My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 227


These fruits, mostly apples, pears, and oranges, were common before the doomsday. After the doomsday, they were a rare commodity.

From time to time, they could hear the sound of crowds gulping down their saliva. 

The martial arts school announced that everyone who came would get two free fruits after the opening ceremony.

It doesn’t seem much, but the survivors were overjoyed by the news. They could sell the fruits to the wealthy ones, and the food stamps they had might be enough for them to survive for several more days. 

If it weren’t for the hunters standing in front of the school with black combat suits and cold faces, someone might actually steal those fruits. But ordinary survivors had no guts to do such a thing. 

Sooner or later, they would get the fruits anyway. There’s no need to rush. 

Many people comforted themselves. Yet when they looked at the fruit that was under the sun, exposed to the scorching sun, their hearts were bleeding. 


At the martial arts school. 

Chen Xiaojia looked at the crowds, her mouth slightly open, “That’s too many people!” 

The chubby girl next to her stood on the tip of her toes and wiped the drool from the corner of her mouth. ‘Craving’ was written all over her face, “I also want… no, I super want those fruits!” 

“Wow, my cousin is so rich. He brought so many boxes of fruits!” She looked around, her eyes glowing. 

Chen Xiaojia exclaimed, “There! Qianqian! It’s my cousin!” 

“Where? Where??” The chubby girl, Xiong Qianqian, waved her hands and suddenly turned around again, “Hey, don’t forget to ask him for an autograph. And the fruits…” She opened her hands, counting her fingers. “At least ten of all kinds.” 

“Alright, alright. I’ll give you ten boxes to bring back to your home.” Chen Xiaojia helplessly said, couldn’t refuse her friends’ request. 

Ever since that day when she used the spell scroll to defeat the powerful demonic beast, she already knew that her cousin was not an ordinary human.

In fact, even before that incident happened, her cousin had told her about his encounters on the roads.

Like some three-story-tall beast that was split in half by a single sword slash. Or a flying beast with a wingspan of over 10 meters being blasted down from the sky by lightning. 

No matter what, they crushed every demonic beast they encountered on the road. 

She didn’t believe it before. More precisely, she thought her cousin only exaggerated the story. She thought maybe he just encountered some ordinary beast, not like what he told her.

At that time, even though she had never gone out from the shelter, she heard some stories of demonic beasts from other hunters.

Even some of their best students had to be extremely careful in the wilderness. So, how could he defeat them easily?

‘Probably my cousin said that on purpose so that aunt and uncle wouldn’t worry.’

Besides, before the doomsday, her cousin was just an ordinary student. He was not a martial artist like her school’s Master. 

That was what she thought before.

Well, she wasn’t wrong. 

Most of the post-doomsday masters were trained well. Even if an ordinary person was strong, they need to polish their power and battle experience.

While those of the smart ones had already seized the opportunity and stood at the spear of the battle. 

She had never expected, nor could she ever expect, that her cousin was a powerful man.

Until now, Chen Xiaojia hadn’t thought to understand what Brother Yu had gone through to become this powerful. 

She quickly cast away her thoughts and only wanted to follow her cousin close. 

To hell with that Zhentian Martial Arts School!

Against the demonic beast that Master Zhentian couldn’t win, her cousin didn’t even need to show up and killed that demonic beast in a single attack with an item he created. 

This gap can be seen by anyone who wasn’t suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The sound of survivors’ argument in the distance reached their ears. 

Chen Xiaojia frowned. She wasn’t happy with this, pouted her lips, “Why are these people saying such a thing? They take my cousin’s fruit but do not even say a single kind word. Even someone wishing the martial arts school to collapse!” 

Her friend, Xiong Qianqian, listened and nodded in agreement, “You’re right. Tell your cousin to stop giving them fruits. It’s not worth it. It’s people like me, who supported him, that should get more!” She said.

Feeling her words reasonable, and nodded her head. 


Tang Yu certainly didn’t care about these people’s comments. On the contrary, he still thought it was a good thing.

If the martial arts industry wasn’t in a recession, and all the potential customers were being recruited by other martial arts schools, where else would he make money?

Other than that, if it wasn’t for the closure of a large number of Martial Arts Schools, he wouldn’t have been able to recruit so many high-quality guards.

Tang Yu’s gaze swept over the hunters in combat uniforms in front of the martial hall. Every single one of them had the strength of a Triple Awakening Stage.

Most of them quit the Zhentian Martial Arts School. The first thing they need to do is to secure their jobs. Everyone was afraid of losing their jobs. 

The Eldest Carmen brothers stepped to his side, “My Lord, it’s about time…”

Fireworks crackled, and gongs were banged. 

Shay, dressed in a black suit with his thick hair, stood on the ceremony stage. His deep voice overpowered every conversation around him, directly reaching the ears of the survivors. 

He rambled on and on, saying a bunch of introductory words about the martial arts school, not caring if anyone else was listening or not. He was addicted to being the host anyway.

“…And now, let’s have a round of applause for the powerful and handsome Martial Arts School Master, who would give us the honors of naming our school.”


The survivors around the stage were wondering why the newly opened martial arts school didn’t even have a name. 

From the black-clothed hunters standing on both sides, separating the crowds and the stage, a young man walked through the crowds and stopped in front of the martial arts school entrance. 

Standing with his hands in the air, he slightly raised his head. As if he was thinking. Only then, the people noticed there was a blank wooden plaque hanging above the entrance. 

They were all confused. 

Could it be that the martial arts school’s owner was going to inscribe it on the spot? 

So… the owner is good at calligraphy?

But why do they need to do it at an opening ceremony? It’s a martial arts school, right? They couldn’t possibly teach calligraphy. 

They couldn’t figure out why, but they didn’t stop thinking as they continued observing the scene. 

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

This area was developed within the sub-territory.

When he closed his eyes, he could clearly feel everything in the surrounding area. Tang Yu lifted his right hand and stretched out a finger, pointing at the blank plaque. 

The source energy inside of his body moved rapidly. 

A translucent Qi poured out from the tip of his right pointed finger!

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