My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 226


For the past few days, Tang Yu was living a three-pointed life.

The castle, the institute, and the training camp. 

He couldn’t make potions that could heal injuries quickly. But by studying Winnie’s spells, he created a few healing spell scrolls.

At the training camp, in Lord’s Mode Spiritual Space, he unlocked several stages and got a few more new poses… ahem… skills!

Tang Yu sat cross-legged in the gravity chamber. Operating the cultivation method he inherited from the Demon Swordsman job.

His palm rose upwards as orange flames soared, condensing frosty white splendor.


Tang Yu opened his mouth and let out a white mist; the white mist sprayed out three meters away.

The condensation didn’t dissipate. Although he was stuck at the Fifth Awakening Stage for a while, his battle skills improved greatly even though his body quality had reached the limit. 

The Demon Swordsman legacy was too OP. 

When he first received the legacy, he could use some of the job’s signature battle skills. He also received some useful information regarding his legacy.

The information was instilled in his mind, but he could only unlock it by reaching a certain level. 

Tang Yu closed his eyes and opened them abruptly. If he looked in the mirror, he would find that his eyes had turned dark red. 

The ice mist in his right palm had dispersed. His dark red eyes gazed at the palm of his left hand, at the throbbing orange flame. 

A thread of source power hidden in the palm, inside the flame.

Flowing from his arm to the wrist and then spewing out from the palm. It was the process of turning shapeless source power into a violent flame fueled by source power.

He increased his source power output, and the flames rose higher, beating even more violently. 

Tang Yu’s five fingers went upwards and made a grasping motion. The source energy threads went from direct current to spinning. The beating flame slowly calmed down, resembling a scorching fireball. 

A fireball, the size of a football! 

“I did it!” Tang Yu exclaimed. Moving his hand. The steady flame began to beat violently again.

Mist grass!

Tang Yu flung the fireball out and landed on the thick wall of the gravity chamber in the nick of time.


There was a blast, and the entire chamber shook. 

“No panic, it’s not a problem! I can still develop it!” Tang Yu estimated the remaining source power in his body and was preparing for another round.

Ding! A notification beep sounded in his mind. “My Lord, the first phase is complete. The Martial Arts School is ready to open any day now. We’re just waiting for your arrival to make it official and perform the opening ceremony-”

Shay spoke from the Luoxia Shelter. 


Luoxia Shelter. 

The row of buildings had been built on the deserted land. 

The first thing they saw at first glance was a large five stories tall building that covered a large area.

It was made from 5 Level 2 training camps linked together and custom decorated to change its appearance.

At first glance, the first thing one would feel was stylish. At second glance, it looks like a giant trench.

Some survivors standing nearby were discussing the martial arts school. 

“I don’t know who the boss is, but how much did it cost to build such a stylish martial arts school?!” 

A survivor said mysteriously. “I have a friend whose cousin’s neighbor’s brother was a member of the construction team. He said that this stylish building was built in less than a week. Just imagine a building this big and the crazy construction speed. The cost would definitely skyrocket!” 

“I heard the owner hired thousands of survivors and divided them into more than a dozen construction teams. Not just three shifts, but also divided the area to complete other building constructions, including the Martial Arts School in a short time.” 

Aside from the martial arts school, the place was apparently made into a shopping street. Most of the shops had the words ‘for rent’ hanging in front of them.

Some people were surprised. They felt the owner was strong and powerful. But some also shook their heads, “Ever since the Zhentian Martial Arts School incident, the martial arts industry has sunk. What kind of person would open such a business at times like this?” 

“Yeah, I heard the Zhentian Martial Arts School had plummeted ever since that accident. Even the other school’s income was affected.” 

“I know, right? Zhentian was the cause of their downfall. Many small schools couldn’t afford to pay the rent because they can’t attract customers. They had no choice but to disband the school. The guards had no choice but to become mercenaries. Many people still wanted to work in other martial arts schools. But what kind of martial arts schools could hire that many people?” 

“It is said even the Big Five… maybe we should call it the Big Four now… they were also affected. They had to cancel several events. If it wasn’t for the fact that they had a large number of members, they can’t afford the rent as well…”

The well-informed survivor continued. Shooking his head, “But when it comes to the worst, the Zhential Martial Arts School was still the winner. They faced pressure from the students’ family and relatives, but many of their guards and staff had already quit. If it weren’t for the fact that Master Zhentian was the one responsible for the martial arts school, I’m afraid he would also quit.” 

“It’s not difficult to recruit those martial arts masters and guards for opening a new school. After all, there were too many unemployed martial arts guards. The key to making money in a martial arts school is the number of students and the tuition fees. But in this situation, I think only naive survivors would enroll in such a school.”

“Forget it. It’s not our business anyway. Let’s pick the fruits and leave.” His companion looked ahead and smacked his lips as he saw the crates of fruits from the martial arts school.

The new martial arts school had opened and handed out free fruits. 

The news quickly spread throughout the shelter in a short time. 

Many survivors in Lindong and Luoxia couldn’t find jobs. They could only rely on receiving the relief food from the shelter to continue surviving.

In times like this, free fruit was even more precious than gold. Even if the news could be just a scam, there were still many people coming here early in the morning. 

When the fruit crates were taken out from the martial arts school, the survivors’ eyes lit up with anticipation. 

When Tang Yu arrived here, what he saw was the sight of a crowd of people. These people weren’t his target customers. But it was necessary to use them to create momentum.

These survivors could act as news spreaders. Everything that happened during the opening ceremony would quickly spread through the common survivors’ discussion. 

As long as their reputation was good, customers would come to their doorstep. 

And it only cost him several crates of cheap fruits. 

It also would help the supermarket he built next to the martial arts school, which was also newly opened today.

They would help promote it to the public.

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