My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 225


More than 30 survivors had already started their rune training. They will be staying in the factory for a while. Tang Yu had to build a new canteen here to meet the survivors’ daily needs for the territory’s future development.

‘The territory is gradually growing larger. Perhaps I need to repair the roads and make some convenient transportation?’

Before that, of course, the commercial district construction and getting the first batch of rune debuggers on board was his top priority. It was a coincidence that it would meet the initial demand.

After a while, they would need a Rune Master-Apprentice or even Rune Masters to debug complex rune equipment in the future.

It wasn’t that hard to become a Rune Master-Apprentice because 34 people had possessed rune perception advantages over ordinary people.

After working with runes for a long time, sooner or later, they will become apprentices.

But it’s different from a real Rune Master. As he said before, drawing runes was incomparably difficult.

They had no talent, effort, and resources. Only P2W Players* like him are willing to spend spirit stones on becoming a Rune Master in a fortnight. 

“Those three talented people won’t be able to become a true Rune Master if they had no resources.”

After all, the hunter requirement limited them. Certainly, debugging runes and adjusting power through simple rune will be a simple task to do for them, but however, for them to actually draw the runes will be impossible as it requires a hunter’s own source power to guide the runes.

Even if they awakened as a hunter, they need to reach a certain level of control over their own source power to draw runes.

Tang Yu wanted to screen the hunter, but unfortunately, half a spirit stone salary a day wasn’t appealing enough for hunters. It’s basically impossible to raise the wage unless the rune equipment sales improve.

“Well, but there are some benefits to recruiting ordinary people. The survivors who passed the test must be studying with all their might now. For ordinary people, this is probably their only hope to improve their lives.”

He also promised that he would conduct regular assessments of these people. And those who ranked in the top three in rune learning progress would be given certain rewards such as spirit stones, knowledge, etc.

He believed most people already understand becoming a Rune Master is an opportunity they wouldn’t miss.

And this kind of reward mechanism, including the punishment mechanism, is his long-run idea for the territory. 

The Shelter department staff’s jobs were very safe. But because it’s safe and the salary is average, some people become lazy.

He had heard stories like this from Chen Haiping. But most of the staff are the territory’s first members so he couldn’t do anything about them. 

On the other hand, the diligent ones who were motivated to do their work couldn’t awaken as a hunter because their salary was too low. 

“I should let the Municipal Affairs Department work out a specific reward and punishment mechanism as soon as possible. That way, we can cultivate some talented people for the territory.” 

Pre-doomsday talents were important.

But, Post-doomsday… they were even more important!

As he pondered, Tang Yu arrived at the medicinal herb garden in the back valley. The scenery was green, with windmills slowly rotating as the wind blew.

Invisible to the naked eye, the windmill’s complex rune patterns faintly glowed as it rotated, spreading out a ripple that nourished the young seedlings.

Tang Yu observed medicinal herbs’ growth. Thanks to the windmill’s status, these herbs didn’t require complicated care.

Even those who didn’t know botany could grow them as long as they were careful. Without it, identifying, picking, selecting, concocting, and other methods about caring for medicinal herbs wouldn’t be something that everyone could handle. 

He squatted down and picked the herbs that were growing and placed them in a box. 

“We still lack talents!” Tang Yu slapped his forehead. 

There was a shortage of Rune Masters and an even greater shortage of apothecaries. At least, there were 2 Rune Masters in the territory. But there was no single pharmacist!

Although Tang Yu tried to learn potions, he couldn’t progress much. In Rune Literature, he had Kevin to tutor him.

Even before Kevin arrived, he still could learn from the Book of Runes. But he had to learn potions and elixirs by himself.

With his current knowledge, it was impossible to train some apprentice pharmacist in the territory. 

Unfortunately, the probability of a formula blueprint that appeared on the daily market refresh was too low.

Even if he spent ten times the cost to lock down formula blueprints, most of the formulas that appeared were trash.

Such as a potion to treat hair loss, athlete’s foot treatment, a potion that strengthens kidney function… there’s not a single potion that Lord Tang needed!

It’s ridiculous. 

He had no way to research for potions to heal injuries. He wasn’t even sure if the territory’s existing medicines could meet the standard requirements. 

The pharmacy really was complicated. 

“It would be great if I could summon a master Pharmacist from the Pub.”

First, he wanted to summon some combat experts. Now, as a pacifist, he wanted someone who could make money. 

Tang Yu inspected the territory. 

After focusing on inquiring about the commercial district’s construction progress, he went straight to the Alienated Beast’ breeding farm. The farm was built far from the resort.

As soon as he entered, a black tower surrounding the farm greeted him. 

The inner ring was made of a 20 meters high fence made of extraordinary metal. Outside the fence, several 3 meters high crystal pillars were erected.

They were designed by Kevin. It was a device that released some kind of wave to restrict the beast’s activity. 

Of course, they weren’t tortured or anything. There was no breeding farm in the system building. It took some effort for Tang Yu to customize a farm to consume fresh alienated beast meat. 

As soon as he walked in, he saw Elaine hugging an egg… bigger than a basketball in her hands. 

“Little Yellow laid an egg today. What does the Lord want for dinner? I’ll make it right away.” Elaine tilted her head and smiled. 

Tang Yu glanced at the egg in Elaine’s hands. It seemed bigger than the last egg laid. The portion must be enormous. 

“Then… let’s have a tomato scrambled eggs, bitter melon scrambled eggs, egg custard, and some egg tarts. By the way, if I remember correctly, the bitter melons planted on the farm a few days ago had mutated. They said the taste improved. Let’s use that one.” 

“Okay. My Lord, please come back to the castle later.” Elaine carefully held the mutant egg; her figure disappeared from sight. 

Tang Yu touched his belly. He felt hungry. 


As soon as he entered the farm, he saw a large golden beast gnawing on a chunk of metal ore.

This metal swallowing beast was sentient. It wasn’t carnivorous, so he didn’t cage him like the rest of the alienated beast. 

Well, actually, it’s mainly because the cages don’t fit- 

So the metal swallowing beast roamed freely within the farm. 

At this time, the farm staff was carefully observing the metal swallowing beast. It was the farm’s master.

However, when the metal swallowing beast saw Tang Yu approaching, its huge body shivered.

It remembered the fear of its body almost being stabbed in the back. 

TL’s note

*P2W short for Play to win aka whales, someone who spends a lot of money in a game to progress faster

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