My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 222


“Almost all survivors in the Shelter take this test. Partly in the morning and partly in the afternoon. And we’re the ones taking the test in the morning.” The team leader said and finally asked, “So, you all will participate in this test?”

Facing the lure of a good salary, none of them turned it down.

Even they couldn’t wait for the test. 

The test location was at the labor center, not far away.

When the handyman Group 7 led by the team leader arrived, there were already many people waiting inside. 

The original windows in the labor center were replaced with testing windows. 

“In order to ensure the test order and efficiency, the tests are divided into groups and conducted in unison. Our group had an early number, so we won’t be waiting for long.” The group leader explained.

They had no idea.

The Shelter took such a big effort to make sure most survivors participate in the test instead of posting new career news at the labor center and let them participate on their own will because Tang Yu was worried that the efficiency is too low. And he was also concerned that most people would ignore the information. 

Most survivors in the Shelter now have their own jobs. Some of the hard-working and strong ones earn a good daily income.

Not to mention those who work in the Shelter’s Department and earn more. 

Some people might think it’s too troublesome, or even think that they couldn’t possibly be chosen, all kinds of thoughts that led them not to take the test. 

This meant that with nearly 2.000 survivors in the Shelter right now, it would be difficult to find 50 people who met the requirements. If he excluded a huge part of the numbers, it would be even harder. 

Yang Wei observed nearby at one of the test windows. Some survivors bowed their heads and left, and some survivors shook their heads but were not very concerned about the loss.

Some, with joy on their faces, walked to the second floor under the staff’s guidance.

Those who walked to the second floor weren’t small. 

He was confused, but there were already a lot of people in their group asking questions to the person that had been tested. 

“…what do I think about the test? Well, there’s not much I can say. But this test is divided into three levels. The first one is the one I just did. If you pass, you can advance to the second test on the second floor.”

“The first test is similar to the color blind test, but much more difficult. You have to distinguish the numbers or patterns on the test paper. But there wasn’t just one pattern, but many ways intertwined together. I actually identify two patterns, but it seems I didn’t meet the required standard. “

“And they said the second test is a spatial imagination test. As for the third level, no one knows about it. No matter how much you ask, you won’t have the answer. It seems only those who passed the first two tests could understand the content of the third test.” 

After waiting for more than half an hour, it was finally Yang Wei’s group to be tested.

The twenty handymen, including the team leader, line up in front of the window counter to get tested. 

Yang Wei stood at the back of the queue. Soon, he saw someone bow his heads in shame. 

“I’m not sure how many patterns I need to identify before I can pass.” He muttered. 

“I don’t know. I see there’s a lot of copies of the test paper. Maybe the difficulty is different, and so the criteria for passing is different.” 

They weren’t from the same group. Even if they didn’t pass, they didn’t immediately leave but standing nearby, waiting for the others to finish their test. 

With a confused look, Yang Wei walked to the front. His heart was anxious.

The staff behind the window counter handed over a test paper.

Looking at it, indeed, it kinda resembles a color blind test. The paper was larger than A3 paper, on top of it was densely packed with glass-like fragments.

“Name the pattern you see from it and sketch it out with a sensory pen.” The staff said. “Don’t take a chance to cover a few patterns randomly. Even if the pattern is right, it won’t be counted if the correct trajectory is not outlined. Okay, you can start.” 

Yang Wei forced himself to calm down and fixed his mind, looking at the test drawing. 

“Erm… what is this? A horse? A candle? A bear’s head? Slippers?” The more he spoke, the lower his voice became.

He thought he wouldn’t be able to identify anything. On the contrary, he thought it was easy! 

Some patterns were overlapping, but he was able to identify them just from a glance.

So, that means this test wasn’t that hard as the others say, right?

Or was he wrong, or maybe it’s because they were just confused? 

The staff stared at him blankly. “Sketch out the pattern that you see. Yes, just use that sensory pen and rune the lines of the pattern you see on the drawing…” 

Yang Wei picked up the pen and hesitated. He slowly sketched, running the nib of the sensor pen on the drawing.

When he finished sketching a drawing, he paused, wanting to have another look at it to see if it was different from what he first saw. 

One, two, three, four… 

With more patterns sketched out, the staff looked down on the answer book and was surprised. 

After sketching six patterns, Yang Wei finally stopped and couldn’t help but ask. “Um… are the ones I draw right or wrong?”

He thought the staff wouldn’t give out an answer, but then the staff nodded several times. “Yes, all of them are right. All 6 of them.”

