My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 223


The buses slowly drove away out of the resort. To the test participant’s surprise, the test didn’t take place at the labor center nor at the Shelter.

Some of them were worried about the danger in the wilderness but then relaxed when they realized they were guarded by the Shelter’s convoy. 

The car didn’t drive too far. After leaving the resort, the bus slowly drove around the mountain range at the back of the Shelter for a few kilometers before stopping.

Yang Wei followed the others and went out of the bus. Although they were in the wilderness, there was no demonic beast howling.

Looking around, a reinforced concrete building was built here, like a factory.

Behind the factory, there was a giant wall surrounding it, just like the Shelter. Only from a glance, they felt safe. 

There were a few black towers. And at a distance, there was an artillery gun mounted on top of the city wall, with the patrol team members patrolling around it. 

This place was heavily guarded. 

It was the first thing they could think of. 

Nervous, they all swallowed their saliva and tried to calm down the tense feeling. 


Inside the factory, Tang Yu stood by the window of the upper floors of the building. Watching the survivors led by the Staff walked in. 

“How many survivors passed the first two tests?” 

“There are a total of… 197. 136 are males and 61 females.” Staff from the Municipal Department quickly replied. 

The number of people was less than he anticipated. Tang Yu felt helpless, but there’s nothing he can do about it.

The territory’s population was too small. In just a month from the first time he got the system, the Shelter had grown from nothing to the current size.

The Shelter’s rapid development was enough to surprise the shelters around the area. 

And yet, he wasn’t satisfied with that.

However, adding the territory population wasn’t just as simple as abducting survivors from the other shelters.

The Shelter’s development had just begun in the first phase, right?

When it’s completed, the population grows larger, right?

Tang Yu looked forward, not at the survivors below, but at the territory map in the system panel.

Among the nearly 200 yellow and green dots nearby, there were two or three red dots that stood out.

Tang Yu glanced at the Municipal Staff at his side, “Do you have all the information about the participants?”

The clerk flinched. “Y-yes, of course. Should I bring it here?”

Even though Tang Yu’s demeanor was relaxed like an ordinary person, the Staff was too nervous because he rarely met the Shelter Leader in person.

He quickly fetched the information data. Tang Yu flipped the pages one by one. 

Every survivor who arrived at the Shelter had their information recorded here. Although the database wasn’t detailed, or the names might be inaccurate, but the dates won’t lie.

Taking a glance at the data, the two survivors just came here two days ago… the last batches of survivors who arrived in the Shelter were brought back by the patrols. Tang Yu was sure they weren’t spies.

An ordinary person won’t be a spy because it’s hard to steal important information that way.

If he remembered correctly, there weren’t any red dots in the territory lately. Those two, maybe they had just turned red?

Because of some sort of inducement, their point of view changed from neutral to hostile. 

Is it because of the confidentiality agreement, so they felt that they had access to the Shelter’s secrets and wanted to use them to their advantage?’

‘If they sell the shelter’s secret for money, they must have the buyer…’

Tang Yu guessed they must be some men sent out by certain forces and privately contacted some Shelter survivors.

The first thing he thought of was the military, but then he changed his mind. 

‘The military won’t do such a dirty thing.’

Besides, Tang Yu was already aware that a few Lindong military men in this Shelter disguised as ordinary survivors and living in this Shelter. These people’s color was yellow.

Obviously, they were some sort of Lindong’s officials’ men or something. It’s not that Tang Yu had never noticed.

The people entering the territory with malicious intent were marked with red dots. But that was on the premise that Tang Yu checked the territory map. 

As a ‘busy’ man, Tang Yu certainly didn’t have the time to check the map 24/7. To be frank, now that he had some trusted men on his side, he didn’t really care much about one or two red dots from other forces.

Besides, it’s not like they could know the territory’s secret core. The best they can do is just being suspicious. 

‘Should I arrest them now?’ Tang Yu pondered. 

Of course, he didn’t need any specific reason for arresting people. But he wasn’t sure who contacted those ordinary survivors, so… it’s better to leave them be for now to unravel the bigger secret… 

After all, he didn’t really care about the other forces. 

But of course, thieves should be punished!


Inside the workshop.

All the survivors who participated in the test sat in front of the bizarre workbench.

They had no idea what the workbench’s purpose or the equipment on it. For now, it was just being used as a table and chairs for them to use.

Chen Haiping swept his gaze around. Once he saw that these people had sat down, he opened his mouth, “The last test time had a 30 minutes limit. As you can see, there is paper and a pencil in front of you. In this test, draw whatever you saw when the ‘test questions’ appeared on the paper, according to your own opinion.”

After a brief pause, Chen Haiping continued, “The questions are abstract. Everyone feels differently. Don’t worry about your ugly drawing. This test had nothing to do with drawing skills. Just draw whatever your heart desires.”

“Lastly, let us be clear. No cheater will be tolerated. Violators will be disqualified!”

Chen Haiping then left the room. Leaving a few Municipal Department staff members to act as the test referee.

Yang Wei and the rest of the survivors were staring at the front wall. The test questions would appear there. What exactly will the questions be?

They were all curious and confused. They had no idea how it would be. 

If they couldn’t comprehend the questions, then… should they just draw the test questions onto the paper?


Upstairs in the workshop.

Kevin stood in front of a chalkboard made of special metal, holding a 2 meters long rune pen in his hands.

He wielded the pen with a fluid motion. He was drawing a certain oversized rune. By increasing the Source Power input as well as special guidance, the rune continued to radiate. 

The person who saw the rune for the first time would be affected, and the corresponding content would unconsciously appear in their mind. 

The higher their perception of runes, the clearer the affected portion would be. 

When he saw the rune forming, a certain image of Tang Yu’s mind, he could clearly feel the energy surging from the rune. The power that belonged exclusively to this rune. 

‘As expected, I’m gifted in this rune stuff!’

Over there, Kevin had already finished his drawings. Tang Yu was impressed. As expected from the Advanced Rune Master.

He drew a giant rune with ease. On the other hand, Kevin’s face relaxed. It seemed that he did it rather easily.

Suddenly, Kevin stumbled, his hand holding his back, his face twisted, “Ouch, my back….”

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