My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 23


Chapter 23 – Crafting Awakening Headband

Tang Yu sighed softly as he rubbing his head.

Constructing a city wall is more troublesome that he had thought.

In the past, the system construction was completed automatically by selecting the build site and consuming materials.

But the city wall was different. The whole city wall was made out of countless ‘city wall units’ and the cost of building it was also determined by number of ‘city wall units’.

He had stock of spirit stones, but it required a lot of stones. If he hadn’t crafted basic puppets to take charge of the demolition work and only depending on the survivors without sufficient tools, it might be impossible to build the city wall in another week.

However, the trouble was not the consumption but the designated location.

When construction a building, Tang Yu didn’t do anything. He simply stood next to the construction site. It’s different with building the city wall. No matter where he stood, there’s always a blind spot. So Tang Yu simply stood on the balcony top of the castle. He controlled the city wall construction ‘remotely’.

It felt wonderful. He stood at high ground, overlooking his territory. Felt the territory as whole.

As the result, Tang Yu felt a little bit dizzy.

Was it because he lacked of mental strength? Maybe he should take it easy in the future.


Tang Yu was constructing the city wall while Roger slayed the demonic beast.

Elaine also looked serious this time.

She was holding a kitchen knife on her hands. Her eyes focused on the ingredients in front of her.

These ingredients weren’t from Wang Tai’s hidden stash, but from Tang Yu’s high-quality resource bundle. Whether the meat was caught from the sky, swimming in the water, running on the ground, the fruits and vegetables were rich in varieties.

When she first saw these ingredients, she was stunned.

She had never heard of these ingredients. She heard nobles in her previous city held banquets in the inner city with rich variety of foods. But even for such a banquet, the variety was not as rich as the ingredients in front of her now.

She was a little nervous, the Lord gave her such precious ingredients for her to handle.

This was the task the Lord had entrusted her. And dealing with this matter, Elaine was even more serious than dealing with demonic beast.

She turned the page of the cooking recipe book. The Lord had given her a cooking recipe book. She had read it several times in the past two days only to improve it even more.

Although she used to live alone, there were no available ingredients. So she never had the chance to learn cooking. Now she’s learning how to cook very seriously.

In the kitchen, Elaine followed the cooking steps from the recipe book. Although it was her first time, she picked things up quite fast.

Soon, she served plate of dishes on the table.

When Tang Yu descended from the stairs, he saw Elaine wearing a plain white T-shirt and shorts with a blue apron around her chest. She was standing beside the dining table like a girl next door.

Compared to the first time they had met, Elaine was more lively and cheerful nowadays. Her face would smile from time to time, but she was still a bit cautious.

The dishes on the tables were very rich. Although they were just an ordinary home cooking, they were full of colors and fragrances.

That was the best dish Tang Yu ever had since the doomsday struck. He couldn’t believe Elaine was able to cook such a delicious meal after just learning how to cook in two days. And that was the first time Elaine ever cooked.

She was so talented. She could head down to the battlefield, could handle in the kitchen and occasionally be an air conditioner to cool down the room. In contrast, he could only cook instant noodles. Tang Yu felt ashamed.

“Wow, this braised pork tastes so good.”

Tang Yu ate a piece of meat as he glanced at Elaine’s delicate body while recalling the past moment. 

In fact, he originally wanted to call Roger, but Roger was probably the busiest person in the entire shelter. After his physical recovery, he dedicated his whole energy into the development of the territory. Every day he went out early and returned late, fighting the demonic beast. Although Tang Yu also asked a person to send food to Roger, but he probably didn’t care much about what he ate.

Before the doomsday, this man was probably a workaholic who often forgot to eat and sleep.

But both of them were hunters, and hunters needed more nutrition than ordinary people. Usually they didn’t eat much on a daily basis. But once a fierce battle occurred, hunters needed to consume more food to replenish their energies.

A tableful of food was quickly wiped out.

Elaine showed a pleased expression. Even if she had cooked all the dishes herself, she couldn’t really describe the taste before she really ate it. This pleasant feeling when the food touched her taste buds was a new experience for her. She had never ate such a delicious food.

She felt lucky to be here.

Tang Yu also felt very happy.