Yang Wei was stunned. “I’m right? Um… wait, I’m not finished yet. There are keys, tissues, and light bulbs…”

Worried that six wouldn’t pass, Yang Wei named a few more drawings he could identify in a row. This time, his drawing speed was faster. One by one, he continuously drew 13 patterns in a row. 

“Did I…pass?” 

“Pass!” The staff was stunned before nodding. 

Apart from him, there was another person in his group that advanced to the next test. But compared to him, he could only identify five patterns. The gap was too wide.

His friends couldn’t believe he passed because his appearance was rather… unconvincing… was able to pass the test. 

But after all, it’s just the first level. He still needs to pass the rest of the test to get that mysterious job. 

Yang Wei, who had achieved good results in the first test, had hope in his heart. But at the same time, he didn’t dare to underestimate it. 


The level 2 test was on the second floor of the labor center. The survivor who passed the first test was guided by the staff. 

Yang Wei glanced over the people. There weren’t many survivors who passed the first test. But those who failed the second test didn’t linger and left the labor center. 

There weren’t many survivors who participated in the second test, so he didn’t have to wait that long for his turn.

Just like the news, the second test was spatial imagination. 

Yang Wei sat in a set of chairs and tables, just like a pre-doomsday exam. He had to answer a sufficient number of questions correctly within five minutes. 

Knowing that this was a rare opportunity, Yang Wei was very attentive and serious.

He carefully observed the drawing on the exam paper and wrote his answer in the fill-in-the-blank lines of choice boxes.

Finally, he handed out the exam paper. The examiner reviewed his exam paper against the correct answer sheet and quickly stated the result. 

“9 answers correct. You pass the test. Well, the third test won’t start until everyone has tested the first two levels. You can wait for the next longue.”

Yang Wei headed to the door with both nervousness and joy. 

His friend that came with him wasn’t so lucky. He could only glance with an envious look and walk down the stairs with disappointment. 


When Yang Wei arrived in the lounge, he saw there were around twenty survivors inside. 

The lounge was large. Apart from the neatly placed rows of seats, there was only a water dispenser in the corner. The survivors sat sparsely in various positions in the longue.

He pushed the door open and entered. Some survivors were curious, giving him a wary glance.

Others don’t even care because they treated a new arrival like him as competitors. 

Time passed.

A staff member brought in a box of fast food at noon. Yang Wei ate it in a few big bites.

While waiting, he already refilled twice glasses of water at the water dispenser, as well as a bathroom break. 

He spent the rest of the time waiting nervously, waiting for that mysterious third test.

One by one, more and more survivors passing the second test came to the longue. 

“Hey, do you guys have any idea about the third test?”

“I don’t know. When I asked the staff, they just shook their heads. I’m not sure if they really don’t know about it, or they won’t answer. Brother, do you have any idea?” 

“I wouldn’t ask if I already know. It looks like there are quite a lot of people who passed the first and second tests. I wonder how many people will be hired to fill that job? I do hope I can get it… they said the salary would be up to dozens of spirit stones. I’ll be dreaming if I have that kind of salary.”

When more people came in, the room was getting livelier. Perhaps, some of them were spying on their rivals and constantly asking about their test results. 

Although Yang Wei was sitting in the corner, he could clearly hear their conversation.

It seemed that they would pass the first test if they got four patterns right. While for the second test, they had to answer five questions. Most people here were just barely passing. 

But there were also some people who had high scores like himself. Even someone got all the 12 questions right at the second test, leaving him in awe.

Finally, the time passed in the afternoon. All of the survivors had tested the first two levels. 

Yang Wei observed the surrounding. There were about 200 survivors in this room. 

A few staff members pushed the door open and walked in. “The third test won’t be taking place here. Please follow me.”

“But before that, all of you here need to sign a confidentiality agreement. Whether you pass or not, you can’t reveal everything you saw at the third test.”

The staff spread out a printed ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ paper and asked the survivors to sign it and put their fingerprints on it. 

A piece of paper was useless after the doomsday. The reason for this formality was to make them understand the importance of confidentiality.

Chen Haiping suggested it, and Tang Yu also felt it was also necessary. After all, the third test involved some rune mysteries that were core intellectual property before the doomsday. Not every person should know about it. 

The test participant didn’t hesitate to sign their names. But they were even more and more curious. 

What exactly were they about to do? What makes the Shelter being so cautious? 

The participants were restless and felt like they were about to know some of the Shelter’s core secrets.

And would it mean they would be the Shelter’s core members if they pass the last test? 

They were excited just to think about it. Even the high salary doesn’t seem important anymore. 

But there were a small number of people who, after pressing their fingerprints, rolled their eyes and didn’t seem like they cared.

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