abdomen. Roger’s figure teleported to the side of the wolf.

With a whimper, the giant wolf fell with a heavy thud on the ground. It wriggled twice before finally died.

After dealing with the giant wolf, Roger’s expression remained unchanged as he stepped forward.

The remaining of demonic beasts that were attracted by the construction noise was not as powerful as the blue-crimson giant wolf. Even if all of them gathered together and launched attack simultaneously, it’s not a big threat to Roger. They were slayed down one by one, leaving only demonic beasts’ carcasses on the ground. Displaying the ground there had experienced a fierce battle.

Lu Xiaopeng was left speechless.

It’s over?

An extremely powerful, maybe the most powerful demonic beast he had ever encountered was killed with a single blow?

The power gap between a hunter and another hunter’s power shouldn’t be this far wide! Not to mention he was a self-awakened hunter!

Looking at Roger’s back as he left, Lu Xiaopeng’s heart was fiery, full of spirit.

 Suddenly, he remembered the shelter’s mysterious leader, Mr. Tang.

He had heard people saying that Leader Tang was going to rebuild a shelter on this site. But he thought it’s just a rumor.

But now, witnessing both the wall construction and a fierce person like Captain Roger, it’s definitely not impossible!

The Tree Shade shelter’s definitely stronger than what he originally thought.

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