In the doomsday, being able to live in a safe castle and ate delicious food was not something everyone in a small shelter could enjoy.


After finished eating, both of them went down to do their own task.

In the evening, there’s no need to go out to scout the area. Elaine used the time to enhance her strength. In addition to cultivating her soul, she spent her remaining time to read the grimoire on a daily basis.

Tang Yu also had read that book, but for him, that book wasn’t different from the heavenly book. It wasn’t that he couldn’t read the text. In fact, that type of grimoire did not use ordinary words but the letters that carry special power.

That kind of text was unique and difficult to copy, which was also one of the main reasons why a grimoire’s rare to find. Books with that kind of text didn’t require the reader to fully knowing the text. The key’s whether they could understand it or not.

Obviously, Tang Yu didn’t have the talent.

He never thought of his talents anyway. Even if his talents were not good enough, he could just use the system plug-ins. This thing called talent, could he eat it?

Tang Yu hadn’t hunted demonic beast recently. He had average fighting power. Furthermore, hunting was a waste of time. In contrast, the territory was still in ruins. He’d better spend his time developing the territory.

For example, strengthen the foundation of the shelter.

Now that the territory had a city wall, its ten meters height was tall enough to block most of the demonic beasts. In addition, the city wall that the system had built was strong enough to resist against the demonic beast or even demonic waves. The shelter’s basic defense line had been formed.

What Tang Yu was going to prepare now’s the awakening auxiliary device.

It could be said to be a standard for a shelter. On one side, the awakening device increased the survivors’ awakening probability so that the shelter could produce more hunters. On the other hand, the manufacture of the awakening device might not be too difficult for a shelter, but this device was extremely difficult for ordinary survivors to produce.

Tang Yu also knew how to make it. It’s not a secret.

In the early doomsday when communication line hadn’t been cut off yet, scientist developed methods to promote the awakening chance of ordinary people and this method was officially released soon. Because of the existence of the awakening device, many small shelters with weak defense line could defend themselves against demonic beast attacks.

This simple awakening device was a headband.

Tang Yu took out ten spirit stones with similar energy values. This was the first material of the awakening headband. But only from these ten spirit stones, many survivors could stop proceeding forward.

In order to improve the headband’s quality, he used a spirit stone with energy value of 2. Which only had a chance to condense in the body of double-awakened demonic beast.

There were also materials such as blood and bones of demonic beast which he also extracted from a high-rank demonic beast.

Tang Yu soaked the spirit stone in the demonic beast’s blood for three hours. He then selected an appropriate bone, carved it into the shape of a headband and dug ten holes on it to mount the spirit stones.

He couldn’t sculpt well and didn’t care about its appearance anyway. Tang Yu spent his time, busy carving the bones that barely resembled a headband. But he felt satisfied.

The process felt a little bit like a cult ritual. Tang Yu understood that the scientific research of the demonic beast and spirit stone was very superficial. If it could be used properly, it’s already more than enough. Who would care about how it looked like?

Such a simple awakening device was also flawed. People who weren’t qualified for an awakening could still be awakened with the help of the awakening headband. It’s just a probability problem, but the chance was relatively high.

According to Tang Yu’s personal understanding, only people with sufficient talents could naturally awaken without any help. Perhaps as time passes, more and more survivors would awaken. But obviously not many people could wait that long. The awakening headband existed to achieve the purpose of an awakening through a certain stimulation mechanism.

“I can hand these headband to Brother Chen and I’ll let him deal with it. The rules of use will follow the previous shelter’s rules. In the end, it will consume the energy of the spirit stones, making it impossible for the survivors to use it for free.”

Survivors got to use the awakening headband either from paying in spirit stones, or signing a contract with the shelter. If they came out with no awakening, they would stay to be a bottom survivor. But if they got awakened, they must serve the shelter unconditionally.

Even so, many survivor rushed at the temptation of being a hunter.

In order to become stronger, since they didn’t have the money to afford it, they could only sell their bodies.

After finished making the headband, Tang Yu was preparing to draw a map covering the entire territory development plan. Suddenly, he noticed something amiss. Upon closer inspection, several red dots appeared in the territory.

The red dots were slowly moving.

It came from the entrance of the resort.

It’s already mixed in with the green dots.

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