My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 230


With such a huge prize.

Aside from a few weak hunters who were conscious that they could not break the fist strength device and stay silent. While the other hunters were eager and shouting. 

The hunters who followed Shay to visit the school weren’t many. But there are at least one hundred people. 

At this moment, there were at least dozens of hunters competing for the test. And it’s hard to identify them. No matter whose name Shay had called, the others wouldn’t be convinced. 

In the end, a lottery was held to determine the order of the attempts. 

The first hunter stood in front of the device. He tugged a button on his shirt, stared at the punch target, and took a deep breath. 

The observing hunters were all nervous. 

“A Triple Awakening hunter shouldn’t be able to break the device, right?”

“If it’s made of extraordinary materials, it won’t be easily broken by just Triple Awakening Hunter.” 

“Let’s hope the device can withstand it. After all, the Extreme Martial Arts School staff seemed confident.” 

As soon as the young man entered the arena, his awakened aura exploded, rushing his adrenaline. He bent his body slightly, stanced his right foot. Twisting his waist and punched. 


The sound was not loud, as if the force of the punch had been mostly absorbed. The punching target only trembled.


Soon the score appeared above.

2596 points.

The hunters had no knowledge about the device’s scoring mechanism. But they knew a Triple Awakening Hunter’s strength. They could clearly feel the power of the fist just now. 

Without any scratch, the device was unharmed. 

At this moment, they were torn between the hope that the hunters before their turn would fail one by one and hoping that the device would be less durable so they would have a chance to win the prize money. 

The young hunter walked away with frustration. 

The next few in the line were all at the same Triple Awakening Strength. Perhaps after seeing the first tester’s performance, they didn’t have much confidence left and weren’t as much disappointed as the first man. 

Their scores weren’t much different. Scoring around 2.300 to 2.900. 

The hunters who had tested first were all at the same stages, but their aura was slightly different in terms of strength.

Some people noticed that those with slightly stronger aura had a higher score. This was indeed normal, but they were surprised by the device’s accuracy. 

Some people tried to throw a few punches in a row. Except for a few low scores, their score didn’t change much between punches.

It can be said that the chance of any error or bug was minimal to none. 

Like most hunters, they don’t bother to do an ordinary exercise because their progress is limited, and they can’t see their own progress.

However, with this kind of device that could accurately measure the fist strength, they can acknowledge their own progress at any time.

Even if the scores only increased a little bit every day, they will know that their hard work is not without reward.

Their motivation is stronger this way.

The hunters who initially were attracted by the reward were now getting more interested in the school’s device.

But of course, there are still a few hunters who were confident with their strength and were determined to win the reward of 10.000 spirit stones.


As Shay finished his word, a hunter with a red maple leaf painted on the chest area of his combat uniform stepped forward. 

When the other hunter noticed his aura, they were startled. Especially when they saw the red maple leaf insignia on his chest. 

“It’s the three-star captain from the Red Maple Mercenary Regiment!” 

“Red Maple? Isn’t that one of the shelter’s top 3 regiments who had countless experts?” 

“…And he’s a three-star captain! Which means he’s a top expert, just directly below the captain and vice-captain!” 

The mercenary’s aura was at the peak of the Fifth Awakening Stage. 

There were a few other people who were at the same level as him, but they didn’t dare to cause a scene. Some even looked pissed off. 

The Red Maple was the best one in the shelter. What chance do the other hunters waiting in the line have? 

The Red Maple captain walked towards the device. Slowly and surely. 

Suddenly, the mercenary’s muscles violently bulged. His already bulky body grew rapidly, his hair and beard changed color from black to brown. His face was covered with a dense mane. 

Like a humanoid beast!

“I… recognize him! It’s him! Feng Yu, the Wild Lion! They said he once tore a car apart with his bare hands. He’s probably one of the few people in the Red Maple Mercenaries to break through the bottleneck. It’s also said that he had once defeated 3 hunters with the same strength as him at the same time, alone!” A sharp-eyed mercenary quickly shouted as soon as he saw the man’s unique transformation ability. 

Although the number of experts in the shelters was too many, they recognized the top mercenaries as they had a distinguished special ability. 

There’s no doubt that the Red Maple’s three-star captain was among them. 

Feng Yu, the Wild Lion’s face remained unchanged. His eyes narrowed, his bulky muscles twitched. 


In by inch, he draws power from his body to his fist. With a surging power, the huge fist punched the target. 

The air burst. 


The fist hit the target.

This time, the noise was significantly louder. The target wobbled and trembled by the impact. 

“I can’t believe it! It’s unbroken!” 

“What’s the score?”

“It’s insane! But that fist strength testing device is even scarier!” 

The shaking finally stopped. And a number popped out with a loud ding sound. 


This number far exceeded the previous ones.

If the punch wasn’t targeted to the fist target but to a hunter, it seems no hunter present in the hall would have the power to endure it. Even those who were also Fifth Awakening Stage hunters! 

The Transformation type was too strong. Especially the kind that strengthens the hunter’s physique. 

Just from the sound, his score clearly far surpassed his competitors. But even so, his punch couldn’t break the device.

Someone suddenly said. “He’s the strongest one among us. I think the school had already predicted the power of a Fifth Awakening Stage hunter is within the device’s tolerance range. No matter what, we can’t break this invincible device.” 

“That’s right. We can’t. An ordinary Fifth Awakening Stage hunter will never be able to break this device. But after his transformation, the Wild Lion’s physical strength surpassed an ordinary Fifth Stage hunter.”

“You’re right. But he might try again.”

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