My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 228


Not only ordinary survivors were attracted by the Martial Arts School’s free fruits, but some hunters were also attracted.

Most of the hunters were mercenaries. Their salary was fine, unlike the ragged survivors who couldn’t find a job and had a stable salary. 

Both of the hunters and survivors looked forward with joy on their faces. Standing around the stage like they were watching a show. 

Flowing music, ear-deafening firecrackers… 

It was an ordinary scene before the doomsday, but now, it was a rare sight for the survivors. 

“This martial arts school is kinda interesting. It dared to open at times like this. I’ll give them respect for that.” A hunter in a homemade beast combat suit with a red maple leaf painted on his left chest raised an eyebrow and spoke with high interest. 

As mercenaries, most of them return to the shelter to rest for a few days after a mission to alleviate their mental and physical fatigue.

Excluding a few workaholic hunters, no one was willing to stay out in the wilderness for a long time as they could easily be killed by demonic beasts. 

Even some hunters who were eager to improve their strength need to combine their workload and rest.

Otherwise, they won’t have the chance to spend those spirit stones they earned so hard in the wilderness. 

So, they had to enjoy it while it lasted. But sadly, there are not many entertainment facilities in the shelter. Some went to the bar to drink. Some played single-player games on net cafes, some got bored and played card games.

Flower Cards are still the most popular card games among the mercenaries. Unfortunately, it wasn’t cheap. 

There were also some mercenaries who chose to work out at martial arts schools. 

It’s common knowledge that exercise could improve one’s health. And the physical improvement they experienced was quite good compared to the exercise they had before the doomsday.

However, for most hunters, this improvement was still too slow. 

Compared to their life evolution by absorbing and refining spirit power and the extremely pleasant feeling they had when breaking through a stage, the physical exercise is too flat.

For those hunters, the martial art school’s facilities were like toys. They were too fragile and couldn’t meet their needs.

Also, only hunters lacking combat skills would enroll in such schools. 

“But how could they compare the skills taught in schools and the one you’ve earned from a battle that determines your life and death?”

“Only pussies enroll in martial arts schools! Real men do it in the wilderness!” 

The hunter with a red maple leaf on his chest scorned. At first glance, he looked like a strong man. 

At that moment, the man saw the martial arts school’s owner walking. The owner looked very young.

It seemed like he wasn’t an expert in martial arts. Usually, the master is the strongest person in that school, and the owner employed him to boost their popularity.

Maybe he was some rich man’s son or something and thought, ‘I should show up today,’ or something like that. 

Or so the mercenary thought. 

Right now, the owner stood in front of a blank wooden plaque and pointed out his arms.

A translucent Qi energy spurted out from his fingers like a light stream and landed on the blank plaque. 

The man imagined the plaque being shattered by the Qi, but it didn’t happen. Instead, the Qi energy gently swooshed out to the plaque. 

The young man stood in front of the entrance, surrounded by guards in black clothing. 

The mercenary observed with an indifferent look while the rest of the spectators had their eyes fixed on the wooden plaque. 

The young man’s fingers moved. The Qi light streak swooshed faster. In a matter of seconds, words were inscribed on the wooden plaque.

The surrounding survivors opened their mouths wide in surprise. 

The mercenary’s eyes widened at the sight. For all he knew, he had underestimated the young man.

Even if he was the son of a rich man, he was undoubtedly a master of this art. 

This Qi control alone was breathtaking, even for him. He had never seen someone who had the ability to control this power to this extent.

Carving an inscription on a wooden plaque without destroying it was not something everyone could do. Even the head of the Red Maple Leaf couldn’t do that. 

“Incredible control doesn’t mean he’s strong. In terms of raw combat power, our leader is still stronger.” The mercenary was shocked but not convinced. 


After engraving the name of the martial arts school, Tang Yu felt a mysterious and profound feeling. His perception of the surrounding was enhanced. His Qi control also leveled up. 

[Ding! Territory fit increased by 1%.]

Tang Yu snapped back to reality. He had almost reached the requirement for a Level 5 Territory upgrade. 

When he opened his eyes, the word written on the plaque came into his view. 


He opened his mouth, source power seeping into his voice and spreading out. It’s not loud, but everyone can hear it clearly. 

“The art of martial arts is endless. We learn martial arts to become stronger, to test ourselves, to reach our limits, and even… to break through them!”

“Hence the name… Extreme Martial Arts Center!” 

“The school is open now. All the facilities inside the school are free to use for three days. Those who were interested can come in and try it out.” Tang Yu spoke and turned to leave. 

Leaving the survivors’ jaw dropped in awe. 

No one knows how to control the Qi and integrate source power into the voice. 

Tang Yu’s mental energy was quite exhausted. His source power was also depleted. 

He just wanted some quiet now. 


The opening ceremony gradually came to an end. The survivors almost couldn’t hold back. If it weren’t for the guards in black combat suits, the situation would be chaotic. 

The survivors rushed forward to receive free fruits. They had no interest in 

For the first time in their life, they saw such a magical scene.  

The hunter’s side of the observer had higher integrity than the ordinary survivors. Of course, they won’t fight over small stuff like free fruits. 

Before, they weren’t that interested in the martial art school. They just come here to watch. But now that the owner had said it…

“Now that we’re here let’s try it out. We don’t have anything to do anyway.” 

“That’s right. I suddenly got interested in this school! Since it’s free for three days, let’s make use of it! I want to see the difference between this school and the other!” 

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