My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 231


The others had lost their confidence.

Even a fierce punch delivered by Feng Yu, the Wild Lion couldn’t break the fist testing device.

What about them? It’s even more impossible.

Even the other Fifth Awakening Stage hunters knew their own capability. One of them also had a special ability, although it’s not a transformation ability.

Although they all thought their combat power wasn’t much lower than the Wild Lion, in terms of raw physical power, they were inferior.

Since they didn’t have a chance to win the prize money, they relaxed. No longer wary of the competition.

Instead, they somehow hoped the Wild Lion would beat it. Or at least exceed the score limit.

That’s the only thing they hoped.

They focused their attention on the device. The Mad Lion’s score showed on the display screen. It’s close to 10.000 points, but still losing a few more points.

Even if they never underestimated the Extreme Martial Arts School’s capability, facing a device that could withstand a Fifth Awakening Stage hunter’s power, everyone wanted to destroy it!

And also claimed the prize money.

The staff was sure they couldn’t break the device.

Are the mercenaries the ones being underestimated?

But now, Feng Yu the Wild Lion had a chance to save their reputation.

Except for a few people who were still jealous of the 10.000 spirit stones, everyone else cheered for him.

The other mercenaries, who were also Red Maple members, shouted loudly, causing some hunters to back away. With so many people looking at him, Feng Yu took a deep breath and burst his power again.









Feng Yu’s burst was undoubtedly strong. His punch bombardment several times in a row all hit a very high score.

But that’s all.

The highest score was in 9995.

The other hunters were excited, but at the same time, they felt lost. Especially when they see the fourth score when the first power score falls lower, they all understood the reason.

Although the Wild Lion’s not yet exhausted, his physical stamina gradually declined, as evidenced by his last score. If he continued this way, his score would only get lower and lower.

Such a shame.

They were disappointed, but at the same time also felt sorry for him.

For the 10.000 spirit stones.

Feng Yu was deeply disappointed.

Shay smiled as he stepped forward and patted the device. “By the first-hand experience, you should know that our Extreme Martial Arts School is capable of providing a good training environment.”

“Oh, right.” Scratching the back of his head, looking embarrassed as if he just remembered something.

“The limit from our fist strength test device exceeds 10.000 points. With this much endurance, I was confident to offer 10.000 spirit stones. In case someone manages to break it, the owner of the school will seize my salary for a few months to vent his anger. I can only despair.”

Shay was slowly walking towards the front part of the device, standing in front of the round fist target.

“As for the limit… I honestly don’t know. After all, I can’t break it either.” Shay shrugged his shoulder and then swung his fist at the target.

The other hunters were a bit startled.

What was that?

A random punch?

Shay’s right fist waved in the air and struck the center of the target with a mighty force.

It was like a pestle hitting a huge bronze bell at high speed.

A deafening explosion was heard.

Sending a wave rippled in the air.

The ground seemed to tremble along with it.

The punching target could withstand the Wild Lion’s full force. But now, it was shaking violently and trembling as if it would about to burst at any moment.

Before, they thought the tremble when the Wild Lion punched almost reached the machine’s limit. But now…

It’s definitely more than that!

Thoughts by thoughts showed up in their minds.

The hunters held back their breaths in surprise, staring at the display screen with wide eyes.

The display screen was trembling along with the device, causing the hunters to be worried that the screen might crack.

But that didn’t happen.

The equipment at the Extreme Martial Arts School is really of high quality.

The trembling, which lasted for more than a minute, finally stopped.

The display lights up, showing the score.


Even if they had guesses, the hunters who watched the scene from up close held their breaths. Including the Wild Lion.

The punching power…

Was terrifying!

Everyone looked at Shay with different thoughts.

Before, they didn’t feel a powerful aura from him. They thought he was just a person in charge of odd jobs in the school. Like being a host, introducing their equipment, and so on, which can be done by a normal person.

A powerful person would probably only do some greetings and stuff.

Judging from the venue, the opening ceremony, and the incredible equipment, the Extreme Martial Arts School’s power is beyond imagination.

However, they could only sense a faint aura on Shay. They said only a super expert who has perfect control over his power could do this. It’s a great feat of deception.

Fortunately, they didn’t do something silly that would annoy him.

Someone rushed forward and said with excitement. “You must be the master of this school. I want to sign up as a student. What should I do, master?”

Seeing the scene, the other hunters were annoyed. A good opportunity was snatched away from them.

The school had just opened, they haven’t had any students yet. So if they make a move this time and leave a good impression on the schoolmaster, they might be one of the master’s core apprentices.

People said the other Four Big martial arts schools, including Zhentian, the core apprentices had all access to the master’s skills.

Most of them weren’t interested in the ordinary teaching the school offered. But who doesn’t want to know the school’s core knowledge?

They just didn’t have the opportunity to become an apprentice at the said schools.

A few hunters moved their legs and were about to step forward when they saw the ‘super master’ looked confused, pointing at himself, “Me? A master? No, I’m just a gunslinger. I can’t teach you anything.”

“A gunslinger?” The first hunter got more and more excited.

“That’s perfect! I’ve been using a lance since the doomsday. And I would very much like to learn under your guidance.”

Shay was flustered. He scratched the back of his head and coughed, “I’m not talking about lance. Well, you’re not entirely wrong either. Firearms, yes, I’m a long-ranged fighter. What can I teach you about melee weapons?” He said, grabbing a rifle that a hunter was carrying on his back.

His fingers moved fast. In a moment, the rifle was disassembled into parts. Before anyone could see it, the pile of parts was quickly assembled back together.

Such a skillful movement, everyone could see the truth. He could do it fast not because of his fast hand speed, but because he had a deep knowledge of the weapon!

The other hunters were a bit confused.

Aren’t only weaker hunters need firearms? He’s so strong, so why did he need firearms?

But none of them dared to ask.

Suddenly, someone else thought.

A gunner, with a random punch could score over 20.000 points?

Yet… he’s not the master. So… who is the master of this school?

Could it be the young man at the opening ceremony?

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