My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 229


A group of mercenaries hailed into the martial arts school.

The Extreme Martial Arts School, which had merged ten Level 2 training camps, was very large.

The first two floors were connected with a height of over eight meters tall. And on the left and right side, there was audience seating at the second level.

The most eye-catching thing was the square plaque on the entrance, written with the word ‘Extreme.’

The boss of this school is truly a master!

“Our Extreme Martial Arts School’s tournament ring has a size of 50 square meters, made of special materials. Any student can fight to their heart’s content on the tournament ring. Without exaggerating, I believe not many hunters could scratch it.” Shay spoke, signaling at a martial arts guard in the distance. 

The guard carried a portable rocket launcher over his shoulder, jumped high, and pulled the trigger.

The rocket whistled with a flame trail and blasted into the pure white tournament ring. 

A fiery mushroom cloud exploded, and when the smoke dispersed, aside from a few blackish ashes, the white stone surface still lay flat.

Soon, after a janitor cleaned it, there was not a single speck of dust on the tournament ring. 

“Of course, it’s nothing. Just showing you a little piece of our strength.” Shay led the hunters who had entered towards the tournament right. 

“I believe what you’re concerned about is whether our Martial Art School could provide you with a suitable training environment that could improve you or not.” 

“And, of course, it is possible!” 


Shay was introduced in the front. 

The hunters on his back looked around, stopping briefly whenever Shay introduced a training facility. 

“I don’t know if these facilities are beneficial, as he said. Like this double arm trainer. Can it really improve my arm’s strength in just three days?” The man spoke with suspicions. 

That was not surprising at all, because every businessman in history had always been exaggerating about their products. Other martial arts schools like the Big Four are true about it. But some smaller ones sometimes boasted their capability. 

“I don’t know if it’s useful or not. But unfortunately, advanced hunters like us can’t gain much from it.” 

“Yes, a few weeks ago, the Academy of Sciences proved that hunters had extraordinary potential. Relying on our own training is part of that potential, the method to shape our body. They said when our potential is fully shaped, our strength will be different in terms of combat power with ordinary hunters on the same Awakening Stage. But they can’t give an exact answer on how big the difference is going to be.”

“Unfortunately, even the training facilities from big martial arts schools could only meet the need of the first two-stage of awakening. Hunter like us who had broken through the Fourth of Fifth Stage, could only do a few hundreds daily push-up sets to barely have the effect.”

The word ‘Fourth’ and ‘Fifth’ weren’t something ordinary.

They immediately gained jealous gazes from the hunters around them. 

While enjoying the hunters’ gaze with great pleasure, they sighed.

They weren’t lying.   

If there were more effective training methods, they would be glad to try it out…

“Unfortunately for us, the best we can gain from a martial arts school is learning directly from the master, which is better than nothing.”

Someone besides the hunter suddenly mentioned, “Isn’t it because of the recent incident with the Zhentian that made most of the schools cancel their field training? But I heard the One Punch Martial Arts School, the largest of the Big Four, has introduced a new combat training mode.” 

“What mode?”

The hunters around him slowed down their walk and listened. 

“It’s still revolving around a battle with demonic beasts, but it’s different from the previous one. Now, instead of venturing into the wilderness, the martial art school captures demonic beasts alive and keeps them in captivity in a special cage so the students can train their combat skills. This way, the students can become a battle-hardened hunter.” 

“It’s real? Wow…” The hunter who spoke scoffed. “And their business bloomed again thanks to this.” 

The Red Maple Leaf mercenary nodded his head, expressed his agreement. 

Taking a look at the brand new equipment around him, “The Extreme Martial Arts School’s equipment looks good. But I estimated, even if their capability surpassed several other major martial arts schools, they could only meet the needs of a Triple Awakening Stage hunter at most.”

“With the current rate of constant findings of new materials and the Academy of Sciences’ progress, I believe in just a few weeks. There will be equipment that could satisfy the Fourth and Fifth Awakening Stage hunters. But until that time comes, we can’t do much.” 

Shay still said a lot of things, but right now, many hunters had wandered off in every direction.

This is bad.

If he failed a task given by his Lord, his salary would be cut in half! 

He incorporated the source power into his voice, drawing the attention of hunters around him. 

“Well, that being said. Why don’t you come here and try out some of these facilities? And you’ll find out if everything I said is an exaggeration or not.”

Shay walked to a 2 meters tall facility and stretched out his hand, “This is the latest model of our school’s fist strength testing device. Without exaggerating, I bet anyone can test it out! The stronger, the better.” He said, paused, and raised his voice louder. “If anyone could knock out the fist strength testing device, our school will give a reward of 10.000 spirit stones.”

10.000 spirit stones!

The hunters’ eyes were filled with lust. 

Maybe some large mercenary corps can make that much amount, but that’s an entire corps. Alone, not even a top-ranked mercenary corps leader can make money that much. 

As expected from a martial arts school whose purpose was to make money.

They’re damn rich!

The Extreme Martial Arts School had offered a sky-high reward. There’s no doubt they had confidence in their device. 

But, which hunter had no confidence in their own power? 

Most of them were experts at the peak of the Fifth Awakening Stage. 

There’s no harm in trying it. It’s free, after all.

What if the device is actually fragile and someone else managed to break it? How heartbreaking it would be to see 10.000 spirit stones slipped out of your hands! 

“I’ll do it!”

“Me, choose me!”

“Me first, obviously. Whether I entered the school or not, obviously I was first-“

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