My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 220


Nowadays, the equipment production relied mainly on workshops, and Kevin was in charge of the design, aka drawing the blueprint.

The workshop manufacturing speed was so fast that the production cycle was almost zero.

Not even a second was wasted.

The materials went in, and the finished product instantly came out.

However… a few pieces of equipment were nothing. But what if he needed hundreds, thousands, or more equipment?

Tang Yu couldn’t figure out why the advanced workshop had no such option as mass production. His head hurts every time he thinks about it.

Even if he opens up the workshop to the public and lets other people manage the materials and equipment finishing stats…

It’s too troublesome, which he didn’t want to do.

He needs to develop a new production method.

Tang Yu arrived at the Research Institute. His usual workbench was filled with all sorts of devices and materials.

He grabbed a beast fur that had been flattened and cut into A4 size and resembled a paper.

The fur was treated so that the fishy odor was gone. When he stroked the fur, it was soft and comfortable.

He laid the fur on the workbench and used a rune pen. The body of the pen was engraved with dense runes.

Whenever he injected Source Power, a light ink would appear at the pen’s tip, resembling fire emanating from a lighter.

If he increased the amount of Source Power, the flames would glow and beat more lively. With less Source Power, the light ink would dim, as if it could go out at any moment.

This rune pen was a common tool used by Rune Masters when drawing runes. It could be used to draw the most runes. Drawing runes was like writing calligraphy, but much more difficult. The light flame ink was very unstable. When drawing, he needed to control the Source Power output.

Not injecting too much or too little at the runes, and paid attention to the rune’s normality, without any slight mistake.

Even a slight mistake would cause the rune to be broken or even explode when the mistake is severe.

Fortunately, the runes he drew were quite basic and only required a small amount of Source Power.

But still, the complexity of drawing these runes was far higher than calligraphy.

Tang Yu sighed and calmed his mind. He slowly lifted the rune pen, sketching on the beast fur.

His hands move steadily, not too fast or too slow. The runes are complex, but they were written with a single stroke from the beginning to end and can’t be written too fast.

According to his experience from thousands of failures, this speed and strength are the best to control.

In just a minute, Tang Yu closed his strokes. The runes lit up with a faint light and then gradually dissipated.

“It’s finished! Looks like now I have a high success chance in drawing a basic rune.”

However, they cost a lot of spirit stones. He heard Kevin once said. That rune masters, despite not being a master combatant, were even nobler than the mages who claimed a noble job. If it wasn’t a runemaster, it would just basically burn off money.

Every time a rune was drawn, it consumed a large amount of Source Power, and where did the Source Power come from?

Relying on the amount of a hunter had in their body is far more than enough. This source power was just a primer for the manipulation. The more power it consumes, the more spirit stones were used.

When drawing, he also needs to use superior beast fur. Although the price of a demonic beast fur was lower, superior ones weren’t cheap. In order to maximize the success change, the higher the grade of the fur, the better.

Tang Yu didn’t even dare to calculate how much spirit stones and materials he had spent. He was worried that his heart would ache when he found out.

“Fortunately, the success rate is higher now! It looks like I’m kinda talented in runes!”

What he just drew was a Basic Sharp Rune.

A high-grade beast fur could carry the rune power well. Tang Yu estimated the rune could be kept for about a month, which was already a long time.

When the Lindong Academy of Sciences was puzzled why the extraordinary factor extracted from the demonic beast body quickly dissipated, the reason was: first, it lacked a suitable carrier.

An ordinary paper couldn’t bear the rune power. And secondly, they didn’t understand rune structure.

Right now, this beast skin engraves with a basic sharp rune on it was equivalent to a disposable scroll.

It can give a weapon a sharp effect, but it’s time-limited, unlike the permanent inscription on equipment.

However, Tang Yu used fur to draw the runes instead of inscribing them directly on equipment.


Because it’s even harder!

With his current rune mastery level, the success rate of directly inscribing runes on equipment was nearly 100%. So he might as well use fur to practice.

Runes aside, his hobby includes burning money.

“If I want to manufacture rune equipment in large quantities…. The processing and manufacturing process is not a problem. But the final rune inscription is a problem.”

In the Equipment Department, the speed of manufacturing rune equipment was quite fast.

The rune inscription work doesn’t need to be drawn slowly, stroke by stroke, just like Tang Yu did.

Thanks to the rune seal that Kevin had made with a high-grade rune. However, the seal wasn’t completed yet.

After being stamped, the inscribed runes would have differences in each equipment. So Kevin would need to tune it before the rune was completely solidified.

This hinders the possibility of automatic mass production.

Tang Yu had also visited the manufacturing process at the Equipment Development even though a piece of low-grade equipment could be produced in 3 minutes.

However, Kevin produced the equipment one by one. No matter how fast it was, it’s far from the workshop production speed.

Thinking about this, Tang Yu arrived at the Equipment Department. From afar, he could hear noisy sounds.

He told Kevin about his idea of equipment mass-production. Hoping that Kevin could provide some good advice.

Frowning, Kevin spoke. “According to the Lord’s lineout of the idea between the manufacturing workshop and assembly workshop, the problem isn’t’ much. The problem lies in the inscription workshop. And here, we still don’t have a standardized inscription process. It took a runemaster or a few handyman apprentices to carry out the final task.”

But runemaster apprentices… although it wasn’t that hard to grow, it took time. But there was no other runemaster in the entire territory, aside from the runemaster, Kevin, and Tang Yu as the apprentice runemaster.

Even the two survivors working as Kevin’s assistant couldn’t be called as a rune apprentice.

He couldn’t mass produce it without having at least a dozen runemaster apprentices.

“If you only need to manufacture low-level rune equipment, it’s not much of a problem because it’s rather easy to make the seal. I can make some right now. But without rune fine-tuning, the quality of the equipment will drop to 20-30% compared with the normal ones.”

“Is it possible to set the direction of the fine-tuning?” Tang Yu pondered. He felt gradually enlightened.

The more he thought about it, the more feasible it was. “Basic rules aren’t complicated. The nuances on imprinted on the equipment weren’t as complicated as advanced runes. In this case, we can find out the laws that produce the differences and summarize them.”

“This way, even if someone’s knowledge in runes is insufficient, they still can deal with it correctly based on their experience.”

This is the same as having a question he can’t answer in the exam. Still, the student knew that such a question would come up and memorized the process of solving this kind of question they had done before.

By applying the formula, all they need to do is make simple changes based on the numbers on the question.

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